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South Florida’s 1st Public Library

Pirates, spongers, authors, and artists; their legacies remain to linger as their stories continue to be found in the Key West Library. The headquarters branch for the Keys, this library has an extensive and fascinating Florida History & Genealogy collection, along with a large reference section that hosts provocative lecture series. You can relax in their unique outside palm garden with tropical foliage from around the world or sit on the brick wall around the library with a picnic lunch as I did. Either stop in for a browse of their historic written artifacts or just hang out enjoying the view & shade of its beautiful surroundings.

It all began on April 8th, 1892 as the brainchild of concerned citizens that formed the Key West Library Association and the rest as they say is history. A complete story of its origin can be found outside the front door upon the historic marker plaque pictured below.

You can find South Florida’s 1st Public Library here in Key West, Florida at 700 Fleming Street several blocks north of Duval Street in the section of town known as ‘Old Town’. It is of course FREE.

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Hitchhiking The Florida Keys

IMG_1374Millions of tourists flock to Key West every year arriving in planes, automobiles, boats and even a small minority by foot power!

Thinking about sticking a thumb out hitchhiking your way down the scenic Florida Keys through Monroe County? You may want to think again!

I’ve found an old faded sign half way into the woods that locals have probably NEVER read! I’ve driven by this a 1,000 times NEVER seeing it once! I’d bet a dime to a Dunkin’ Donut that 90% of the Police force has no clue that it’s there either! Now, whether or not it’s ever enforced I couldn’t tell you. Is it worth the $500 fine or 60 days in jail… NOT TO ME, that’s why I drive! 🙂

You can find this little seen ‘Hitchhiking’ sign at Mile Marker 91.7 on US-1 in the southbound lane of the divided highway in Monroe County.

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