Key Lime Square

Key West’s Duval Street is full of side alleys with a plethora of stores, boutiques, souvenir shops & restaurants! Key Lime Square is no exception, this is one of only a few ‘L’ shaped alleyways with entrances from two different streets.

So you might ask “What makes this alleyway different from the others?… simple, its well-balanced mix of businesses & restaurants. So many other alleys are dominated and cluttered with ONLY souvenir shops making this one a pure delight and change of pace from the standard overwhelming ‘tourist key chain’ & ‘shot glass’ themes. Pictured to the left is the long shaded walk along the Duval entrance to the right of one of three restaurants in Key Lime Square. The Old Town Mexican Cafe is one of the largest restaurants of its type and is always packed with a steady line of patrons to partake in their delicious offerings!

Key Lime Square is of course is FREE to stroll along, window shop & smell the baked, fried & broiled delights that fill the air. And YES… you can get a piece of the world-famous and namesake Key Lime Pie here at Key Lime Square! 🙂

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