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Water Cistern

Duval Street’s Water Cistern

Welcome to one of Key West’s oldest and by far MOST BEAUTIFUL water cistern!

So what’s a cistern you might ask? A cistern is a waterproof receptacle for holding liquids, usually water. Cisterns can be above or below ground and were commonly used in Key West to capture & store rain water since fresh water was scarce. Early on this water was used for many purposes including drinking, cooking, irrigation and washing. You have to remember that fresh water (an unending flow) was not available to this stand alone island of Key West until a combination of bridges and rail tracks linked the Florida Keys together in 1912.

To find this incredible treasure go west on Duval Street to the very end and look to your right in the hotel parking lot. Since ceasing to be an active cistern, this has also been a Bar & Tee Shirt shop… then again what hasn’t been a Bar or Tee Shirt shop in Key West! 🙂 You’re lucky, this took me three trips to find this exact cistern, I only had a picture of the double wooden doors to go by and went street-by-street north-to-south until I found it! THIS MAKES FOR SOME BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! You can thank me later! 🙂


Look close at the vines growing out of the building and the beautiful iron window grille… stunning to say the least, a photographers dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Humphrey Bogart Would! Hmmmmm… or should that be WOOD!

Wooden Humphrey Bogart Statue

Are you a Humphrey Bogart fan? If so, then look what I’ve found for you in the Florida Keys! An exact replica of a pose from an earlier photo taken of him which I also have to prove it with BOTH photos side-by-side! When comparing the photos look closely at the tilt of the hat, the bent angle of his right arm, the left arm in his pant pocket, and his jacket & tie. You too will be convinced that it is the film superstar legend Boggie!

In speaking to the local bartender, he said that he’s been told by others that it resembles Bogart. Well, I’m here to tell you that YES in fact it is a statue of him even though the artist could’ve done a better job on the HAT & FACE portions of it.

It’s located at the Caribbean Club’s front door in Key Largo at Mile Marker 104.2 bayside. This is WELL WORTH a stop on your trip, just the scenery around it is worth it my friends! Put this on your LIST!


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Tj’s Oceanside Tiki Bar

IMG_9574 IMG_9572 IMG_9573ASTOUNDING VIEWS! WOW, what a surprise this was as I emerged from a walkway between two resort condominiums!

This is definitely on my list of places to return with my wife! I went down to Key West alone to finish up on some photos stopping blindly and look what I found. I promise, the price of a drink along with the unforgettable views are well worth your time in seeking out this paradise hideaway.

Check out the lighthouse just off shore in the last photo. It was damaged during hurricane Wilma on Nov. 24th, 2005 and only in the last year or so reopened. What a view!

You can find Tj’s Oceanside Tiki Bar at MM 48.4 bayside on the premises of the Tranquility Bay Resort.

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Duval Street’s Oversized Birdhouse

Here’s a blast from the past archive blog. I remember my friend DJ Alan saying “I’ve walked by that many times never seeing it once.” So here it is:

I ask you, how many tourist city’s main streets have a three-foot wide birdhouse perched overhead as you walk by? In this town expect anything and you just might see it! 🙂 Key West never ceases to amaze me, and that’s the way I like it!

The Duval Street birdhouse is not only on the most famous street in Key West but sits directly across from one of the World’s Most Famous bars ‘Sloppy Joe’s Bar’.

Duval Street has so many attractions along its one mile length that your eyes are so busy looking from right to left that you just might not see it on your first pass. It’s simple, once at Sloppy Joe’s Bar look across the street just above everyone’s heads and there it is!

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Alcohol Induced Reflection!

Alcohol Induced Reflection

Take a historic ride back in time thru a truly distorted point of view… no not mine (though admittedly warped), the window pane! 🙂 Unlike todays assembly line panes of glass that are uniformed in thickness then sanded & polished to flat shiny perfection, this pane is unique and has that old-timey wavy Gone With The Wind down-home southern plantation look to it.

I call this picture ‘Alcohol Induced Reflection’… I must say, is one of my best photos I’ve ever taken by accident! 🙂 This incredible pane of glass and reflective dormers atop the 2-story home across from it can be found at a business called Grand Vin on Duval Street here in Key West. This display window is on the top part of their stairs on the front porch and is impossible to be missed. It’s FREE to take a photo and browse their wide selection of adult beverages available to quench the taste buds of even the pickiest pallets. The bottle of wine itself may differ upon your visit but the template for a creative inspiring photo remains in your hands.

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Four Dazzling Biblical Bronze Statues

When first coming upon this church my jaw dropped finding so many beautiful sights that are sadly missed by nearly all tourists. There’s a row of trees on the main road US-1 that hides all but the very top of the church’s awesome bell tower.

Seen here are four exquisite examples of artist’s bronze depictions of biblical figures. Featured is the fountain-circled centerpiece in front of the churches main entrance while the others greet you near the parking lot and incredible mural garden. Most churches have one statue if any, here you get the FANTASTIC FOUR.

You can find this incredible collection of bronze statues on permanent display located all around the St. Justin the Martyr Catholic Church at Mile Marker 105.5 bayside in Key Largo.


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Beware Crab Holes!


Feeling crabby today? If not, you can be and your partner won’t even mind! 🙂

I’ve found a nature trail slap-dab full of crab holes and a sign to prove it! (photo to the left) This trail leads directly to the Atlantic Ocean and has several other viewing pit stops along the way. Your photo-ops include a wetlands viewing deck, a tree perched directly in the middle of the walking path, and of course dozens of ankle spraining crab holes.

You can find this last oceanic safe haven for wildlife on Key West’s less traveled south side on the eastern end of Atlantic Avenue. A walk on the beach is worth a 30-minute visit alone, it’s open daily from mid-morning to sunset. It’s two entrances are as different as can be, one is a walking path while the other is a beautiful boardwalk leading to a grand deck overlooking the ocean. PS – Watch out for those crab holes! :-)


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