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Kitesurfing Wonderland!

Wow is this a sight to be seen, not 1, not 2, not 3 but I captured 6 kitesurfers at one time in the air at the same time! Here at the southeast corner of the island is where you’ll find Smathers Beach and its kitesurfers on its easternmost end.

I’ve seen these brave souls in action before but never in this quantity… this made for a photographers dream! The sky was full of wind-filled brightly colored kites streaking gracefully in artistic patterns with all students obeying their own space like a well choreographed play. This is not only a male sport oh no, ladies too were abound carrying their own weight performing their own tricks and jumps.

I could’ve stayed here for hours as others were doing just simply watching, but I had scheduled other plans that included your next blog! 🙂 So off I go to snap your next pictures and write its accompanying tale. Till tomorrow!


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