25.8 Mile Back Road To Solitude

5085017278_49920829c9_bA throwback to yesteryear when roads were 2-lane, desolate, eerie and in the middle of nowhere with water on both sides for much of your 25.8 mile drive. That’s right, that road exists today as Card Sound Road, the alternate less used back road to Key Largo.

Card Sound Road begins at Mile Marker 127.6 on US-1, you would then drive 16.6 miles to a flashing red light where you’d turn south towards Key Largo for another 9.2 miles ending up near Mile Marker 106.8 on US-1. If you’re wondering, staying on US-1 instead of Card Sound Road is indeed faster and only 20.8 miles long, even though it’s called “The 18 Mile Stretch”.🙂 UNRELATED HUMOROUS FACTIOD: OH yeah, the Florida Keys 7-Mile Bridge isn’t seven miles long either! (True) 🙂

Card Sound Road is a $1 per car toll road (sorry, NO SunPass) and a no brainer when US-1 is backed up, closed or during major holidays… “The 18 Mile Stretch” is always busier! Card Sound Road offers: Alabama Jack’s, Crocodile Lake Wildlife Refuge, & Dagny Johnson Botanical Park.


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Antique Divers Helmet

IMG_4223 I don’t know about you, but for 35 years or so I’ve dreamed of getting my photo taken while wearing an antique solid brass divers helmet! OK… I’ve never dreamed that! But as an opportunist I took advantage of what life had thrown my way and seized the moment getting this tourist to pose for me pretending like he couldn’t hear what I was saying!🙂

Though attached to the wall with raise & lower hinged-arms, the helmet itself is really quite heavy to lift onto your shoulders!

You can find this totally FREE sought out gem of a photo-op inside of the Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce / Visitor Center on US-1 at Mile Marker 106.0 bayside.


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Dead End… Literally!

You Don’t Say!🙂 ‘Dead End’ 100% TRUE, like it or not, it will happen to ALL OF US! Some blogs need no explaining… and this my friends is one of them!

P.S. – Notice the sign that says ‘One Way’… how true, there’s ONLY one way to get into a cemetery!🙂

You can find this ironic yet humorous view of signs that literally interpret a final destination ‘Dead End’ here at the Key West Cemetery on its northern fence.


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No Parking ‘Mine Field’ (true)

IMG_4231You have to love the humor! Check out this unique ‘No Parking’ sign I  found posted in front of the American Legion on Stock Island just outside of Key West.

It reads: ‘No Parking Mine Field, Night Bartender ONLY’.🙂 He’s not kidding either, look to the left of the sign where you’ll see a bomb and a torpedo on the right. (seen below) “I’m NOT parking there EVER!” (OK, I did to take the photo… but only for two minutes)🙂

You can find this ‘Mine Field No Parking’ humor sign just outside of Key West. Go to Mile Marker 4.3 turning bayside onto College Road and drive down about a 1/4 mile on your right, you’ll see it set back off the road a bit at 5610 College Road.


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It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s A Bike?

IMG_4274 We’ve all heard ‘It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superman!’… we’ll, not quite the case in this instance! ‘It’s A Bike!’, yes, this is indeed the oddest bike I’ve ever seen in my life!

From a distance I thought it was one of those coin-operated rides like the motorized pony or fire engine you occasionally see in front of dime stores. I had to turn around and find out for myself and boy was I glad I did! To my amazement it was a bicycle with a paper Mache outer skin in the shape of an island favorite Pelican! And ‘YES’ the wings do go up and down!🙂 How cool is that! Look close at both photos.

In order to have a chance on finding this Key West bicycle oddity, go first to the East Martello Tower Museum where I found it on the southeast portion of the island exactly next to the International Airport. If it’s not there… then just look around town as you enjoy your time in Key West. Good Luck!🙂


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I Almost Made lt To Key West! (shipwreck)

IMG_4276 “I Almost Made It To Key West!”… not me, I made it to Key West this past weekend. Those are words of the boat captain of the ill fated ‘SS Sunk Just Off Shore’!🙂 Wow, he made within 300 feet of shore… poor guy!😦

Crowds gathered ALL four times I drove by the sailboat this past weekend Saturday August 20 & Sunday 21st. Everyone was in amazement how the boat made it so close to shore and began snapping their own souvenir photos for posterity!

It’s 100% FREE to see this oceanic oddity for yourself so close offshore before it gets removed! To see the shipwreck in person, it lies directly across from the Key West International Airport on the southeastern part of the island.

IMG_4292     IMG_4289

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Southernmost Broken Cleat

What started out as a joke has become Key West’s most unlikely tourist attraction! At one time this cleat actually served a purpose and tethered boats to the docks. Now days it’s relegated to passers-by who point and laugh at such a silly take-off on the term ‘Southernmost’.

We actually spoke to the person responsible for this most likely of attractions who told us of its origin. The Schooner Western Union used this cleat in past years for mooring till it eventually broke, one of his crew as a joke painted the words ‘Southernmost Broken Cleat, Key West, Fl. USA’  on it instead of replacing it (probably after one too many beers).🙂 Everyone then had a good laugh and it still remains today, that my friends is straight from Captain Lenn of the Western Union himself! That day, a humorous attraction was born by scribbling on a wall for a good laugh from his fellow crew which still lives on today. So I ask you, looking back “Who got the last laugh”?🙂

I’ve mentioned before that this town is full of southernmost anything just to bring in an extra dollar. Why there’s a southernmost tattoo parlor, southernmost furniture store, southernmost cigar factory, southernmost corner office, southernmost buoy (Key West’s most famous one) and the list goes on and on.

You can find this Southernmost Broken Cleat (close up below) in my favorite section of town called Harbor Walk adjacent to the historic & majestic Schooner Western Union. It’s absolutely FREE to view, ponder & giggle at and will only take 2 minutes out of your busy fun-filled day in the vacation wonderland I call home.

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