Christ Of The Deep Mural

Welcome to one of the most beautifully painted small buildings in the entire Keys. On the side of this Welcome Center… one of several in Key Largo is a painted depiction of the Christ Of The Deep.

Simply put, the Christ Of The Deep is a statue of Jesus Christ submerged under water about 8 miles off shore from the John Pennekamp Park here in Key Largo. A full blog on the actual Christ Of The Deep statue is in the near future, I’ll focus on the incredible murals on both sides of this uniquely shaped Welcome Center. Your trip photos won’t be complete without a picture of this beautiful building and mural.

You can find this beautiful eye-candy at Mile Marker 106.7 oceanside on US-1 at Key Largo’s northern end.

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The World’s ONLY Picnic Table & Palm Tree Gazebo!

An absolute stroke of genius! My hats off to the visionary who first thought of this unique one-of-a-kind structure. Built around its focal point, a bent upward winding palm tree provides the visually stunning center piece to this eye-catching multi-story leisurely structure.

Welcome to the WORLD’S ONLY picnic table, palm tree, porch swing & gazebo… ALL IN ONE! This is unbelievable to see in person, your eyes will widen as you begin to fumble for your camera in awe of its unsuspecting beautifully combined components. As you see, the base of the palm tree begins beneath the picnic table and winds flawlessly into the side of the gazebo protruding through the floor reaching thru the roof providing a look like no other!

You can find this FREE to view picnic table, gazebo, porch swing & palm tree combo on the grounds of the Eden House Hotel on 1015 Fleming Street here in Key West.

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Slow Down To 6 MPH Please! :-)

IMG_0924I’ve seen a 7 MPH sign in Nashville, Tennessee before but never an oddly numbered speed limit sign here in the Florida Keys! Yes I know that 6  is an even number so no “You need to go back to math school” texts please… it’s still an oddly numbered speed limit sign meaning weird! 🙂 It’s all done on purpose to make you take notice and wow does it work while putting a smile on your face as you  glance down to your speedometer.

You can find this one-of-a-kind 6 MPH speed limit sign at Mile Marker 103.7 bayside at the rear entrance to King’s Camp RV Park on Sweeting Road in Key Largo.

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White Mini Sub

IMG_1888Down periscope anyone? Here’s a one man mini sub that’s way past its prime! I wouldn’t be could dead in it… hmmm, actually if put in the water that’s exactly how I’d be found! 🙂

Though now relegated to shore duty since its watery departure, it’s still makes a perfect unique photo-op for your Florida Keys vacation.

You can find this mini sub on roadside display at the intersection of 64th Street & US-1 at Mile Marker 49.6 in Marathon. (Be aware, this makes it’s rounds so it may be further down the street by time you get down there) 🙂

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Monroe County Fire Station #13

I love finding brand new interesting things to see and do in the Florida Keys totally by accident. On my way last weekend to take photographs of the Blue Hole I saw this stop-me-in-my-tracks montage while heading back to US-1.

For too many people the number 13 is unlucky, but to these modern-day iconic heroes that number signifies the love they have for our country and being lucky enough to live in this nation we call the United State Of America. Here on Big Pine Key you’ll find the Monroe County Fire Station #13. As you can see in the photo to the left, the fire station’s outer wall is ornately designed with a beautiful richly colored paintings, mosaics & plaques. The palm tree plaque on the left is a beauty in itself, but the true American Hero proudly serving his country is the focal point for me. Don’t think for a moment that the flag is painted, no chance, those are tri-colored glass tiles in the shape of our nations flag.

This was a real find, my uncle who himself is a retired Monroe County firemen, finding this makes me respect & appreciate what he did even more in serving his city, county, state & nation! I hope that you too know a firemen either current or retired somewhere that you can share this photo with. It’s twice as stunning in person believe you me! Oh yeah, the doorway leading into the office further to the right is worth a photo for your collection too!

You can find the Fire Station-sensation worth a view at Mile Marker 30.4 on US-1 south and then turning right onto Key Deer Blvd. and going down .4 miles on the left. Enjoy and remember, these men and women risk their lives everyday to save ours no matter the circumstance!

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Florida Key’s Purple Heart Trail

IMG_0527Welcome to one of the Florida Key’s newest historical road signs!

A quick lesson in Roadside Signage 101: The brown background road signs on our nation’s highways and roads are informational relating to recreational, cultural & historical point of interest. And now you know! 🙂

The Purple Heart metal is awarded to members of the U.S. armed forces who are wounded in battle at the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration.

You can find one of the Key’s newest road signs ‘Purple Heart Trail’ at the southern end of Florida City Mile Marker 126.7 bayside near the unofficial beginning to the Florida Keys.

ADDED BONUS: I love this, enlarge the photo at the bottom of the blog and zoom in to the white billboard on the right, it’s a biker bar named ‘Last Chance Saloon’ that advertises “Inside Toilets”. 🙂 Only in the Keys!


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Bring Your Own Port-O-Potty Park (true)

Everyone knows BYOB “Bring Your Own Booze”, but do you know what BYOP means “Bring Your Own Port-O-Potty”! Yes, I’ve found a Key’s park that the latter statement rings 100% true.

This park is so far out in the boonies on a dead-end road that even I could hardly find it. I promise, the 3 photos are showing the best the park has to offer! Sad but true, there is absolutely NOTHING HERE, NO paved roads, NO picnic tables, NO garbage cans, NO restrooms… NOT even a real sign! If you’re asked to a birthday party here… tell them you’re busy! 🙂 If you feel guilty and say ‘YES’… remember to bring your own Port-A-Potty! 🙂

To find this muddy off-road waterlogged park, go to Mile Marker 26.8 on US-1 bayside. Turn onto Mako Avenue then Middle Torch Road going down 7.5 miles to Ram Rod Park. YOU KNOW WHAT… SKIP IT! 🙂 Second thought, it might be worth a good laugh… I guaranty you’ve never seen anything like it before!



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