Lorelei… Giant Mermaid or Siren?

Hey, is that Daryl Hannah from the movie ‘Splash”? :-) Sorry guys NO it’s not, but if you want to see the largest mermaid / siren in the Key’s well here it is! Her name is Lorelei which means ‘Murmuring Rock’ in a combined German & Celtic translation. (similar to the noise a mountain stream makes over pebbles in the riverbed but 1,000 times louder)

According to myth and lore, Lorelei was a beautiful enticing siren that lured sailors from the sea towards her with an enchanting sound that would lead them to their demise. This legend can trace Lorelei to a real place in history, on the Rhine River in Germany there is a rock named Lorelei (pictured below taken from Wikipedia) that is the birthplace of the legend. Here’s the lore: Lorelei is falsely accused of maliciously bewitching men and driving them to ruin; later pardoned and on the way to a nunnery she passes and climbs the Lorelei rock, watching out for the lover who abandoned her, and falls to her death; the rock still retained an echo of her name afterwards. Amazing the things you can learn from a FREE daily BLOG! :-) 

Now here’s where to find this enchanting 20′ tall mermaid / siren of the Keys. Go to Mile Marker 82.0 US-1 bayside and there she will be at the Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar. She is kind of hot and sexy though isn’t she guys, I asked her out once and all I got was a murmuring sound! It was probably for the best, I would’ve felt kind of awkward taking her to a fish fry! :-)

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The BIG Yellow Chair

Question: What’s the #1 photo-op gimmick in the Florida Keys that businesses use in trying to get you to stop at their shop?

Answer: That would be the infamous and very numerous styles, sizes, colors, and other variations of OVERSIZED CHAIRS! (followed closely in 2nd place by hanging fiberglass sharks) 🙂

In this case, I’ve passed this particular oversized chair for the LONGEST TIME putting it off having way to many similar posts. Well, today’s the day for the BIG Yellow Chair to shine, and SHINE it does, being a bright brilliant yellow trimmed in red that can easily been seen from the road. OK, with matching building to boot, you can’t and WON’T miss it!

You too can find this 100% FREE big yellow chair to sit in for your vacation photo-op on US-1 at Mile Marker 102.9 bayside at Sundiver Station in Key Largo.

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Most Expensive RV Overnight Campsite

This very well may be one of the MOST EXPENSIVE one night stay RV campsites in the entire Florida Keys! It’s worth it having bragging rights saying “I Stayed Here!” is a vacation memory that will last a lifetime. As if the view wasn’t worth the price alone, the amenities of a massive oceanside swimming pool complex, waterfront park benches to watch the sunset, private sunbathing jetty, air-conditioned recreation room & other perks pushes it right over the edge to the rating of… AWESOME!

Now mind you, I found this site only weeks ago in the dead of summer in sweltering heat and still it demanded a hefty $159 rate per night and the place was PACKED. Oh yeah, management said that the winter rental rate with its cooler weather is even more expensive! Yikes! 😦 Campsite #11 pictured to the left to me has the BEST view, I photographed it just moments after its prior nights occupants were pulling out. If I owned an RV… THIS IS WHERE I’D STAY!

You can find this amazing RV overnight site at Mile Marker 104.3 bayside within the Keys Palms Luxury Motorhome Resort.


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Antique Fire Engine

This is EXACTLY why I drive down EVERY street even if it’s a DEAD END… you never know what you might find! Wow, what a thrill this was, a REAL Key Largo antique fire engine in all its former glory.

Behind an overgrown fence and in a private yard is this former fireman’s tool in combating local fires. I have no idea on how long it was used or when it arrived here but none of the really matters. Taking one look at the passengers side door seeing the words ‘Key Largo #66 Volunteer Fire Department’ painted on it made my eyes light up! Looking closer at the wooden ladder still attached to the side of the truck with its cracked rungs is amazing. Though many may look at it as an eyesore, I on the other hand was like a 1st grader in elementary school when REAL fireman HEROES came to our school for show and tell allowing all to climb aboard and where a hat! I love it and hope you find it bringing back memories too!

You too can glimpse into the past by checking out this antique fire engine. On US-1 at approx. Mile Marker 106.7 bayside turn onto Lake Surprise Road, go down to Plantation Road and turn left you’ll see it behind the fence at address 957 on your right.



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Rooftop Racers

Normally you’ll find Santa Claus and other Christmas decorations on rooftops. Well, here in the Florida Keys we have a tradition of being quite unique to say the least finding race cars on this roof year round! No need to guess on where, I’ll save you the trouble of tracking down this oddity on your own.

You can find these two old retired race cars that I now call ‘Rooftop Racers’ on US-1 at Mile Marker 52.5 oceanside on top of Freeman Automotive in Marathon.

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Bambi & Family

Check out these adorable Bambi family photos I took just 3 weekends ago on Big Pine Key. OK, now don’t think you have to be way out in the boonies to get pics like these. ALL of these photos were taken on the edge of someone’s yard and street corner by a stop sign.

Though I took about 20 photos of this one deer family, I’ve chosen these three as the best sampling. They are: 1) Parent & child at edge on yard 2) Child with its spots alone 3) Family at lunch time eating on a street corner.

Here’s some simple advice for deer sightseeing… “GET OFF THE MAIN ROAD!” 🙂 Simply put, you can increase your Bambi viewing pleasure by 10 fold if you turn down a side road bayside and head towards the Atlantic Ocean side of this tiny island paradise.

You can find Bambi and all of his Key Deer relatives on Big Pine Key from Mile Marker 33.0 thru 28.8 on US-1 in the beautiful Florida Keys.


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Funny Mile Marker Post

Check out this Mile Marker Post I found smack dab in the middle of a sub-division. Key West and the Florida Keys never ceases to amaze me and I absolutely LOVE IT!

Mile maker posts are most famous for showing the distance in miles from that location to other cities around the world. This humorous post on the other hand includes such things as: Lost, Confused, Chicken Crossing, Iguana Crossing, Unclear, Bewildered, Unsure, along with Miami 130 miles, Minnesota 1,543 miles, Michigan 1,262 miles, & 17th Street.

This is on private property so please photograph it from the street… I’m sure they’re use to it or they wouldn’t have put it there in the first place!

You can find this funny mile marker post at the corner of Seventeenth St. & Northside Drive here in Key West.


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