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Welcome To Key Largo

Out with the old and in with the new! Key Largo unveiled its brand spanking new welcome sign that screams loud & bright nearly neon colors seen from afar.

Tourists first glimpse of Key Largo is now grander and vastly more visible from a greater distance than the old (pictured below). Wow, what a truly beautiful stark difference!

You can find the Keys newest photo-op sign at Mile Marker 106.7 on US-1 South in the middle of the median… it’s bright so wear your sunglasses! ūüôā


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Key West’s Narrowest Beach!

Seen here is Key West’s narrowest beach measuring approximately ONLY 20′ across! Locals have named this Dog Beach since our furry four-legged friends are seen here frequenting its shores more than any other beach on the entire island.

Though called Dog Beach, it’s not limited to its name sake. Beachgoers young¬†& old, male & female, picnickers & sun worshipers alike can be seen taking advantage of this prime real-estates small but sandy shore. As you can see, there are no facilities AT ALL, only a bike rack and five picturesque palm trees adorning this¬†quite & remote outpost known as Dog Beach.

You can find this hidden & secluded paradise at the corners of¬†Seminole Avenue & Alberta Avenue exactly next to a very popular locals watering hole and restaurant called Louie’s Backyard.


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Ahoy, Matey! Beer & Playground… 100% TRUE! :-)

IMG_2214Got kids? Need a¬†pirate ship playground¬†for them to¬†frolic in¬†while you and your better half get an¬†ice-cold adult beverage? Well then matey, I’ve got just the place!

Wow, what a combo ‘Beer & Playground’… 100% TRUE! Located directly beside the infamous Hurricane Hole Bar & Grill is this pirate ship replica playground that will let your children’s imaginations run wild. Your boys can make their little sisters walk the plank while they pretend to be Capt. Jack Sparrow.¬†Don’t worry parents, you can sit on the opposite side of the fence watching you children play as you drink a well deserved brewski!

You can find this Pirate Paradise Playground at Mile Marker 4.5 oceanside on US-1 just outside of Key West on Stock Island.

Oh yeah, you past Stock Island’s BIG Propeller as you turned into the parking lot! So then, go back and get¬†your souvenir¬†picture¬†standing beside it!


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UFO Spotted In Key West!


Rocket Man?

Alien Spacecraft?

Or is it ET returning home?

Either way phone home or phone your friends! What a sight to behold. As crowds gathered around the shore I snapped this photo of the offshore invader! ūüôā

Come prepared to Key West and always take your camera… you NEVER know what you might see!¬†There’s more on this story so stay tuned.

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Fly Repellent Water Bags… Say What?

Myth Busters, where are you when needed! There’s several on-line versions of this fly repellent wives-tale. It’s said by putting pennies in a clear bag¬†of water and¬†hanging it by a window or door helps keep¬†flys away.

In my research I found that the water can contain a drop of bleach to deter algae and should contain either one or four pennies. The theory is that it confuses the flys thinking that it might be a spider web, larger predator or something they’re not sure of and chooses to fly elsewhere.

Now I’m here to tell you that some swear by it and others denounce it as a pile of rubbish. While at this particular restaurant ‘Hogfish Bar & Grill’ there were still flys seen buzzing around the dining area… now who’s to say that there wouldn’t have been more¬†if the bags weren’t present?

You can find these fly deterrent bags of water by going to Mile Marker 5 and turn left off of US-1 South at the Burger King. Then go down 1-block turning left onto McDonald Ave that turns into Maloney Ave, turn right onto 4th Ave, left on Front Street and there you will see it on the right a half mile or so at the Hogfish Bar & Grill.

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Historical Marker Facing The WRONG WAY!

This is not a blog about the historical markers information… oh no, it’s about the marker itself FACING THE WRONG DIRECTION!

So true, this marker sits facing a resident’s home on a seldom traveled side road! I’d say¬†it’s safe to say that 99.9% of all travelers NEVER know that it’s even there! So sad,¬†the city¬†needs to¬†send a crane out¬†and take 30-minutes simply spinning it around facing the street better known as US-1 South where 99.9% of the people will at least see it. Granted, only a hand full would stop on a daily basis to actually read it… to me, that’s not the point. This is history being wasted, passed by and overlooked not having¬†a chance of being seen.

I found this historical marker only because of what I do… that’s searching out what others might not see. I’ve driven by this for the longest time wondering why this big stone was setting off the side of the road for. I finally took time to turn off the main road US-1 and simply look at the other side of it and wow was I surprised at what I found.

You too can find this WRONG WAY history marker at Mile Marker 87.0 on left side of US-1 South facing away from traffic. Go ahead, be one of the few to actually see this forgotten marker ON PURPOSE.


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Giant Coffee Cup

This is WAY TOO COOL! Take a look at Key West’s Giant Coffee Cup! Notice the guy in the background beside the yellow van, he’s stunned saying to himself… “That’s way too much caffeine for me this morning!” I on the other hand would welcome such a cup of eye-opening¬†morning joe since going to bed late last night and waking up too darn early.

You can find this Goliath-sized coffee cup that can hold your mornings hot brew (or potted plant) ūüôā beside the Cuban Coffee Queen building in the famous always fun Harbor Walk district of Key West’s Old Town.

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