It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me!

Rock & Roll Stones

You don’t have to be a music aficionado to appreciate this! Here’s a uniquely strange one for you that left me laughing and turning around for this photo.

You’ll find these stones on Card Sound Road at the beginning of the Florida Keys. At Mile Marker 126.7  turn onto Card Sound Road and drive down 4.7 miles where you’ll find them on your right. Once again, mile markers on this road are terrible so go by your car’s odometer ONLY! Be aware, the last time I drove by they had been repainted in PINK, I hope for a GREAT CAUSE like a Breast Cancer Awareness promotion. This of course is FREE, just be safe and pull completely off the road never walking across the opposing traffic. Enjoy it, I loved it and have shown it to many friends and now to you my Bloggers. So whether your musical preference is Hip Hop, Country, Alternative, Latin, Reggae, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Motown or Punk… as singer Billy Joel says: “It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me!” 🙂

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Castle-Like Elementary School

IMG_1665Does your elementary school look like a castle? Well, this old abandoned one does!

Welcome to what was once Harris Elementary School. At the time of this photo the building was not occupied but due for a renovation. I’ve heard its days of re-occupancy are soon to come true. If you look close at the upper outer wall you’ll see the castle walls that grace the skyline. Take even a closer look at the tall majestic Roman archways on the lower left of the former school’s porch which makes the building even more unique for such an island town.

You can find this former elementary school castle look-a-like at the corner of Southard Street & Margaret Street here in sunny Key West.


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Key West’s Lost African Cemetery Is Found

Lost African Cemetery

This is one of only two known African cemeteries in the Western Hemisphere. Not  slaves, it’s  a burial ground at Florida’s southernmost point containing 294 actual burials which were lost for 141 years.

In 1859 President James Buchanan ordered the Navy to commandeer any vessel found hauling human cargo… slaves. Slavery was big business in Cuba at the time fetching up to $1,200 per each person. The 3 captured ships were brought to Key West bringing 1,437 new temporary Florida residents to the island. Most were sick from the 6 week voyage from Africa and began dying immediately. As the African’s passed on they were buried at a government paid cost of $5.50 per person and then forgotten by history for 141 years. The remaining survivors stayed here for only 3 months, they stayed in makeshift barracks till being deported to Liberia. It wasn’t until March 24th 2001 led by an 1861 Army Corps of Engineers map with nine X’s on it when Key West recognized the historic site. This cemetery has NO headstones, only a historic marker seen above with this tourist leaning against it. There’s a beautiful color map of slave ship routes (shown below) that sadly gets passed by almost all tourists not even knowing what it’s for and why it’s here.

You can find this new memorial at Higgs Beach on the Eastern part of the island just a few 100 feet south of the AIDS Memorial mentioned in last weeks blog. This is a FREE attraction with FREE parking… and please don’t walk by this part of history as 99.9% of the other tourists do!

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Escaping Key West’s Heat

Escaping the heat in Key West has been sought out by most everyone upon their visit. A practice that’s been mastered by us with brains and ignored by those without… you know, those ruby-red sunburnt bodies seen walking up and down Duval Street… ouch, that’s gotta hurt! Haven’t they ever heard of sunscreen? 🙂

Escaping the heat is evidently more than a human thing! Seen here are birds seeking out the refuge of the shade provided from a street lamp. I for one have NEVER seen birds do this and thought you too might be amused at this birds-of-a-feather flocking together in the shade photograph.

This spectacular view (minus the birds) can be found at the majestic eye-popping White Street Pier in Key West.

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Patterson Avenue Pocket Park

Welcome to the third in a series of Key West Pocket Parks. These are the size of small empty home lots that have been fenced-in and converted into FREE public parks for all to use. This is the smallest so far, approximately 25′ wide x 70′ deep.

As you can see in the photos, it has several shade trees, a bench to sit on, patio brick type path way, & some so-called artwork. The artwork can be seen beside our bikes that looks more like a coat rack in which I hung my hat on!

You can find the Patterson Avenue Pocket Park on… hmm, let me see, oh yeah I remember it’s on Patterson Avenue! 🙂


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Pirate Related Street Names (part 2)

7157076582_1374c943d1_bAs you know, I love driving into sub-divisions and seeing theme-named streets! Pulling into this one made me smile being a history buff remembering the stories of Pirates in movies and literature.

Peg Leg: Is an artificial limb fitted to the remaining stump of a human leg. Though its use dates to antiquity, they’re mostly associated with pirates, you’ll find at least one in every movie.

Treasure Chest: Buried treasure is an important part of the popular beliefs surrounding pirates. According to popular conception, often buried their stolen fortunes in remote places, intending to return for them later, often with the use of treasure maps.

Gold Bullion: Gold bars & coins mostly associated with Spain were the pirates main focus in looting ships.

Buccaneer: Were pirates who attacked Spanish shipping in the Caribbean Sea during the 17th century now synonymous with the word pirate.

Jolly Roger: A wide variation of flags flown to identify a ship’s crew as pirates that were about to attack. The flag most commonly identified today is the skull and crossbones.

You can find these Pirate themed street names for yourself by turning at Mile Marker 23.0 oceanside onto Cutthroat Drive or bayside at Yardarm Road and just begin driving noticing as many different names that remind you of an era gone by.

7157086118_aabc55ea34_b     7157085150_9b2e6a70cd_b

7157079608_2d56f13290_b     7157072158_95a4b5393f_b

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A Real Key West RV

Key West RV

Would you do this to promote your hometown? They did! It’s time to go RV’ing… ok, RV hunting! This is one of those things that I had no idea of seeing or even looking for, we cruised right by this while on one of our day-long cycling trips around Key West. As we peddled by I began laughing and immediately turned around whipping out my 6″ Cannon… (That’s my camera!) 🙂 not missing an opportunity for a uniquely different type of photo that most don’t have.

This hometown promoting RV can be found near the corner of Vernon Ave. & Waddell Ave.  diagonally in front of a fantastic restaurant and gathering place called Louie’s Backyard on Key West’s eastern part of town just two blocks north of Duval Street. Now Go RV’ing!

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