Welcome To Downtown Card Sound

IMG_0516Welcome to Downtown Card Sound, well, that’s what the sign says! I’d say that’s stretching it just a bit! Believe it or not, Card Sound consists of a Welcome Sign, Toll Booth, and a hangout called Alabama Jacks! That’s it, nothing else! So now that you know that, welcome to Downtown Card Sound! Don’t blink, you’ll miss it!

Oh yeah did anyone notice, downtown spells Cardsound as one word while the city limit sign using two words Card Sound.:-)

You can get to Downtown Card by following these simple directions. On US-1 at the beginning of the Florida Keys MM 126.7 turn onto Card Sound Road and head East 12.5 miles where you’ll find it down on the right hand side of the road… just look for all of the cars and motorcycles. Stay alert and watch your odometer because most of this portion of Card Sound Road has no mile markers.

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Snook’s Bayside & Piña Coladas

IMG_0794What a GREAT place! I’ve been here before while researching another blog vowing to return and enjoy the view with a Piña Colada or two. Well, it took 6 months but I’m back and WOW what a view!

I heard this place had burnt down and this is the new better version of its predecessor… A+ GOOD JOB! It has an awesome open-air covered bar and dining area complete with oceanfront umbrella seating options to boot! An echo worth repeating: It’s a great place with a great view to have a Piña Colada or two… or three! I’ve furnished photographic proof below for all you doubters… and yes, it was as good as it looks!:-)

You can find this secluded hide-a-way near Mile Marker 99.6 bayside in Key Largo behind the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Though tough to find, I assure you it’s well worth your time seeking out!

P.S. – Have a Piña Colada FOR ME while you’re there! Oh yeah, don’t even think about e-billing me for it either… that my friends is still YOURS!:-)


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Key West Police Caught Red Handed Horsing Around! :-)

pride07_500Yes, Key West has 6′ tall four-legged crime fighters on the payroll. At the time of this photo ALL of the horses were quarter horse geldings named Texas Tea, Leo, Frechkles, & Mr. Peppy Rio! I like the name ‘Mr. Peppy Rio’ the best, he gets respect with ‘Mr.’ and a ‘Peppy’ in his steppy to boot!

Commonly known as Mounted Police, the official name is Mounted Patrol as seen written on the pickup truck & horse trailer below. A warm and friendly site, the Mounted Patrol is the ultimate in Community Policing. While patrolling on horse, they don’t have to approach the citizens, they come to them. Ideal for patrolling parks, beaches, shopping center parking lots and neighborhoods. Patrolling the small lanes and other areas less accessible by conventional vehicle patrols is also a plus. From their height, Mounted Officers can more easily detect crime that may not be seen by ground Officers.

For those of you that don’t know, a quarter horse gets its name since its sprinting ability peaks at 1/4 mile at speeds up to 55 mph!. A gelding on the other hand is no fun becoming, it’s a castrated horse resulting in a calmer better-behavior.

You can find these four-legged crime fighters when not in action beside Key West’s boxing complex located at DeKalb Avenue. The building is sandwiched between the main entrance to Fort Zachary Taylor and the rear entrance to the Naval Air Station Truman Annex.



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New York Firefighter’s 9/11 Memorial In Key West

IMG_1569Did you know that Key West has a memorial honoring the 9/11 New York firefighters who died on that tragic day? The memorial stands about 5′ tall upon an 8 pointed fireman’s cross complete 9-11-01 and FDNY cut into it. This incredible moving memorial is made from a piece of steel recovered from the World Trade Center’s Twin Tower’s debris. Look close and you’ll actually see dents along with nuts & bolts imbedded into the steel due to extreme heat and pressure.

Have you ever wondered where the term ‘Firefighters’ came from? History lesson part#1: During the Holy Crusades defenders of a walled city were struck by glass bombs containing a highly flammable liquid. When they became saturated, the attackers would hurl a torch into their midst. Hundreds were burned alive; others risked their lives to save their brothers-in-arms from dying painful, fiery deaths. These first heroic ‘Firefighters’ were awarded a cross similar to the one shown below! And now you know the rest of the story!:-)

History lesson part#2: The cross is eight-pointed and has the form of four “V”-shaped elements joined together at their tips, so that each arm has two points. Its design is based on crosses used since the First Crusade and is a symbol of protection. It means that the firefighter who wears this cross is willing to lay down his life for you just as the crusaders sacrificed their lives for their fellow-man. Since the Knights lived on a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea named Malta, the cross came to be known as the Maltese Cross.

History lesson part#3: Notice that memorial is broken off at an angle at the top, this represents lives cut short… an unfinished life. Pictured below is an aviator’s grave stone with a broken propeller symbolizing the same meaning of his life being cut short before his time.

You can come and pay your respects to this touching symbol of our Country’s most horrific tragedy located at 1600 N. Roosevelt Boulevard in front of the entrance to the Key West Fire Department main office.

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images     untitled

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Famous Mahatma Gandhi Quote Found In Key West

8342216786_98c035694a_bYes, it’s 100% true! If you look hard enough in Key West you can find a tiled mosaic quote of former Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Here’s today’s brush-up on history::-) Born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lived from October 2, 1869 to January 30, 1948 when he was shot down by an assassin’s bullet. Known as Mahatma or Bapu (Father of Nation), was the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India employing non-violent civil disobedience towards their independence.

Most sources, and I repeat most sources credit Mahatma Gandhi with the saying: “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”. Those words are tiled into a circular wall around a covered picnic table area seen above.

You can find Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote at Key West High School’s open-air area only feet away from the main office on Flagler Avenue. Please be mindful that this is a school by timing your visit after normal school hours or on weekends.

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Key West’s #1 BEST Sunset Spot

4398785446_9174a64053_bAfter months of listing the 4th, 3rd & 2nd best places to watch the sunset in Key West it’s finally time to reveal the #1 position!

As you can see by the featured photo at the top of the page, it appears that God’s nature kept the most beautiful & unique sunset for the final day of the year. December 31st 2008 provided onlookers with a spectacular one-of-a-kind example of his awesome power and artistic splendor as a mired of colors, clouds & ocean all came together along with sightseeing boats and jet stream combined for the most unbelievable sunset in my life! Though the sunset can be seen from a number of locations around the island paradise, it’s where we saw this pastel picture portrait that lands this spot at #1 on our charts. Our #1 pick lands us here at the historic little known Civil War compound called Fort Zachary Taylor.

As seen below, you can actually sit on the rocks at the edge of the ocean as the sun sets before your eyes. You won’t even have to fight any crowds, the first time I came here there was a total of 5 or 6 other people along with myself to watch God’s sunset symphony. Each time since I believe the word is getting out ever so slowly, the last time, though not crowded, there was at least 24 -30 spectators spread along the rocky beach breaking white rocks. This is BY FAR a place to woo your spouse, better half or significant other as they too will be impressed that you’ve taken them to a place that will end up meaning so much in the future when looking back at the romantic times of your life. There’s a $2 – $3 per car load fee for entering the park but it’s well worth the minimal charge to experience the sunset of a lifetime!

You can find this secluded secret seaside observatory at the beaches of the virtually unknown tourist attraction called Fort Zachary Taylor about 3 or 4 block south of Duval Street by the old Navy Pier.




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The Land That Time Forgot!

6787188512_7f9c901dab_bUnlike the 2009 Hollywood movie of the same name ‘The Land That Time Forgot’, you’ll find no dinosaurs here! Other things you won’t find are paved roads, traffic jams or telephone poles. I ask you, “Does your Town Square have a wooden street corner sign pointing towards it?”

Believe it or not, there’s a Florida Key FROZEN IN TIME for some 100 years now. This ENTIRE Key has NO paved roads nor telephone pole… NOT ONE! That’s right, dirt roads and wooden street signs are the norm throughout the standalone island. Accessible by boat, this throw back island lives on as a testament to a forgotten past.

You too can visit this ‘Land That Time Forgot’ now known as Indian Key as you look upon this former town’s ruins. Though not free, you can find a catamaran tour boat company at Robbie’s Marina at Mile Marker 77.5 on US-1 bayside to take you there… it’s worth the $20-25 to get there and back!

P.S. – Did I forget to mention that there’s no people living here either!:-)


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