Eagle’s Eye View

Perched high above the ground is the TALLEST birds nest on a visible cell phone tower in the entire Florida Keys! It’s REALLY TALL! Yes, no matter the bird species inside the nest, they do in fact have an ‘Eagle’s Eye View’ for miles around in every direction.

While taking this photo, I heard the loud chirping of little ones inside the nest never once seeing an adult. You know, those are some smart parents choosing to nest right above an ice cream shop… I wish my parents would’ve lived above an ice cream shop! 🙂

You can find this ‘Eagle’s Eye View’ birds nest on US-1 at Mile Marker 98.9 oceanside directly above Mr. C’s Ice Cream shop. (as seen below)

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Blue Macaw Restaurant

Do you like Island Food? If so, then I’ve found one of the newest eateries in Key West just for you! Island food would be considered Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba or any other of the islands in the Caribbean.

Though I’ve not eaten there yet, it’s definitely on my list for a future visit… YUM YUM Jerk Chicken! Hey, you don’t have to be hungry to stop on by either because the sign says eats & BAR! 🙂 If you look close at their sign you’ll be greeted by an extra bonus for those souvenir photo-ops, there’s actually a waterfall behind the sign and within the jungle-type foliage.

You can find the Blue Macaw Island Eats & Bar smack dab on the corner of the Bahama Village Market on Petronia Street a few blocks southwest of Duval Street in Key West.

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Camel Found In The Keys!

Wow was I blown away by this! Driving down a street for the first time looking for anything of interest and OH MY GOSH seeing something out of the corner of my eye I slammed on the brakes! (OK, gently pressed) Backing up to the previous house I couldn’t believe what was standing in front of me… a CAMEL! This is probably the only CAMEL in the entire Florida Keys and I found it especially for YOU! 🙂

You too can stop by and see the Key’s Camel for FREE at Mile Marker 87.5 bayside by turning onto Palm Lane. Drive slow and you’ll see it about a 1/4 mile down on your left. No riding the camel please, it sits on private property.


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Beautiful Dead End… But No Cookouts!

The mere mention of the term ‘Dead End’ conjures up negative images in most minds… MOST minds! Until yesterday I too was a believer in the dead end don’t go down theory until coming upon this AWESOME road’s end that will change your mind forever! That is ‘FOREVER’ with ONLY ONE unusual stipulation!

As you can see by the photos, this is absolutely gorgeous with passing motor boats, corner lighthouse along with its own jetty overlooking this watery wonderland! Now look close just below the red reflector sign where you’ll read the words ‘NO BARBEQUES OR FIRES’. So recapping your FREE picnic by the sea, you can bring your beach chair, sunblock, cooler, sodas and cold cut sandwiches because there’s NO COOKOUTS!

You can find this decadent dead end on US-1 at Mile Marker 92.7 bayside by turning into Sunset Acres on Valjean Lane then heading straight towards the Gulf of Mexico.


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Key’s Coolest Principal’s Office

IMG_1602Here’s without a doubt the coolest Principal’s office in the entire Florida Keys! Were you intimidated by the Principal’s office at your school? I’d say that most of us associated going to the Principal’s office with something bad.

At this school they obviously play down the fear factor by spicing up the facility with multi-colored paint, decorative lettering along with a huge rainbow across its width with the saying “You are a shooting star” on it. You know what, it worked, this Principal’s office doesn’t scare me a bit! 🙂

You can find the Florida Keys ‘Coolest Principal’s Office’ at Mile Marker 30.3 at the Big Pine Academy at the corner of US-1 oceanside.

IMG_1601     IMG_1599

IMG_1600     IMG_1603

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More Mailboxes Of The Keys!

There’s always a wide virility unique style of mailboxes throughout the 129 miles of the Florida Keys.

Seen here are a tow truck, Spanish Galleon, spiral staircase, & gator mailboxes. These four were found just today on my trip down to Key West by turning onto streets I’d never been on before.

So where can you find your own smorgasbord of mailboxes? Simple, there’s thousands of different styles out there so just keep an eye out while driving down any road in the Keys!


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Man-v-Food’s Adam Richmond Visits Hogfish Bar & Grill

Celebrity food connoisseur Adam Richmond, the host of Travel Channel’s Man-vs-Food was in the Keys a few years ago filming an episode featuring the Hogfish sandwich and Key Largo’s Conch Fritter eating contest.

As you can see by the featured photo, this is a massive sandwich, the fresh daily catch of Hogfish is fried golden brown and served on a slab of Cuban Bread topped with mushrooms, swiss cheese, sautéed onions, lettuce & tomatoes. Sound yummy, just ask my better half who devoured the meal in record time and already wants to go back for another one… IT WAS THAT GOOD! You also get a healthy heaping of fries along with a quartered pickle to round out your meal.

The atmosphere at this waterfront destination is superb beginning with the tiki-hut frame with open-air seating is nothing less than down-home. Though the restaurant has yet to put up photos from Adam’s visit, the influx of groupies (including us) were all influenced to take in a trip to the Hogfish Bar & Grill by seeing the episode on TV. In the first 10-days after its airing, the manager said that over 300 people have come here solely from seeing it on TV. That’s the power of advertising… ok, that’s the power of FREE advertisement from the mouth of Adam Richmond! 🙂

You can find the Hogfish Bar & Grill by going to Mile Marker 5 on US-1 bayside turning at the Burger King, go down 1-block turning left onto McDonald Ave that turns into Maloney Ave, turn right onto 4th Ave, left on Front Street and there you will see it on the right a half mile or so exactly beside the famous Crankshaft Man blogged about earlier.



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