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Fishing The Key’s Piers

NO, that’s not me! The last time I went fishing I ended up in the hospital getting a hook cut out of me… unfortunately, that’s TRUE and the reason why I no longer fish! 😦 Back to the blog: Believe me, the Florida Key’s has bridges by the dozens and you’ll see and cross over ALL of them on your 126.7 mile journey down the island chain.

During your voyage you’ll also notice the great Florida Key’s pastime and National Sport of Fishing! As in any sport there are rules, equipment, penalties and of course Winners & Losers! The rules are easy, if you need a fishing license then by far get one! Equipment is just as simple, you need a fishing pole, line, hook & bait. The penalties on the other hand can be severe IF CAUGHT by the rarely seen Fish & Wildlife Gestapo. Now for the winning & losing portion of the favorite Keys pastime: Winners come home having caught the exact maximum amount of their allotted fish for a dinner that all in your party would proudly say “He’s with us!” Losers on the other hand is that relative that everyone’s ashamed of having bailed him out fish jail after fishing without a license while drinking beer using dynamite thinking he’s Crocodile Dundee! 🙂 So obey all the rules posted below and only bag the allotted quantity & types of fish allowed.

You can find these parallel fishing piers side-by-side to its well-traveled vehicular cement partners which in most cases are against the law to fish off of. Enjoy your day in the sun fishing and don’t snag your neighbors ear as then President Bush did to Vice President Cheney! 🙂 OK, I kind of mixed two incidents on purpose, Bush caught his own ear with a hook and Cheney shot someone during hunting… but it really makes no difference does it! 🙂


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