‘Florida Keys’ Big Chair

IMG_2971Welcome to the FIRST ‘Big Chair’ in the Florida Keys! And yes, its pastel painted sunset even says ‘Florida Keys’. So if you’re driving south, this is in fact the very first of many big chairs you’ll encounter along your journey to Key West.

Believe me, there’s a number of these type of BIG chair photo-ops located throughout the Florida Keys. This is unique only in the sense that it says ‘Florida Keys’ which makes a great addition to any vacation photo album.

You can find this ‘Florida Keys’ big chair photo-op at Mile Marker 106.7 on US-1 bayside in front of the Key Largo Visitor Center.

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Key West Beach Wedding

IMG_2930How cool is this, a once-in-a-lifetime Key West beach wedding to be cherished for life!

So many people say their vows in hometown churches while a select adventurous few choose more exotic locations as this couple did. How do I know they’re not from Key West you might ask? The bride just so happens to be my banker. :-)

It was a perfect day indeed for saying ‘I do’ as the weather, scenery, violinist and participants performed exquisitely in synchronized harmony. I’ve waited years for an opportunity like this to photograph a Key West beach wedding up close and personal. Thank you Maria for allowing my wife and I to witness the joining of two beautiful souls.

Key West has many beaches suitable for weddings, these nuptials took place on Smathers Beach which is Key West’s longest on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.


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Porter Village In Key West

IMG_0806Easily one of Key West’s busiest and most diverse shopping corners in the entire town. Porter Village is named for Joseph Porter whose historic mansion can be seen in the background. This on-premise complex consist of a home, bar, henna tatoo shop, candle shop, very popular restaurant, year round car raffle, several fine art shops and in the past… a fortune teller. A little bit of everything in one spot!

As you can see in the photo, at the time of this picture they were raffling away a beautiful vintage red and white convertible Chevrolet Corvette that I wish I could’ve won! There’s ALWAYS a rare beauty like this just waiting for that winning ticket to be purchased!

Porter Village begins at the corner of Caroline Street and extends about one half city block down World-Famous Duval Street.

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Liars’ Bench

Sit down and let the story begin. Here on Liars’ Bench is one of the few places that you’re allowed to tell that fish tale of “The one that got away”. Of course you can make it more interesting by adding details that didn’t really happen… OK, LIE! :-)

PS – For you NON-fisherman, don’t you dare let your spouse or better half ask you ANY questions while sitting on the bench that might incriminate you! :-)

You can find this Liars’ Bench photo-op just off of US-1 at Mile Marker 20.0 ocenside. Turn onto road 939B and head into the KOA Kampground finding the general store & dock in the back left corner.

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Top Secret “Phone Service to Cuba”

Cuban Telegraph Office

Thousands of people pass this building everyday and have NO IDEA what it is! If you’ve been to the Southernmost Buoy than you’ve seen it and passed it too. It sits only 20′ from the buoy (seen below), people stand in line, lean against it and have no clue! I’ve never seen a single person take its photo! I’ve said 100’s of times that Key West needs a marker noting its historical importance to the past Cuban-American relations.

This is the former Telegraph Cable Building for communications between the USA & Cuba. If you look closely at the photo below you can see the portion of the cable that remains from the seabed into the building behind the green door. You have to remember that Cuba was a tourist hot spot for wealthy Americans and Hollywood’s A-List for years. As mentioned in an earlier blog, Key West was also Pan American Airways home base and the site of this countries 1st International flight… and you guessed it, it went to Havana, Cuba! Once relations soured between our two nations the undersea cable was cut severing the first and only land link to Cuba forever! You’re now that 1 in 1,000 person who can tell others what it is!

So the next time you’re in Key West and drive by the Buoy just say to yourself “Those people in line don’t have a clue, but I do!” Smile and go on knowing that you now know exactly what that building is and its historical significance as others unfortunately ignore it! You’re no longer only a tourist… you’re now an informed tourist!!!!


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Carved Tiki Statue

Absolutely awesome! This bar’s centerpiece is way too cool with its deep inset eyes,  hollowed out mouth, carved teeth, detailed triangle headpiece, with hands & knees as if crouched down is truly a spectacular sight!

This was found in what I call a ‘Walk Around’, I simply walk into and around a place with camera strapped over my shoulder expecting nothing turning back around and into my car in a matter of two minutes. This time lady luck was on my side finding this incredible 7′ tall carving!

You can find the beautifully crafted statue heading south on US-1 inside the Safari Club at Mile Marker 73.8 on the Atlantic Ocean side of the road.

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Best Bar Mirror In Key West!

Hands down the BEST most authentic looking bar mirror in Key West!

This awesome 3D real airplane propeller is the centerpiece for this bars mirror projecting out in front of the bottles of liquor.

You can find this spectacular aviation example of bar room props (pardon the pun) :-) at the Conch Flyer Bar inside the Key West International Airport departure terminal.

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