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Key West’s TREE Bar!

IMG_1749It’s TRUE, there’s a famous Key West bar that was built around a VERY SPECIAL tree! How special of a tree will be the spotlight of an upcoming blog so stay tuned.

In speaking with one of the employees about the tree he replied, “You asked the right person!” My question to him was, “So tell me, what happens when it rains?” ūüôā He told me that he’s the one that has to mop up the water leaking into the club all over the floor. He also added, “No matter how much black roofing tar we put around the tree sticking through the roof it always leaks!”

You can find the tree growing through the center of a Key West bar at Captain Tony’s Saloon 428 Greene Street just one block west of Duval Street.


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A Floating Pink Cadillac!

Could this be Bruce Springsteen, Natalie Cole or Aretha Franklin’s ‘Pink Cadillac’ referred to in their famous smash hit¬†songs? I don’t think so… OK, I know it’s not. ūüôā Anyway, now I’ve seen it all! I keep saying to myself, “Only in the Keys & Key West can you see stuff like this!” and then, I see something even weirder. In all honesty, there’s¬†no end to the madness¬†of oddities you’ll find down here! Heck, that’s what people expect about the Keys and¬†another reason why I love this place!

Here you see a pink Cadillac retooled for floating on the open water for a sunset cruise that I guarantee that you’ll never forget. The name “Nautilimo” I’m not sure exactly which they meant as a play-on-words meaning “Naughty Limo” or “Nautical Limo”. Either way, you’ll never live down the fact of riding in the pink limo upon the water while sipping on one of those foo-foo drinks with a pink umbrella in it! ūüôā I guess I just blew my chance of getting a FREE ride for writing¬†an¬†article that THOUSANDS¬†WOULD READ! ūüôā

You can find this floating pink Cadillac by going to Mile Marker 82.0 on the bay side right of US-1 heading south at the Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar.

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Majestic Hand-Carved Seahorse Doors

IMG_0833Talk about unique, take a look at this gourmet restaurant’s entrance doors! Yes, they’re two matching elegantly carved exquisitely painted majestic seahorses.

What an incredible¬†photograph¬†it use to make… yes, I said use to. In the past, the doors were in full-view for all to see with no obstruction causing the unsightly glare now when attempting to photograph it head-on or during direct sunlight hours. As you can see, the doors have been covered with plexiglass to preserve the hand-carved (ok, hand crafted) ūüôā masterpieces. Believe me, either way it’s still an awesome FREE sight worth your time¬†seeking out for that almost great vacation photo with a little bit of glare. ūüė¶

You can find the ‘Majestic Hand-Carved Seahorse Doors’¬†on the corner of Simonton Street & Truman Avenue just two blocks northeast of the World-Famous¬†Duval Street. Oh yeah, the name of the¬†restaurant, are you ready for this… ‚ÄúBetter Than Sex!‚ÄĚ :-)

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Adult ONLY Shark Mouth Photo-Op!

13942283_1347649601916597_1325730527_n 13957567_1347649618583262_1707040759_nI’ve found another shark mouth photo-op! There’s plenty of these in the Keys¬†with this being one of the newest.

It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do for a FREE beer. With camera in hand I got this man to pose for me with GREAT CARE as we snapped these two blog photos.

Warning!!!!! This is NOT for children. These¬†shark teeth are NOT plastic, fiberglass or made of a flexible rubber… OH NO my friend they are¬†quite sharp and one wrong move can leave you needing¬†a very large Band-Aid! So given this stern **Warning** I ask that you only stand beside it for your souvenir photo.

You can find the¬†Key’s newest¬†photo-op¬†NON-TOY¬†shark head on the grounds of Jules’ Undersea Lodge¬†at Mile Marker 103.3 oceanside¬†off US-1 on Transylvania Ave. all the down on the right in¬†Key Largo.


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Picnic Campsite Paradise

There are literally hundreds of day and overnight campsites in the Florida Keys. If I were looking for one with a unique view, this would be it! It would be picture perfect if only there were a bright red canoe with paddles leaning against it to the right! No matter, the picnic table, arched entryway, & bridge background are good enough for sure!

While here, find what’s called the Liars’ Bench¬†next to the general store¬†and of course take a photo of the BEST Southernmost Sign when entering the grounds.

You can find this ‘Picnic Campsite Paradise’ photo-op just off¬†US-1¬†at Mile Marker 20.0 ocenside.¬†Turn onto road 939B and head into the KOA Kampground, it’s just below the swimming area.

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Local Hot Spot: Fisheries Backyard

IMG_0927Want a GREAT local place to eat a waterfront lunch away from the tourists? Well my loyal readers, here it is!

Known to locals for years, this off-the-beaten-path eatery is a hot spot¬†during any lunchtime hour. I’ve vowed to bring my seafood-loving wife¬†back for a¬†weekend meal, that’s how neat it is. Its view as you can see is an absolute¬†bonus… where’s my ice-cold Budweiser! ūüôā

You can find this famous local hide-a-way known as Key Largo Fisheries Backyard at US-1 Mile Marker 99.6 oceanside. Turn on Ocean Bay Drive and head down .7 miles on the left, park around the back for best access.

IMG_0926     IMG_0928

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Tavernier Fire Station

IMG_1377Children are raised at a young age learning about bright red fire engines, fire stations, firefighters, & Dalmatian fire dogs via school field trips or visits to their school.

Here at the Tavernier Fire Department you can find two very different tributes to firefighting:

1) Stroker¬†was a¬†Dalmatian¬†given to the Tavernier Fire Department in¬†memory of a former firefighters. The plaque in front of the fire station reads: “Stroker” the Dalmatian 1990-1996 Our faithful friend who was given to us in memory of Derik Smith a T.V.F.D. firefighter. Both are gone-but not forgotten.

2) In the featured photo you can see a very unique vintage portable fire hydrant on wheels.

You can find this old-fashioned portable fire hydrant¬†and the tribute plaque for “Stroker” the Dalmatian at Mile Marker 92.0 bayside. Turn onto Jo Jean Way and then¬†immediate left onto Marine Avenue going only .1 mile on your left.

IMG_1378 IMG_1376

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