Famous Roosevelt Quote Found Above Garbage Can

Look what I found nailed above a trash can BEHIND a building in the Florida Keys! It’s a famous quote by the 26th President of the United States, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Yes, vandals have distorted two of the words “who” & “suffer” so adjust your reading of it accordingly.

This astonishing man of history has so many accolades associated with his name that it would take many paragraphs to list them all… so I’ll be satisfied by sharing four: 1) He led a Calvary regiment of the US Army into Cuba in 1898 known as the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War, earning him the Medal of Honor. 2) The world-famous Teddy Bear gets its first name after him. 3) His image graces yet another world-famous icon, this is a mountain near Keystone, South Dakota known as Mount Rushmore. 4) Roosevelt has consistently been ranked by scholars as one of the greatest U.S. Presidents.

In finding this hidden gem of historical quotes I realize yet again how lucky I am to find and seek out such items and then pass them on to you. I LOVE MY JOB!

You can find this famous “Teddy” Roosevelt quote at Mile Marker 79.9 on the left hand side of US-1 South behind the Bud & Mary’s Marina building nailed above a garbage can.

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Looking Up To Fish

Ever had fish swimming above your head while dining out? Well, here in the Florida Keys I’ve found a place where all of your fish above your head dreams can come true!

Seen here are gigantic fiberglass replicas of sharks and other large oceanic creatures positioned hanging from the roof of this tiki hut restaurant dining facility. Wow… can you imagine if one of those accidently fell on your plate!

You can find the Islamorada Fish Company’s hanging fish by traveling on US-1 to Mile Marker 81.4 bayside. While here, go next door to the Worldwide Sportsman store where you’ll see the Key’s LARGEST FISH TANK on display also for the amazing price of FREE.

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Message In A Bottle

With a name taken directly from Kevin Costner’s 1985 Hollywood Movie comes todays blog of the same name “Message In A Bottle”.

Upon ending our daily 3-4hr bike ride around the island of Key West, we stopped at a local watering hole to wet our whistles. As we were enjoying our adult beverages with the waitress hearing the common phrase “Keep’em coming” we somehow found time to observe the centerpiece adorning our table.

Seen here is the focal point of the tables arrangement “Message In A Bottle” sitting upon a solid navy blue tablecloth. Though it’s impossible to read the entire message within the bottles, the several I looked at seem to all be alike. It really doesn’t matter, it’s a great idea, conversation piece, & photo-op waiting to happen.

This bottled-up message can be read in the restaurant and bar area of the Ibis Resort on North Roosevelt Blvd. here in sunny Key West where you can ALWAYS find something different!

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Don’t Feed The Animals

Does your neighborhood have one of these signs? I found this amusing… but then again, I find a lot of things amusing that others don’t! :-) This “Do Not Feed Animals” sign (as others exactly like it) can be found posted across the street from business districts & subdivisions alike. This one here is across the street from the Marathon Lumber Company on one corner and a housing development on the other.

It’s posted because wild animals have been known to become accustom to human habits of being fed at regular times and places. Over time the wild animals can become a nuisance along with potential hazards. I for one can vouch on this creature conditioning, my aunt and uncle (me too) use to feed raccoons on a regular basis after dinner while sitting on their back porch overlooking the Gulf Of Mexico. Sure enough, EVERY nite at exactly the same time a dozen or so would gather around for their nightly treat.

So if you’d like to see a “Do Not Feed Animals” sign that’s NOT located in a Zoo or Park then head on down to Mile Marker 50 in the town of Marathon and simply get off of US-1 South and start looking. Good luck and remember… Don’t Feed The Animals!

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LARGEST Lobster Trap In The Keys

The Florida Keys is home to more than 100,000 of these commonly seen rectangular wooden lobster traps. Don’t bother looking, I’ve found the LARGEST one in the entire Keys sitting ON TOP OF A SHED beside a building! This human-sized lobster trap stands nearly a whopping 6′ tall and 10′ wide. Though its size is gargantuan, it still wouldn’t be able to contain the largest lobster in the Keys which is four times its size! Yes boys & girls, I’ll let you know where to find this creepy crustacean in an upcoming blog so don’t touch that clicker!

Now for todays dose of history & knowledge building: The lobster trap was invented in 1808 by Ebenezer Scrooge… ok, it’s actually Ebenezer Thorndike of Swampscott, Massachusetts. A piece of bait, often fish or chum, is placed inside the trap, and the traps are dropped onto the sea floor. A long rope is tethered to each trap, at the end of which is a plastic or styrofoam buoy that bears the owner’s license number. The entrances to the traps are designed to be one-way entrances only… as the old saying goes “You can check-in but can never check-out”. The traps are checked every other day by the fisherman and rebaited if necessary.

You can find this massive sized lobster trap atop the Cudjoe Sales storage shed roadside on US-1 South at Mile Marker 22.6 oceanside above the fence. PS – Don’t jump in, you won’t be able to get out! I take that back, that would make a GREAT blog! :-)

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Welcome To Key Largo

Out with the old and in with the new! Key Largo unveiled its brand spanking new welcome sign that screams loud & bright nearly neon colors seen from afar.

Tourists first glimpse of Key Largo is now grander and vastly more visible from a greater distance than the old (pictured below). Wow, what a truly beautiful stark difference!

You can find the Keys newest photo-op sign at Mile Marker 106.7 on US-1 South in the middle of the median… it’s bright so wear your sunglasses! :-)


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Historic 7-Mile Bridge (original)

5168582573_51834c450e_mWhat’s the Florida Keys #1 tourist attraction? By far it’s the incredible 7-Mile Bridge! But wait… believe it or not there’s two 7-Mile Bridges!

The older original 7-Mile Bridge was used until 1982, it connected Knight’s Key to the Lower Keys. It was one of the longest bridges in the world! The original name was “Knights Key-Pigeon Key-Moser Channel-Pacet Channel Bridge”… wow, was that a mouth full! Many thanks to those who changed it to the “Seven Mile Bridge”. The bridge was badly damaged by a 1935 hurricane and refurbished by the government as an automobile bridge. Look and you’ll see that the guard rails are made from former railway tracks!

The black pipe on the side of the bridge in the photo below was the freshwater lifeline to the Keys for many years. The bridge also had a swing span that opened to allow passage of boat traffic near Pigeon Key. The vast majority of the original bridge still exists, used as fishing piers and access to Pigeon Key.

The bridges narrow width contributed to its demise. In fact, I remember as a child traveling in our Chevy Chase Griswold Family Vacation station wagon folding in the car side mirror so that the opposing traffic wouldn’t hit it… which happened way to often! Today it’s relegated to foot & bicycle traffic unable to support the former tourist tram that traveled it for years.

You can find the northern end of this historic monument to perseverance on US-1 South at Mile Marker 46.8 heading down to Key West.

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