General Motors Truck – Most Photographed

Welcome to General Motors most photographed truck in Key West by far! Though we must be quite brutally honest, it’s not¬†for its artistic beauty but for its ambience at one of Key West’s most popular tourist areas called Harbor Walk.

Wow, I finally got a chance to take a photo of this truck without any other tourists standing around it, posing with it, pointing at it, leaning on it, photographing it, or trying to drive off in it!ūüôā OK, that last one was a stretch to say the least! I’m sure it’s been years since this General Motors Truck has seen the likes of a key in¬†its ignition!

The sign in the driver’s side¬†window reads ‘Out of gas be back in 20 minutes’… that was probably left on there¬†30-years ago! I’ve come to the conclusion¬†that the only way this is going to get back on the road is sitting upon a flatbed tow truck… but then again, I didn’t need my years of drinking beer in college and skipping classes to know that!ūüôā

You can find this photographic GM Truck relic parked where it’s always¬†at in front of Mac’s Sea Garden in the ever popular Harbor Walk.



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Freedom Is Not Free!

IMG_1629“Freedom Is Not Free!” Oh how true that statement is! Countless men and women have fought for our country, many giving their very lives¬†to secure the life we’re¬†so privileged to¬†have here in the United States of America.

What a great unexpected find this double duo was. I was drawn in by the painted eagle upon the building’s exterior and would’ve never seen the round memorial medallions honoring the veterans of¬†foreign conflicts if not for the eagle. The medallions are mounted¬†on the outer portion of a brick flower box¬†just below the eagle. The conflicts represented are: World War I (listed as World War), World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Persian Gulf &¬†Iraq along with¬†one for each¬†branch of the service.

You can find the ‘Freedom Is Not Free’ painted eagle and the bonus memorial war medallions¬†at the American Legion building at Mile Marker¬†49.4 oceanside on Hwy. US-1 in Marathon.

IMG_1636     IMG_1630     IMG_1631

IMG_1632     IMG_1633     IMG_1634


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Live Eel Express

Wow was this cool, I’d never seen live eels before! Awesome!!!

Holland Seafood Transporters¬†of Arapahoe, NC. operates a regular route to the Florida Keys supplying them with a delicacy common in the far east known as ‘Live Eels’. I’ve never tried them and won’t so don’t ask me how they taste!ūüôā I’ll leave that for those who also like octopus.

Three things to take note (all seen below), first notice the type of transportation tanks used for these eels are like covered aquarium tanks with viewable port holes. Look at the mud flaps on the trailer that read “Live Eel Mobile”. Too neat! For an added bonus, look real close above the cab of the tractor and you’ll see several what appears to be the ‘Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’ from the movie ‘Ghostbusters’. In actuality, it’s the Michelin Man tire mascot along with several of his cousins. Again, too neat and different.

So the next time you’re in the Keys look for this unique tractor-trailer rolling down the road on its¬†regular run¬†supplying hungry vacationers with eel soup, eel kabob, baked eel, broiled eel, smoked eel, seared eel, blackened eel, eel sandwich, eel BBQ, eel pasta and so on!ūüôā Enjoy it, because I wouldn’t dare!



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Street Corner Octopus

OK, it’s time to get back to a semi-silly blog… believe me, I’ve written about much sillier¬†things!ūüôā This to me is¬†most ingenious.

Here’s a street corner octopus that I’ve passed dozens of times without ever seeing it once¬†before my aunt pointed it out to me. It’s very neat how someone has painted a cut down tree trunk’s roots to appear as an octopus with eyes! Don’t simply drive by, to appreciate it fully you must park your car or get off your bike as it¬†appears differently from¬†multiple angles.

You can find this Street Corner Octopus at the corner of Catherine Street & Watson Street in the tourists #1 Florida Keys destination of Key West.


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Classic Rolling Stone ’94 Tour Neon Sign

IMG_9559This believe¬†it or not was pointed out to me be a patron with a bottle of Budweiser in his hand. After seeing me walk in with a camera and snapping a few pictures of other items of interest¬†I was approach by this gentlemen saying “Hey, you want to see a rare and valuable¬†collectors item?” “Sure” I said…¬†OK,¬†it was really “H#@% yes!”¬†as he lead me to a near¬†corner and pointed up on the wall. “Oh My Gosh!” I exclaimed.

Partially hidden by a wall mounted speaker sits this vintage Budweiser ’94 Rolling Stones Tour neon guitar sign complete with years of dust. Wow, I can’t believe this 22-year-old collectors item is still intact mounted on this bar’s wall! I’m sure that Ebay would have this listed and sold in no time!

You can find this “I wish it was mine” ’94 Rolling Stone Tour neon¬†sign at Mile Marker 30.4 bayside¬†inside Coconuts¬†Lounge on the corner of US-1 & Key Deer Blvd on Big Pine Key… Mick Jagger & Keith Richards not included!ūüôā

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Islamorada’s Sushi Lighthouse :-)

OK, no the lighthouse is not made out of sushi, and¬†no it’s not really called a lighthouse! :-)¬†Now that we’ve stated the obvious, it’s a metal constructed reef¬†light standing in front of a sushi restaurant. Even knowing that, I’m still sticking with ‘Sushi Lighthouse’ that¬†sounds so much better!

This¬†reef light¬†I’ve been told was made by master craftsmen and local artist legend ‘Lighthouse Larry’ who has done many such creations throughout the entire Keys. The beam atop the reef¬†light actually works at night illuminating a beacon of guiding light to would-be sushi goers honing in on a delicious raw meal.ūüôā

You can find this artist’s spectacular rendition of an offshore reef light next to the Hurricane Monument on¬†US-1¬†at Mile Marker 81.5¬†oceanside standing in front of the¬†Kaiyo Grill & Sushi Restaurant.


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I Dig These Chicks!

6748794269_b07d0d93e1_bOh yes, I dig these chicks! Guys… oh guys…¬†look at the¬†chick in her hand thank you!ūüôā

Chicks are nothing less than a Key West tradition! For those of you that don’t know, chickens run free in Key West without¬†being penned up or¬†required to be on their owner’s leash!ūüôā OK, they’re all¬†over the entire¬†island, and¬†I mean everywhere,¬†being most prominent in the section called ‘Old Town’ and¬†Duval Street.

Here at this facility they take-in and care for abandoned¬†orphans chicks as seen below. Called Key West Gypsy Chickens, they live their lives roaming the highways and byways of Key West… OK, streets, alleys & paths… there are no highways & byways.ūüôā

You can find this ‘Chick Experience’¬†at 1801 White Street within the confines of the Key West Wildlife Center. Admission is 100% FREE, even though¬†donation boxes are posted throughout just in case you’d like to give up some hard-earned cash for a good-looking¬†CHICK!ūüôā


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