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Smallest Bar In Key West

Smallest Bar In Key West

Welcome to Key West’s self proclaimed Smallest Bar as written on its bright yellow awning. I’m always up for a photo-op and have brought EVERYONE I’ve ever taken to Key West here for the consummate album photo no tourist should be without! (of drinking age that is) :-) To be totally honest, I’ve seen more tourists stopping by for a photo than stopping by for an Adult Beverage! I guess that’s to be expected when you’re banking on a gimmick to pull in customers.

As you can see there are only two bar stools in the entire bar which at best measures 6’ x 8’ of customer standing area. They’re open standard Bar type hours so be sure to time your visit accordingly.

So drop on by the Northwestern end of Duval Street and snag that prized photo of you standing beside the painted Tiki Head sign proving that “YOU TOO” have visited the ‘Smallest Bar in Key West’ without buying a beer! :-)

Smallest Bar In Key West

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