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Re-Cycle Bike Shop & Pyramid

Artwork or what? To some this may be artwork to others it might be junk but to the Re-Cycle Bike Shop it’s just living up to its name recycling what it knows best… bikes. This welded bike pyramid is definitely different, unique & one-of-a-kind. If you have children of any age they are going to enjoy seeing the spoke-filled pyramid of multi-colored former ridden cycles.

Don’t stop on the outside either, the shop is filled with BMX, touring, leisure & all other types of bicycles available to the Key West public. The employees themselves are young and enthusiastic about their sport and love talking about everything associated with the cycling trade.

You can find this Key West pyramid of peddling perfection on US-1 bayside just before entering Key West on Stock Island next to the neon green building of the Re-Cycle Bike Shop. This is also ground zero and meeting spot for the outrageously dressed and weirdly decorated cycles of the Fantasy Fest Zombie Parade… but that’s another blog.

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