Mosaic Compass

Welcome to Key West’s BRAND¬†SPANKING NEW mosaic compass! It’s truly beautiful and measures about 8 feet across.

This is so brand new that I was almost able to put my handprint in the wet cement! ūüôā Seriously, it just been completed and open to the public for all to see FREE of charge! I personally know of at least two other compasses in town but this is on one of Key West’s busiest streets and very EASY to find.

You can come by and see Key West’s BRAND¬†SPANKING NEW mosaic compass located directly in front¬†of City Hall on¬†White Street.


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Key West’s POT of GOLD!

Ever wanted to be a REAL Leprechaun for about 10-seconds? Here’s your chance! Welcome to one of Key West’s newest photo headboards!

Though each photo headboard in town is different, there’s literally dozens of these scattered around old town. All of which are FREE and seldom is there ever a waiting line for one of these photo-ops as this couple did!

You can find this ‘Pot of GOLD’ photo headboard at the entrance of Irish Kevin’s Bar at 211 Duval Street here in Key West just a few doors down from the World-Famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar.

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Life Is Too Short Bus

YES, I’m proud to say: “I ride the short bus!”… the ‘Life Is Too Short Bus’ that is! I love it, only in Key West can you find an entire town full of oddities like this.

Life indeed is too short,¬†while in this ‘Sunshine Paradise’ you must try and take in as much as this tiny 3¬†mile¬†by 5 mile island has to offer. Buses like this offer drop-off and pick-up at pre-arranged locations and times allowing you to see as much as possible. Key West is one of the U.S.’s vacation meccas and yet still¬†maintains its¬†laid back¬†attitude to life atmosphere at all costs for which it’s famous for.

Oh yeah, check out the headless fake aluminum rooster on the back of the short bus!¬†Too cool. ūüôā

You can¬†see this ‘Life Is Too Short Bus’ crisscrossing the streets of¬†Key West dropping off and picking up¬†customers all over town. It’s home on the other hand will give you¬†a better chance seeing it at the Ibis Bay Resort & Restaurant on North Roosevelt Blvd. here in the¬†wonderland of Key West.

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Key West’s #1 Attraction: Southernmost Buoy

Southernmost Buoy

Welcome to Key West’s #1 tourist attraction and photographic icon!

Being the city’s #1 tourist attraction, be prepared to wait in the hot sun lined up for as long as an hour with¬†all of the other photo seekers before getting your chance to stand with the FREE buoy. My advice is to go early as I did¬†when NO ONE¬†was there at all giving you the postcard image seen above.¬†Oh yeah, as you can see, by including the fence gives your photo additional beauty and balanced subject matter.

I’ll save the¬†hilarious history and pending controversy to the¬†buoys claims for upcoming blogs. So¬†don’t touch that remote! (that includes you too David my¬†Basketball friend) ūüôā

You can find this¬†chart topping¬†attraction¬†two ways:¬†1) Follow the crowds ūüôā or 2) Go to the¬†corner of South¬†Street and Whitehead Street where you’ll see the World-Famous Southernmost Buoy.


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Key West’s First And Last Bar On US-1

What a great title to have, being the¬†first and last bar on US-1. Just 1 block up from the famed Mile Marker ZERO is the time-tested local favorite hang-out called the Green Parrot Bar. I’ll have a blog devoted to the bar itself later, this is dedicated to its self-bestowed title and colorful sign upon its outside wall.

If you’re headed north out of town¬†it’s classified as the¬†FIRST bar on US-1. Therefore if you’re driving south towards Key West¬†it’s then considered the LAST bar on US-1. Either way, it’s a great gimmick & honor to have… that is until someone opens a new bar on the ONE BLOCK prior to theirs! (FREE entrepreneurial idea here) ūüôā

This of course is FREE to see and be photographed with the sign. You can find¬†this “First and Last Bar On US-1” sign¬†at the END of US-1… hmmm, or would that be at the BEGINNING of US-1? ūüôā

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Father’s Day History, How It Began

Happy Father’s Day to¬†all of you Dads out there from 365 Things To Do In The Florida Keys! Do you know how it all started? There’s several recorded different beginnings, here’s what most think of as the first.

The first observance of Father’s Day actually took place in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5, 1908. It was organized by Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton, who wanted to celebrate the lives of the 210 fathers who had been lost in¬†the Monogah¬†Mining disaster several months earlier in Monongah, West Virginia, on December 6, 1907. It’s possible that Clayton was influenced by the first celebration of Mother’s Day that same year, just a few miles away. Clayton chose the Sunday nearest to the birthday of her recently deceased father. Wow, who knew!

It was President Richard Nixon in 1972 that designated the third Sunday in June as a national holiday officially signing it into law.

OH YEAH, be looking for our daily Florida Keys blog to be posted here in just a few hours.

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Super Gigantic Flip-Flop

It’s crazy down here in Key West, shops constantly change hands, retailers go in and out of business sometimes in the same location multiple times in one year!

I’ve reported on the largest fish, largest lobster, largest this and that over the years and now I’ve found the LARGEST FLIP-FLOP by far in town. As you can see, this flip-flip is as tall as my better half and screams “Take¬†A Photo Of Me!” as you walk by. I’ve passed this location a 100 times and this was the first time they’ve had it sitting outside by the door while I was in town.

You can find this Super Gigantic Flip-Flop in front of the Kai Kai¬†Sandle Shop¬†on Key West’s main vein of tourist activity on the pedestrian laden mecca called Duval Street.

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