Capt. Hook Spotted In Key West!

IMG_3182I found Key West’s own Capt. Hook! 100% TRUE, Capt. Hook is from Key West, Florida… who knew?

I know, you’re saying that Captain James Hook is a fictional character in the movie Peter Pan. The character is a pirate captain of the brig Jolly Roger, and lord of the fairy-tale village of Neverland… hmm, I thought that was Michael Jackson! 🙂 His name plays on the iron hook replacing his right hand, cut off by Peter Pan and eaten by a crocodile.

You can find Key West’s REAL Capt. Hook (fishing boat captain) at the Key West City Marina at the Palm Avenue Causeway on the northwest portion of the island. Enjoy the view and many other sights here… all of which are FREE for your vacation consumption.

IMG_3183     IMG_3184


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Key West’s Wrap Around Porches

Key West’s Wrap Around Porch

What a House… pure eye candy! The ONLY one that I’ve noticed with a complete wrap around porch. The white picket railings, gingerbread woodwork, and colonial posts are all astonishing compliments to what is already a true work of artistic Key West style home. The island calming colors with its porch supports are a combo that will soothe the soul. Though there are many homes with partial wrap around porches in Key West, I guarantee you won’t see another like this down here.

This is definitely an eye catcher and a thrill to see if you swing by the western end of Thomas Street just south of Duval and appreciate its unique architecture. I assure you, your eyes will thank you!

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Key’s Bahia Honda Bridge Mural

IMG_3190Say ‘Hello’ to one the Florida Key’s coolest murals!

Seen here is a beautiful great addition to the growing tradition of painted murals throughout the entire Keys. This is indeed a bright spot along your journey and caught my attention instantly upon passing this eye-popping two-walled painted masterpiece. Its focal point is the former majestic now crumbling Bahia Honda bridge along with an iguana, sunset, bicycle rider, mangrove root tree & palm tree.

You can find the one of the Key’s brightest colorful murals at Mile Marker 48.0 bayside beside the enormous Bluegreen Resort.

IMG_3187     IMG_3189

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Key’s Largest Fishing Rod

IMG_3197Wanna see the Florida Key’s LARGEST FISHING ROD? Well wait no more my faithful readers, here it is!

WOW, does this look authentic! The attention to detail is impeccable and stunning to say the least. This is one GREAT 28′ long replica to be admired in its entirety from hook, reel, lure, line, to its mind-blowing truly real looking handle wrapping.

You can find the Florida Key’s LARGEST FISHING ROD permanently attached to this mobile trailer on US-1 at Mile Marker 53.0 oceanside FREE for all to see. On US-1 turn onto 116th Street and you’ll see it there on your right!


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CVS Children’s Tile Mosaic

This unique brightly colored tile mosaic measures close to 11′ tall by 18′ wide. It depicts children enjoying playing and having fun around their town. Though it’s a little hard to find, it’s worth walking behind a building to seek it out.

It’s presented by the Key West Art & Historical Society as part of the ‘Art In Public Places Program’. It was completed by 35 art students and its three instructor artists. Though originally commissioned by the Eckerd Drug Store chain, then a CVS Pharmacy, the occupants have long since re-located and the building was still vacant on my last trip to Key West.

You can find this tile mosaic on the backside of the former CVS Pharmacy on the northwestern end of Duval Street here in Key West.

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Unexpected Lunch Guest

IMG_3191Yes we had an unexpected lunch guest yesterday while eating our meal, but first… LOOK AT THE VIEW WE HAD! Never knowing ahead of time where we’ll stop for lunch we ended up here for a meal that won’t soon be forgotten.

Standing on the steps of the bar you can see the Gulf Of Mexico, a lighthouse (seen in the back right of photo), several docks, boats, hammocks, umbrellas, palm trees, coconuts, offshore personal island home, tiki torches… and the list goes on and on. Oh yeah… almost forgot, and iguanas (as many as 4 different ones) as pictured below came up to greet us before, during and after our meal as the slowly walked by not giving us a second thought as if they lived here! Oh I forgot… they do!

You can find this hidden treasure of a view at Barnacle Barney’s Tiki Bar & Grill Mile Marker 48.0 bayside behind the enormous Bluegreen Resort.

IMG_3195     IMG_3193

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Ingham Floating Coast Gurad Museum

4462325075_ae8c580ac0_bHave you ever wanted to tour a real US Coast Guard ship complete with deck gun? Well, here in Key West you have that unique opportunity while others have no idea that this tourist attraction is even here at all! Though I’ve never been on-board, I promise when I finally have a chance to tour the Coast Guard’s Floating Museum that I’ll give you another blog showing you the highlights.

There are nearly NO tourist visiting this area of Key West southwest of Duval Street. You will fight NO crowds in seeing the other attractions on and around the pier either like the abandoned Navy yard & and a free Oceanic Exhibit. Parking is FREE and is going to be well worth an hour of your time to visit this little-seen area of Key West before it’s sold to developers wanting oceanfront condos.


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