A ‘REAL’ Florida Keys Bus Stop

Look close at the chair that reads ‘BUS STOP’. Only in the Keys can you find something as hilarious as this! Too funny. a broken back plastic patio chair being used as a bus stop. Hurry up and drop by to get your souvenir photo before it gets stolen! 🙂

You can find this unique Florida Keys oddity ‘BUS STOP CHAIR’ at Mile Marker 101.0 on U.S.-1 oceanside.

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It’s Official, Key West’s Dog Beach!

It’s official, Key West has a 100% bonafide ‘Dog Beach’ just for your four-legged friends!

Seen here is Key West’s narrowest beach ONLY measuring approximately 20′ across! Locals had nicknamed this Dog Beach long before its official sign appeared. In past years, furry four-legged friends were seen here more than any other beach on the entire island hence its new name. As you can see, there are no facilities AT ALL, only a bike rack and five picturesque palm trees adorning this quite & remote outpost.

P.S. – Oh yeah, notice the ‘Pooper Scooper” tools of the trade hanging under the sign… so YES, you are expected to clean up after you pet’s on-land offerings! 🙂

You can find this hidden & secluded paradise for dogs at the corners of Seminole Avenue & Alberta Avenue exactly next to a very popular locals watering hole and restaurant called Louie’s Backyard.

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World Globe Street Corner Marker

TOO COOL! I love the Florida Keys for their wacky off-the-wall stuff like this. We’re constantly driving down new and previous driven streets hoping for something new and today was that day!

Here’s the Keys one and only ‘World Globe Street Corner Marker’! A complete and essentially accurate world map has been painted on this old ocean buoy mounted on a car’s tire rim to make this definitely unique oddity. If you look close at one of my other photos you’ll see that some smart butts (not me… yet) have begun putting souvenir refrigerator magnets on the globe where they’ve previously visited. I’m taking one of my many FRIG magnets with me next time to mark one of my own previous adventures!

You can find this ‘World Globe Street Corner Marker’ at the corner of Crain Street & Guava Avenue at Mile Marker 58.2 on US-1 bayside.


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Stock Island Weather Channel Forecast

Wow, how cool is this! Notice the Conch Shell hanging from the ceiling, with that, I give you:


Conch Shell Wet… RAIN

Conch Shell Swinging… WINDY

Conch Shell Hot… SUNNY

Conch Shell Cool… CLOUDY

Conch Shell Missing… HURRICANE

TOO FUNNY, I love it! 🙂

You can find the Stock Island Weather Channel forecast chart at the Hogfish Bar & Grill by going to Mile Marker 5 and turn left off of US-1 South at the Burger King, down 1-block turning left onto McDonald Ave that turns into Maloney Ave, turn right onto 4th Ave, left on Front Street and there you will see it on the right a half mile or so exactly beside the famous Crankshaft Man blogged about earlier.

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Florida Key’s First Lighthouse

Believe it or not, this is the Florida Key’s FIRST lighthouse! Yes this is a lighthouse and yes it does work. Get this, it has no historical or navigational significance and can’t even be seen from the sea! The lighthouse gets its title strictly due to its location not by when it was built.

This is the first lighthouse in the Florida Keys that you’ll encounter on your drive towards Key West. It’s also the first bait shop of the Keys too!

This ‘Beacon Of Bait’ is located at the southernmost end of Florida City standing in front of a local bait shop at Mile Marker 127 bayside.

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Pelican Poop Shoppe

Pelican Poop Shoppe

Well, if the name of this business doesn’t catch your eye making you laugh then get your pulse checked. This store sells Arts & Crafts, Antiques & your standard 1,000 store-type souvenirs.  The building housing this shoppe is unique itself in styling and looks painted brown & white complete with an appropriate time period wrought iron strapped round-topped door.

Located two blocks north of Duval on Simonton Street on Key West’s western part of town. You can pass by and see walkers passing by pointing their fingers at the businesses logo and posing for that ‘I got to have it” photo. I can’t close this blog without telling you this laughable tale, my wife and I walked in asking directions to Dey Street… a dazed & confused look came upon the shoppe worker’s face saying “I’ve NEVER heard of it!”. The helpful attendant pulled out a map laughing and pointed… “It’s right across the street!” 🙂

I love stores with catchy names or play on words and this one definitely made me laugh and continues to be one of my favorite signs to point out to my weekend tourist friends coming down for some fun in the sun down in the Paradise known as Key West. Oh yeah by the way… I found NO souvenirs made out of Pelican Poop ! 🙂

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‘Bad To The Bone’ Motorcycle

IMG_1693The Worlds Only BONE MOTORCYCLE! My question is “Why would anyone want to build one?” OK, the obvious answer is to sell it to Ripley’s Believe It or Not as this person did!

This one of a kind unique motorcycle is made entirely from the bones of dead animals. Most of the cycles’ parts are cows that died naturally, but the feature pieces like the alligator fender, and seat, and turtle shaped headlight were made from bones from road kill on backwoods country roads. Believe It or Not.

You can find this ‘Bad To The Bone’ motorcycle on display next to the bigger than life statue of Pirates Of The Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow near the front door of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Key West located at 108 Duval Street.


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