Beach Picnic With A View To Die For!

Though every beach has an ocean view, the type of view is up to you in where you chose to get comfy at. Few times are you able to enjoy such splendor, serenity, peacefulness and seclusion as we did on this given day!

Here at the busiest beach in Key West we were alone in our view of the Atlantic Ocean. After our customary bike ride around town, we chose here for a picnic (notice our bike basket doubling as a picnic basket)… and what a GREAT choice it proved to be. Though we weren’t the only ones on the beach, we were the only ones in the view of our picnic table towards the ocean.

Life is good down here in Key West, days like this just make me love this place even more. What a view and what a fantastic picnic we had. You too can find your picnic spot here at Higgs Beach on the southeastern portion of the island… though I can’t guarantee that you’ll be the only ones there as we were!

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Time To Be Schooled On Murals!

IMG_1616Yet another beautiful mural found in the Florida Keys, its location though may surprise you!

Most all of the murals throughout the entire Keys are painted on businesses of all kinds including a K-Mart, scuba dive shops, veterinary clinic, restaurants, boat storage facility, tourist information centers, and many other privately run businesses. This however is none of the above, this my friends is found on a government funded high school! Yes mi amigos, Marathon High School proudly displays this beautifully painted mural upon their front wall for all to see. So kudos for being different Marathon High, you fit right into the Florida Keys laidback unique take on life!

You can find this schoolhouse mural at Mile Marker 50.1 on US-1 oceanside. Turn onto Sombrero Beach Road heading down about .9 tenths of a mile where you’ll see it on the left.

OK, here’s common sense rule # 101 🙂 that states: Since being a school, you should plan your visit for either before or after what would be considered regular school hours or on a weekend.


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Monroe County’s SMALLEST Bird Sanctuary

This is without a doubt Monroe County’s SMALLEST Bird Sanctuary! Featured below is a full-width photo of the sanctuary consisting of a circle of trees with two inner pier posts roped together. Forgetting to bring my trusty bright yellow Stanley tape measure, I’d venture to say that it’s less than 100 feet in width or length… if not smaller. 🙂

Though I didn’t actually see any birds, I did see enormous amounts of bird & pelican poop… some of which I kept as souvenirs upon my sneakers! 🙂 On the other hand, for you ant farm enthusiasts… I’ve found your mecca! 🙂

Monroe County’s SMALLEST Bird Sanctuary is located within a park across from both the majestic White Street Pier and Key West Wildlife Center. It sits on the corner of White Street & Casa Marina Court here on Key West’s less traveled southeastern portion of the island.


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Basket Weaving 101

Woven Rose & Vase

Basket Weaving 101 is a class that most of us skipped in High School and College! Here in Key West you’ll find several places where you might pick up a hand-made basket, bowl, hat or even a ROSE. Look at the photo to the left and you can see the most creative rose and vase woven from a palm frond. Below you can see these talented (and patient) people at work honing their craft into sellable items for purchase… just don’t ask them to smile… they ignored me like the plague.

The photo of the two men behind the table are at Mallory Square where the single man on the street corner is in front of Sloppy Joe’s Bar. It’s FREE to watch, wander & ponder the wares for sale and could make a unique gift from your weekend in the Paradise of Key West!


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Naked Woman In Bondage

Woman In Bondage

Welcome to SOME of the weirdest, most different, neat, odd, funky and “what’s that suppose to mean” cemetery statues in Key West’s historic final resting place.

The absolute most different statue of them all that just doesn’t fit or have any explanation is the naked woman in bondage belonging to Mr. Archibald Yates. Yes, a naked woman sitting on a stone looking up with her eyes closed and hands TIED behind her back (seen below) … on a mans grave. I asked the cemetery Sexton if he had any secret unpublished information of WHY this statue is on a mans grave and what it meant. He replied that little is known about this misunderstood statue and has NO rhyme or reason to be where it is and comes to him with no history on why it was chosen. Oh yeah, there’s 4 small replicas on each of the four corners of the grave making 5 of these strange artistic carvings to admire.

Next in this weird category is the SKULL & CROSS BONES carved into an Egyptian obelisk. I too ask the Sexton about it which he replied: “Where? I’ve NEVER seen one!” we then stood up, opened his office door as I pointed to where it was. He then responded: “I can’t wait to go check it out!”

And finally for this edition, the most unusually beautiful BABY tombstone in the entire cemetery located in its Catholic section. Obviously the child left this earth in its infancy and was very much missed and loved by his parents. This historic cemetery is truly a walk through history and time!

This is FREE and well worth spending a portion of your visit… you won’t be disappointed! Remember, there’s a self-guided tour available with map!


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1st Pirate Well

1st Pirate Well in Key West

Here’s Key West’s first source of fresh water on the entire island. Founded by Pirates in the 1700’s and used primarily for drinking & cooking. This watery part of Key West history can be found at the Captain George Carey House at 410 Caroline Street which is in fact, the 2nd oldest home in Key West! Look in the front yard on the left side of the porch in the heart of Old Town Key West just 1 home north of Kelly’s Caribbean Bar & Grill. It’s FREE to see this part of history and take your souvenir photo. Again, It’s sad that 1,00o’s of people pass this way every day and have NO idea how important of a role it played in history.

Fresh water was hard to come by in these times and ships in route to Europe (Spain, France, England, Netherlands to name a few) now had a source to restock their supplies from the Caribbean before their long Atlantic ocean voyage HOME!

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Kentucky Derby Has Ties To The Florida Keys

Believe it or not, the Florida Keys does have a tie to the Kentucky Derby!

Today is the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville at the famed Churchill Downs. The time-honored event is also known as the “Greatest Two Minutes In Sports”. Even though I’ve been there, I still retain my “Man Card” by never wearing one of those big floppy hats nor sipping a mint julep! :-) (both seen below)

In honor of this years winner ‘Justify’ I bring you the Florida Keys road sign named after that oh so famous race track venue Churchill Downs. Though I don’t know how it got its name, the name itself and the fact of it being Kentucky Derby weekend was good enough for me! Since this blog is now done, it’s time for an ice-cold long-neck and once done with that one I’ll have another in honor of the 2012 winner named ‘I’ll Have Another’:-)

You can find the street named Churchill Downs somewhere near Mile Marker 104 bayside at a tiny bridge crossing a canal in Key Largo.

143942915_crop_650x440     mint-julep-sweet-tea-l     louisville-derby_1366890938

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