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Here at the Sugarloaf Elementary School in the front parking lot you will find yet another fine example of Key West’s rich historic past of welding prowess. Notice the detail in the shark’s mouth featuring the teeth (as seen below). The schools mascot, a shark was welded in its entirety by welding class students and donated to the school as a gift as you’ve seen in the past with a Pirate & Conch Shell mascots. Key West has long since been a haven for welders dating back to its heyday in the shipwreck recovery industry and became master practitioners of the art of sculpting metal into fine artwork as seen here.

You can find this shark in all its glory & fierceness on Sugarloaf Key at Mile Marker 19.4 on US-1 heading south towards Key West. Turn right on Crane Boulevard and go down only 1/10th of a mile on the right and there it is on your right in front of the school (as seen below). The school shark mascot, just like 90% of all our blogs are FREE… after all, we don’t call ourselves budget friendly Shoe String Weekends for nothing!


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