Key Largo’s TINY TINY Beach!

7175529710_c83ff179ae_bThe sign reads: “Pets Are Not Allowed On Beach”…¬†they should also add “Neither Are A Lot Of People!” ūüôā Welcome to one of the Florida Key’s Smallest Beaches! Though not the smallest, that title so far belongs to one in Key West nicknamed ‘Dog Beach’.

Located at the end of a dead-end road (shown here), this beach is indeed tiny! Talk about disparity,¬†the roped off swimming area¬†this side of the paddling canoes is large enough for a thousand patrons while the sandy beach portion¬†can accommodate a mere¬†ten¬†neatly laid out beach towels!¬†*Beach estimates based on three double-blind taste tests conducted by¬†the prestigious institute of UUG (University Of Useless Guesses). ūüôā

In all fairness, this is only one of the beaches here, the larger one is about a mile away and is always packed with people holding thousands of sun-worshipers and picnickers with no problems. If solitude is on your list while soaking up sun rays then this beach is for you!

Though your beach visit itself is FREE, the park does charge an entrance fee per car’s occupants… if I recall, maybe the $3 to $4 range. The park is so well worth the price, bring a picnic and make a day of it, there’s that much here to do!

You can find one of the Florida Key’s Smallest Beaches along with dozens of day-long activities¬†at John Pennekamp State Park on US-1 at Mile Marker 102.3 oceanside.

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Street Corner Art

8341819063_0a95bf475d_bYou may not take notice on the first one you pass or even the second, only after you’ve seen 6, 7 or 8 of them out of the corner of your eye would anyone¬†say “Hey, have you noticed that the street corner electrical boxes are painted!”

On the lighter side of tourism¬†you’ll eventually see dozens of these hand painted turn signal & electrical boxes on street corners. I wouldn’t expect many (OK, ANY) of you to park your car and pose together around one for a family vacation photo like I would! ūüôā I¬†do on the other hand want you to know that they are indeed painted on purpose by local children &¬†art students¬†in a concerted effort to beautify and bring together the community in the long Key West heritage of being an Artist’s Haven.

Question: Where can you find them? Answer: Anywhere all over town.

It’s probably easier to say where¬†WON’T you find them! That answer would be once you’ve left the island of Key West! ūüôā

IMG_1574     IMG_1575     8341131681_727a25a417_b

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Snook’s Bayside & Pi√Īa Coladas

IMG_0794What a GREAT place! I’ve been here before while researching another blog vowing to return and enjoy the view with a Pi√Īa Colada or two. Well, it took 6 months but¬†I’m back and WOW what a view!

I heard this place had burnt down and this¬†is the new better version of its predecessor… A+ GOOD JOB! It has an awesome open-air covered bar and dining area complete with oceanfront umbrella¬†seating options to boot!¬†An echo worth repeating: It’s a great place with a great view to have a Pi√Īa Colada or two… or three! I’ve furnished photographic proof below for all you doubters… and yes, it was as good as it looks! ūüôā

You can find this secluded¬†hide-a-way near Mile Marker 99.6 bayside in Key Largo behind the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Though tough¬†to find,¬†I assure you it’s well worth your time seeking out!

P.S. – Have a Pi√Īa Colada¬†FOR ME¬†while you’re there! Oh yeah,¬†don’t even think¬†about e-billing me for it either… that my friends¬†is still¬†YOURS! ūüôā


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Fishing The Key’s Piers

NO, that’s not me! The last time I went fishing I ended up in the hospital getting a hook cut out of me… unfortunately, that’s TRUE and the reason why I no longer fish! ūüė¶ Back to the blog: Believe me, the Florida Key’s has bridges by the dozens and¬†you’ll see and cross over ALL of them¬†on your 126.7 mile journey down the island chain.

During your voyage you’ll also notice the great Florida Key’s pastime and National Sport of Fishing! As in any sport there are rules, equipment, penalties and of course Winners & Losers! The rules are easy, if you need a fishing license then by far get one! Equipment is just as simple, you need a fishing pole, line, hook & bait. The penalties on the other hand can be severe IF CAUGHT by the rarely seen Fish & Wildlife Gestapo. Now for the winning & losing portion of the favorite Keys pastime: Winners come home having caught the exact maximum amount of their allotted fish for a dinner that all in your party would proudly say “He’s with us!” Losers on the other hand is that relative that everyone’s ashamed of having bailed him out fish jail after fishing without a license while drinking beer using dynamite thinking he’s Crocodile Dundee! ūüôā So obey all the rules posted below and only bag the allotted quantity & types of fish allowed.

You can find these parallel fishing piers side-by-side to its well-traveled vehicular cement partners¬†which¬†in most cases are against the law to fish off of. Enjoy your day in the sun fishing and don’t snag your neighbors ear as then President Bush did to Vice President Cheney! ūüôā OK, I kind of mixed two incidents on purpose, Bush caught his own ear with a hook and Cheney shot someone during hunting… but it really makes no difference does it! ūüôā


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Fences With Full-Sized Doorways

IMG_7046Does your fence have a full-sized double entrance door, transom and gable roof? In Key West they do!

Here’s one of those¬†things that you don’t notice right off the bat till¬†having seen several of them saying “Hey, aren’t those front doors on people’s fences?”. Yes they are, I’m glad you finally noticed! ūüôā

Though I don’t know their official name, there’s literally¬†hundreds¬†around town in many interesting sizes and configurations.¬†To find the best concentration of them head southeast towards Higgs Beach¬†and the Casa Marina Resort. Simply take a side road and admire front doors being utilized as gates here in this ever wacky wonderful island paradise of Key West.

IMG_7045     IMG_6959

6748738701_7b09375f61_b     6749185523_136d69d292_b

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Famous Mahatma Gandhi Quote Found In Key West

8342216786_98c035694a_bYes, it’s 100% true! If¬†you look hard enough¬†in Key West you can find a tiled mosaic quote of former Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Here’s today’s¬†brush-up on history: ūüôā Born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi¬†lived from October 2, 1869¬†to¬†January 30,¬†1948 when he was shot down by an assassin’s bullet. Known as Mahatma¬†or Bapu (Father of Nation), was the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India employing non-violent civil disobedience towards their independence.

Most sources, and I repeat¬†most sources¬†credit Mahatma Gandhi¬†with the saying: “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”. Those words are tiled into a circular wall around a covered picnic table area seen above.

You can find Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote¬†at Key West High School’s open-air area only feet away from the main office on Flagler Avenue. Please be mindful that this is a school by timing your visit after normal school hours or on weekends.

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The Land That Time Forgot!

6787188512_7f9c901dab_bUnlike the 2009 Hollywood movie¬†of the same name ‘The Land That Time Forgot’, you’ll find no dinosaurs here! Other things you¬†won’t find are paved roads, traffic jams or telephone poles. I ask you, “Does your Town Square¬†have a wooden street corner sign pointing towards it?”

Believe it or not, there’s a Florida Key FROZEN IN TIME for some 100 years now. This ENTIRE Key has NO¬†paved roads nor telephone pole… NOT ONE! That’s right,¬†dirt roads and wooden street signs¬†are the norm throughout the standalone island.¬†Accessible by boat, this throw back¬†island lives on as a testament to¬†a forgotten¬†past.

You too can visit this ‘Land That Time Forgot’¬†now known as Indian Key as you look upon this former town’s ruins. Though not free, you can find a catamaran tour boat¬†company at Robbie‚Äôs Marina at Mile Marker 77.5 on¬†US-1 bayside to take you there… it’s worth the $20-25 to get there and back!

P.S. – Did I forget to mention that there’s no people living here either! ūüôā


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