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Biking Key West Is The Best

Turn off your TV, park your car and get outside, after all, you’re on vacation. It’s time to become that obvious tourist that you always point fingers and snicker at. Dawn those faded blue jean shorts, grab your favorite Jimmy Buffett Parrot Head t-shirt, of course your best impression of Terminator sunglasses, that partially used tube of SPF-35, those comfy sneakers that aren’t good enough to wear to work but still have mileage left in them, and that ball cap that you wouldn’t wear in your hometown yet willingly sport upon your noggin here in the Keys. There, you’re 1/2 done!

What’s the best, fastest, and most economical way to venture around Key West’s ‘Old Town’? Is it by car? No, parking is absurd! Is it by walking? No, your limited to walking distances! And it’s surly not by those rental golf cart looking things you see around town, you still have that same old parking problem. The best by far is by bicycle, if you bring your own as we do they’re FREE! You can park ANYWHERE in town FREE and cover ANY amount of the areas hot spots on your tourist list in a single day of peddling by simply parking your bike and WALKING to the tourist-trap shops to your heart’s content. Yes your butt may not be use to it at first and that’s why it’s important to find a comfortable bike height with a cushy fluffy-puffy seat. Oh yeah, it’s good for your health and the environment too! And NO that’s NOT my bike pictured above, although it is the MOST COLORFUL one I’ve seen down here.

You too can participate in biking Key West, you’ll be surprised at how many new and different sites you’ll find along the way to your vacation wish list. As a blog writer, I can’t tell you how many daily articles I’ve written just on the interesting town features, evolving creatures (some human), 🙂 & fun-filled activities I’ve run across on any given trip. Remember always to take the camera, photos tell stories when our minds can’t remember what those stories were!


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Cavemen Surface Near Key West

IMG_9555Neanderthals found in the Keys! OK, some of you say “DUH, that’s where my in-laws live!” 🙂 Though similarities may be apparent, that wasn’t quite what I meant.

Though I tried communicating with Rocky… that’s his name,  he was only interested in fishing and simply looked at me all stoned faced. His brother on the other hand waved from the top of a nearby rock ledge… I think his name was Cliff. 🙂

You can find these friendly ancient ancestors at Boondocks around Mile Marker 27.5 bayside to snap your own Smithsonian-type photo souvenir.

PS – Those co-workers you show a photo of yourself standing beside Rocky and they ask “Which is the Neanderthal?” are NOT really your friends! 🙂


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The Florida Key’s ONLY Living Fan Tree!

IMG_1488What the heck is a FAN TREE? I can tell you this, it’s an evergreen since it remains the same in warm and cold weather… as if it ever gets COLD in Key West! 🙂

Looking like an old train crossing sign, this fan tree is actually the remains of a dead palm tree with ceiling fan blades as its branches. The multi-colored red, black & yellow trunk has written on it 91 Miles To Cuba since its literally at Mile Marker 1.0 on US-1.

You can find this one-of-a-kind FAN TREE at the corner of Truman Avenue & Havana Lane near the dead center of town.

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Childrens Memorial Tree Garden

Look closely at the photo to the left, you’ll see that the white stones around the tree are formed in the shape of a heart and you’re about to find out why! There’s few things in life that touch me as much as this type of story and memorial.

Welcome to the Children’s Memorial Tree Garden. There’s a planted tree for every soul lost by a grieving parent complete with a child’s name upon a plaque along with a short message, teddy bear or other keepsake remembrance at the base of each loving tree. Upon finding this site I was unaware of its true meaning thinking that it was just another wayside park beside a boat ramp… WOW, was I surprised and soon choked up having to hold back tears. I truly hope that you never have to come here to plant a tree for a lost loved one but do ask that you drop by and pay respect to those others who weren’t so fortunate.

You can find this tribute to the children whose lives have been cut short on US-1 Mile Marker 90.6 bayside beside the Tavernier Creek Marina. Though their earthly lives have ended, the trees in their memories live on… “They Will Be Remembered”!


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Key West’s Largest Conch Flag

Key West’s Largest Conch Flag

Would you like to know where Key West’s largest Conch Republic flag is located? Well I’ve always known and now so do you; it’s on the front of the building at the Key West International Airport on the Northeast lesser traveled portion of the island.

Teaser #1 – Oh yeah blogsters, did you know that Key West gives away FREE airport real-estate (land) on Airport grounds… well they do and I’m the one to tell you how to get it in an upcoming blog. Teaser #2 – Coming soon to a blog near you; I’ll actually explain what a conch is and why it’s used by Key West in the first place… consider it your FREE future history lesson! Teaser #3 – Key West Airport is the site of one of cities MOST illusive photos that I don’t even have yet… I’ve already asked and gone by there nearly begging for them to allow me a photograph but have been denied. I’ve even asked a Stewardess if she could take the photo for me and she responded with “I can’t, they won’t allow me!” So keep checking daily to follow my quest… I WILL GET IT FOR YOU even if I have to contact the Mayor! PS – Did I tell you, this BLOG is being sent to Key West’s Mayor 🙂 (true)

Oh yeah, to get this FREE photo of the Key’s Largest Conch Republic flag, park for FREE at the near by The Pines Park (a 1 minute walk) in front of the airport so you don’t have to pay for parking!

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The Key’s ONLY 8 MPH Sign!

IMG_1822Odd speed limit signs anyone? I’ve found one for you! Most are 5 MPH or 10 MPH and yet this one is 8 MPH… why? That’s easy, 5 & 10 are so common they go unnoticed, here they chose 8 in order to capture your attention in hopes of you slowing down after giggling at the sign.

You can find this 8 MPH speed limit sign at Mile Marker 94.1 bayside just inside the Seven Acres subdivision pictured below.


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KW’s Most Beautiful Water Cistern

Duval Street’s Water Cistern

Welcome to one of Key West’s oldest and by far MOST BEAUTIFUL water cistern!

So what’s a cistern you might ask? A cistern is a waterproof receptacle for holding liquids, usually water. Cisterns can be above or below ground and were commonly used in Key West to capture & store rain water since fresh water was scarce. Early on this water was used for many purposes including drinking, cooking, irrigation and washing. You have to remember that fresh water (an unending flow) was not available to this stand alone island of Key West until a combination of bridges and rail tracks linked the Florida Keys together in 1912.

To find this incredible treasure go west on Duval Street to the very end and look to your right in the hotel parking lot. Since ceasing to be an active cistern, this has also been a Bar & Tee Shirt shop… then again what hasn’t been a Bar or Tee Shirt shop in Key West! 🙂 You’re lucky, this took me three trips to find this exact cistern, I only had a picture of the double wooden doors to go by and went street-by-street north-to-south until I found it! THIS MAKES FOR SOME BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! You can thank me later! 🙂


Look close at the vines growing out of the building and the beautiful iron window grille… stunning to say the least, a photographers dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do NOT Only Photograph Your Fish!

I’ve got to give kudos to the management of this marina for being stern enough and posting a sign telling their customers “Do NOT bring in fish JUST to photograph it!”.

The entire sign reads as follows: TO ALL OUR FISHERMEN: “Fishing is the sport of Kings and food of the Gods, enjoy it abundantly. To preserve your sport, keep only what you use. If you don’t want to use the fish you catch as food or bait, release it without injury to fight another day. Take your camera with you. Do not bring in fish just to photograph it”. Way to go Mr. Boss, I applaud you… even if it is a tiny 12″ sign. 🙂

You will be amazed once finding the marina, the ocean view, statues, tiki bar, anchor, cannon and 100′ mural on the side of the building are ALL spectacular. To find the ‘Do NOT only photograph your fish’ sign, go to Mile Marker 73.8 on US-1 and you’ll see the marina oceanside. Enjoy, it’s really beautiful!

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I’ve Got Two Tickets To Paradise! :-)

IMG_1403I wonder if Eddie Money’s 1978 hit single ‘Two Tickets To Paradise’ was written about this? OK it wasn’t but here’s your tickets for two ocean facing benches awaiting your awe-inspiring arrival.

I’ve traveled down scores of roads with no way out but turning around, most of which yielded absolutely nothing. Don’t EVER be deterred from turning onto a road marked DEAD END… or you might miss this! 🙂

Driving down the road and around one final corner we came upon this and instantly fell in love with the view as we partook in some quiet time admiring God’s handy work. Where pavement turns into a dead-end road we were surprised in finding this super-duper view for two that rivals even the best maintained Atlantic Ocean State Parks!

You can find these ‘Two Tickets To Paradise’ by turning at MM54.2 oceanside onto Coco Plum Road and keep driving till the map turns blue! 🙂


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How Far Is Paris, France From Key West?

Mile Post Marker

Mile Post Markers have been around for eons and almost every tourist destination has one and Key West is no exception. In fact, this area of town known as Harbor Walk has two of them! You know, those posts saying Paris 4,785 miles from where you’re standing and so on!

As I’ve mentioned before, Harbor Walk is a mecca for pedestrians as its only real rivals are Duval Street & Mallory Square. You can easily spend 2 – 3 hours here having fun every minute never looking at your watch while taking in boats, sunsets, bands, bars, cruises, dining, shops, and many other sites that I’ve still yet to cover in a blog.

The first of two mile post markers is located in front of the Turtle Kraals Restaurant & Raw Bar’s parking lot. The 2nd is on the southernmost part of Harbor Walk attached to the last souvenir shop at the end of the alleyway. So on your next trip to the Key’s I challenge you to not find only one of them… but BOTH of these FREE photo ops! Oh yeah, I’ll save the 3rd mile post marker located miles away for a later blog. 🙂

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