Island Hopping, First Stop: Indian Key

It’s easy to island hop through the Florida Keys while driving on US-1 South all the way to Key West. A single trip to Key West provides a continuous route connecting the dots from one key to the next except for the many isolated islands on both sides of the bridge.

Have you wondered what it would be like to get on a boat and head out to one of those outlying islands? I too wondered! Curiosity had finally gotten the best of us as we ventured towards our first trophy aboard a beautiful speedy catamaran to historic Indian Key.

This type of travel gives you a new prospective on the Florida Keys, oceans & bridges that few tourists view heightening your thirst for more and more islands. I’ll have blogs in the coming weeks on the island itself, this was devoted to my first taste of thrilling island hopping.

You can find this particular catamaran tour boat company at Robbie’s Marina at Mile Marker 77.5 on US-1 bayside.


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Porter Village In Key West

IMG_0806Easily one of Key West’s busiest and most diverse shopping corners in the entire town. Porter Village is named for Joseph Porter whose historic mansion can be seen in the background. This on-premise complex consist of a home, bar, henna tatoo shop, candle shop, very popular restaurant, year round car raffle, several fine art shops and in the past… a fortune teller. A little bit of everything in one spot!

As you can see in the photo, at the time of this picture they were raffling away a beautiful vintage red and white convertible Chevrolet Corvette that I wish I could’ve won! There’s ALWAYS a rare beauty like this just waiting for that winning ticket to be purchased!

Porter Village begins at the corner of Caroline Street and extends about one half city block down World-Famous Duval Street.

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Florida Key’s New Emergency Warning Sirens

Is this the Florida Keys newest tourist attraction? Maybe not, but it is one of the Florida Keys newest additions! But what is it?

From out of nowhere I could see it rising above the surrounding trees, it can’t be a power pole it’s too tall. Getting out of my car and walking towards the sky-scrapping pole my neck and eyes peered upward to what appeared to be a super-sized speaker. (seen below in a super close-up photo)

Using myself as a gauge (seen above), I can tell that this stands nearly 52′ tall into the Florida sky. At its base a sign reads: ‘WHEN YOU HEAR THIS EMERGENCY WARNING SIREN, TUNE TO YOUR LOCAL RADIO OR TV STATION AT ONCE FOR INFORMATION’.  Awesome, except for one thing, who is it going to warn… the gators! 🙂 This siren points out into the Everglades on a road where no one lives for miles and as you can see by the photo nothing what so ever around.

You can find this ‘Emergency Waring Siren’ in the middle of nowhere at the mouth of the Florida Keys. At Mile Marker 127.6 on US-1 turn onto Card Sound Road and head east where you’ll see not one but two sirens at .6 miles and another at 3.5 miles, both will be on your left. (sorry, there’s no mile markers on this road)


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Southernmost County In The U.S. Sign

Monroe-County-Seal-SmallWow, I found this TINY ‘Southernmost County In The Unite States’ sign totally by accident! (by reading a sign) 🙂

I find many of the topics to blog about by simply digging deeper than the average tourist. Here’s how: completely reading signs, walking behind and around EVERY building, and by asking local residents questions!

Pictured below is the Old Settlers Park sign, gaze upward to the very top where you’ll see the Monroe County seal that reads ‘Southernmost County In The United States’. I’ve taken the liberty of finding a clearer image online since the park sign is a tad bit faded.

You can find Old Settlers Park on US-1 at Mile Marker 92.0 oceanside in the city of Tavernier. The sign of course is at its FREE entrance.


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Key West Sailing Club

Key West Sailing Club

Welcome to the Key West Sailing Club the source of beautiful sights and opportunities for phenomenal photos! The Key West Sailing Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to learning, teaching, and enjoying the great sport of sailing. They’re a very active club of avid world travelers, competitive racers, and casual day sailors who are all enthusiastic about the art and science of using the wind and the water to get about. From the docks you can see numerous sailboats, the causeway bridge, the FLY NAVY building, and the largest smiley face in the Key’s painted on the roof of a houseboat just across the inlet.

This is not that easy to find so pay attention. Once you enter Key West off of the Overseas Highway turn right on North Roosevelt Blvd taking it and turning right on the Palm Avenue Causeway then when you’re over the bridge turn right on Sailboat Lane (be aware, this road is NOT listed on maps). They have Open House every Saturday from 10am – 3pm even though all of my visits have been during the week. I simply ask “Do you mind if I look around!” and have always been welcomed with a “Sure, go ahead!”. This is FREE to look around and take some awesome photos as you can see below. Have fun and see all you can when here in every direction!


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‘Florida Keys’ Big Chair

IMG_2971Welcome to the FIRST ‘Big Chair’ in the Florida Keys! And yes, its pastel painted sunset even says ‘Florida Keys’. So if you’re driving south, this is in fact the very first of many big chairs you’ll encounter along your journey to Key West.

Believe me, there’s a number of these type of BIG chair photo-ops located throughout the Florida Keys. This is unique only in the sense that it says ‘Florida Keys’ which makes a great addition to any vacation photo album.

You can find this ‘Florida Keys’ big chair photo-op at Mile Marker 106.7 on US-1 bayside in front of the Key Largo Visitor Center.

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Key West Beach Wedding

IMG_2930How cool is this, a once-in-a-lifetime Key West beach wedding to be cherished for life!

So many people say their vows in hometown churches while a select adventurous few choose more exotic locations as this couple did. How do I know they’re not from Key West you might ask? The bride just so happens to be my banker. 🙂

It was a perfect day indeed for saying ‘I do’ as the weather, scenery, violinist and participants performed exquisitely in synchronized harmony. I’ve waited years for an opportunity like this to photograph a Key West beach wedding up close and personal. Thank you Maria for allowing my wife and I to witness the joining of two beautiful souls.

Key West has many beaches suitable for weddings, these nuptials took place on Smathers Beach which is Key West’s longest on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.


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