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Prehistoric Blowfish

IMG_1522Ugly but AWESOME! This prehistoric blow fish thing is suspended by heavy-duty chain from the roof of this newly found equally AWESOME bar & grill.

Without exaggerating, it’s approximately 6 feet long by 5 feet tall… it’s humongous, I can only imagine how much it weighs! Look close and you’ll see that its bottom jaw teeth (ok, fangs) 🙂 are each about 2 feet in length. If this were real I’d NEVER EVER go in the water again… it’s so big and nasty looking that Jaws himself would shy away from this bad boy! 🙂

You can see this great new find at Mile Marker 53.8 oceanside behind the Holiday Inn on US-1. Turn onto Coral Lane only going about 100′ then left into the side parking lot of the Tarpon Creek Bar & Grill. Add this to your list of places to visit and things to see, you’ll thank me!

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Find Your Lost Weekend! :-)

We’ve all had a ‘Lost Weekend’ either in our past or this most recent Friday, Saturday & Sunday! 🙂

I on the other hand have found my ‘Lost Weekend’ here in Key West where I guarantee more are LOST than FOUND! Judging from the crowds I’ve seen wobbling down Duval Street at 3am, their ‘Lost Weekend’ is at the expense of their livers! 🙂

You can find this poke at humor for those that can’t remember their last 4-hours of partying just 1 building west of the corner of Caroline Street & Duval Street. Have fun down here in Vacationland USA but most of all… try to remember it the next morning! 🙂

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Inside Zachary Taylor Civil War Fort

By far one of Key West’s best kept secrets surviving in relative obscurity but thriving in historic richness and pictorial passion. A focus of past blogs on the outer walls and top of the fort we now find ourselves delving inside the hidden treasures within its brick & mortar confines.

You first walk in from the outer walls seeing the massive grassed courtyard as your eyes steer to the immediate right seeing the wooden window shutters and cannon balls stacked to its left leaving only your camera to act upon its photo gallery quality beauty. To the wooden windows left you’ll notice the munitions storage area portrayed with bowling pin affect are also noteworthy.

The absolute center of your attention is drawn to the cannons and archways furthest away from your entry point. As you can see by the featured photo above, you can create wall-mounted photographs of office and waiting room quality. So many of these beautiful sights are all around just waiting to be found!

Bonus: If you look hard, you too can find the hidden latreen (pictured below) that I missed the first two times at the fort. Bonus #2: Once atop the only circular stair, take a second and look back down the stairs previously climbed for a unique view down for a photo like no other from your hours at the fort.

This again is one of our favorite places to go in Key West to get away from the crowds and enjoy a picnic on the beach or a well-earned sunset and gorgeous views. So grab your camera and head on over to this treasure trove of civil war sites. You can find the Civil War historical relic exactly beside the Old Navy Pier Shipyard about 4 blocks west of Duval Street at the ocean’s edge. There’s a small per car charge for entry… believe me, it’s well worth it!



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South Florida’s 1st Public Library

Pirates, spongers, authors, and artists; their legacies remain to linger as their stories continue to be found in the Key West Library. The headquarters branch for the Keys, this library has an extensive and fascinating Florida History & Genealogy collection, along with a large reference section that hosts provocative lecture series. You can relax in their unique outside palm garden with tropical foliage from around the world or sit on the brick wall around the library with a picnic lunch as I did. Either stop in for a browse of their historic written artifacts or just hang out enjoying the view & shade of its beautiful surroundings.

It all began on April 8th, 1892 as the brainchild of concerned citizens that formed the Key West Library Association and the rest as they say is history. A complete story of its origin can be found outside the front door upon the historic marker plaque pictured below.

You can find South Florida’s 1st Public Library here in Key West, Florida at 700 Fleming Street several blocks north of Duval Street in the section of town known as ‘Old Town’. It is of course FREE.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Jack Sparrow Car Part Statue


GO SEE IT before it’s gone… it’s Absolutely mind-blowing AMAZING!

The Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise is one of the most popular and successful of all time. Staring Johnny Depp as a dashing, but somewhat klutzy pirate Captain, his misadventures include loosing his ship, being stranded on a desert island, and surviving a near execution. This grossing goliath has earned over 4 billion dollars spawning theme park rides, video games, dozens of books and a resurgence in pirate Halloween costumes of all things.

The model of Capt. Jack Sparrow shown here, was created in Bangkok, Thailand, measures nearly 8′ high and weighs hundreds of pounds, and is made completely of recycled car parts. It’s ASTOUNDING!

If still ther, you can find this bigger than life statue of Pirates Of The Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow near the front door of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Key West located at 108 Duval Street.

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Key’s BEST City Park… By FAR!

IMG_1617It’s an absolute pleasure after all of these years of writing blogs to finally bring you the Florida Key’s BEST city park! This is hands down the most beautiful, diverse activity equipped, visually stunning well-groomed and maintained park I’ve ever seen!

This gem of a park includes an amphitheatre (featured photo), soccer fields, baseball field, tennis courts, basketball courts, outside hockey arena, bocce ball courts, state-of-the-art skateboard park, covered picnic areas, workout training area, children’s playground, & something that looks like hop scotch courts even though I know there not! 🙂 (most are pictured below)

You can find the Florida Key’s BEST city park (Marathon Community Park) at Mile Marker 49.1 oceanside on Highway US-1. Plan to take advantage of this exquisite FREE facility on one of your next trips down the Keys, it’s so worth it.

IMG_1620     IMG_1621     IMG_1622

IMG_1623     IMG_1625     IMG_1626

IMG_1614     IMG_1618

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Is This The Beatles Famous Yellow Submarine?

I’m not quite sure what it is… but I am sure that it’s not the famous Beatles Yellow Submarine featured in their 1968 Hollywood movie that was followed up by their 1969 #1 hit song of the same name.

This submarine / raft / observatory seaworthy combo vehicle is a one-of-a-kind to my eyes having never seen such an animal in my life. Pulling into a McDonald’s parking lot on our way back from Key West was this ocean oddity parked in the next row which I of course took photos of for your consumption.

So where in the Florida Keys can you find this? Hmm, the answer is anywhere, so always be looking! We saw it and so can you!

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