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Wish You Were Here!

Where can you find one of those “Wish You Were Here” signs in the Florida Keys? Have no worries, I’ve found it for you! These type of signs are popular sights in vacation hot spots all around the world.

What a great photo to send on your I-Phone back to your friends and family stuck somewhere in the freezing cold! Or simply stand on either side of the sign, snap your photo, then email it to anyone you’d like rubbing in the fact that you’re in paradise while they’re wearing a Snuggie! That’s what I’d do! 🙂

You can find this “Wish You Were Here” sign painted on the exterior portion of the wall of Popp’s Motel at Mile Marker 95.5 bayside of US-1 in Key Largo.


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Key West City Hall’s Beautiful Gates

Absolutely one of the most beautiful wrought iron gate entrances in Key West.

While here, look up… all the way up as you gaze upon the clock tower featured in a previous blog. Yep, this is two for the price of one. Enjoy the views!

You can find this ornate iron adornment with its cement staircase at the old city hall building located behind the World Famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar on Greene Street here in sunny Key West just 1/2 block up from Duval Street. A portion of the building is currently being used for a Visitor Center & Chamber Of Commerce.

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Stock Island’s Crankshaft Man

There’s plenty of muffler men across the country but this is the first crankshaft man I’ve ever seen! This rainbow-colored contraption stands over six feet tall and is worth a photo if you’re in the area or eating at the Bar next door. Normally you’d find a lone obscure item like this in front of an automotive junk yard but there’s not one anywhere in sight of this futuristic robot-looking sculpture… ok, to call it a sculpture is pushing it! 🙂

You can find this unique motor city madman exactly beside Stock Island’s Hogfish Grill. Go to Mile Marker 5 and turn left off of US-1 South at the Burger King, down 1-block turning left onto McDonald Ave that turns into Maloney Ave, turn right onto 4th Ave, left on Front Street and there you will see it on the right a half mile or so beside the famous eatery Hogfish Grill.

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Key West’s Official Above Sea Level Government Marker

Most U.S. citizens have NEVER seen one of these in their entire lives… now you can!

A little known United States federal agency called National Geodetic Survey, formerly (U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey), defines and manages a national coordinate system, providing the foundation for transportation and communication; mapping and charting. Survey markers are the foundation for todays must have electronic navigational device called GPS.

Survey markers, also called geodetic marks or benchmarks, are objects placed to mark key survey points on the Earth’s surface. Today, the most common survey marks are cast metal disks stamped with legends on their face (seen above) set in rock ledges, sunken into the tops of concrete pillars (seen below), or affixed to the tops of pipes. The front of the faded concrete marker below reads “United States Coast And Geodetic Survey Basic Benchmark”.

This particular survey marker states that this Key West location is exactly 14.524 feet above sea level. It also reads that you can be fined up to $250 for tampering with or defacing this marker. You can find this geodetic marker directly in front of the Monroe County Courthouse beside this picnic table in the heart of Old Town.

PS – Just wait until you see where one is located at further up the Keys… it’s the ONLY one in the entire USA in such a location, so stay tuned! 🙂


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Picture Perfect Photos!

Create your own beautiful memories with incredible picturesque photos that others miss. Seen here is nothing more than a campsite whose path behind a tent leads to a picture perfect view of what is called the Overseas Highway (US-1), Gulf of Mexico, walking path & two boulders making a picture perfect photo!

Hidden gems like this can be found hundreds of different times on your trip down the Florida Keys simply by being observant and thinking outside the box. Take a chance, drive down that extra road seeing where it goes for two minutes, if it leads nowhere then so what… but if it leads to a view like this than OMG… WOW, was it worth it!

You can find this exact photo-op on the Ohio Key side of the Missouri Ohio Channel bridge at Mile Marker 39.0 bayside. Ohio Key is divided by Hwy US-1 into two sections, the Atlantic Ocean side contains the Ohio Key Wildlife Refuge blogged on earlier while the bigger Gulf Of Mexico section is home to the very popular Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina campground with nearly 400 individual campsites.

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I’ve Found Captain Hook!

IMG_1657I’ve found the real Captain Hook atop a dive shop roof in the Florida Keys! It even says so on his boat. OK, it’s the real plywood Captain Hook on full display for all to see driving on Hwy. US-1 through Marathon.

I know, you’re saying that Captain James Hook is a fictional character in the movie Peter Pan. The character is a pirate captain of the brig Jolly Roger, and lord of the fairytale village of Neverland… hmm, I thought that was Michael Jackson! 🙂 His name plays on the iron hook replacing his right hand, cut off by Peter Pan and eaten by a crocodile.

You can find this dinghy boat containing the real plywood Captain Hook at Mile Marker 53.0 oceanside. *Bonus: During Christmas they swap out Captain Hook with the real plywood Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Yes, down here he’s better known as Rudolph The Red Nosed Keydeer for obvious local reasons (Key Deer). 🙂

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Floating Thai Restaurant

Located at the end of this City Marina Pier away from the main hustle & bustle is a unique dining experience. This is the Thai Life Floating Restaurant sitting in the body of water known as Garrison Bight (pronounced ‘bite’). Though I’ve never eaten there, it’s one of those things that I’d like to take my better half to for a quiet night out on the water. The experience I’m sure would be seared into our minds for years to come while scoring some brownie points in the process.

I’ve been told that on several occasions the Thai Life had to be literally raised from the depths of the deep. Yes, I’m talking about sinking to the bottom of the harbor. At least twice, once during a massive Key West hurricane and once simply due to a lack of buoyancy! 🙂

You can find this floating Thai Restaurant at Garrison Bight’s City Marina near the Historic Charter Boat Row on the Roosevelt Blvd. side of the marina. With that said “coup d’état“, that’s Bon Appetite in Taiwanese… OK, I lied, I don’t have a clue! 🙂

PS – There’s a sign above the entrance that reads: “If we sink while you’re having dinner your meal is FREE!” OK, I lied about that too! 🙂

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