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Lorelei… Giant Mermaid or Siren?

Hey, is that Daryl Hannah from the movie ‘Splash”? :-) Sorry guys NO it’s not, but if you want to see the largest mermaid / siren in the Key’s well here it is! Her name is Lorelei which means ‘Murmuring Rock’ in a combined German & Celtic translation. (similar to the noise a mountain stream makes over pebbles in the riverbed but 1,000 times louder)

According to myth and lore, Lorelei was a beautiful enticing siren that lured sailors from the sea towards her with an enchanting sound that would lead them to their demise. This legend can trace Lorelei to a real place in history, on the Rhine River in Germany there is a rock named Lorelei (pictured below taken from Wikipedia) that is the birthplace of the legend. Here’s the lore: Lorelei is falsely accused of maliciously bewitching men and driving them to ruin; later pardoned and on the way to a nunnery she passes and climbs the Lorelei rock, watching out for the lover who abandoned her, and falls to her death; the rock still retained an echo of her name afterwards. Amazing the things you can learn from a FREE daily BLOG! :-) 

Now here’s where to find this enchanting 20′ tall mermaid / siren of the Keys. Go to Mile Marker 82.0 US-1 bayside and there she will be at the Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar. She is kind of hot and sexy though isn’t she guys, I asked her out once and all I got was a murmuring sound! It was probably for the best, I would’ve felt kind of awkward taking her to a fish fry! :-)

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Key’s Largest Giant Fish Hook

Where can you find the Florida Key’s LARGEST fish hook? I know you’ve toiled over this for a long time now and some of you have even reported losing sleep over it… well I’m here to the rescue, wonder no more because I’ve found it for you!

I went inside the fishing tackle store and asked if that was a real hook used as a display. They said that was a display but in fact there are real hooks larger than this one pictured to purchase and in use around the world.

In order to find this fishtail of a story go to Mile Marker 82.0 on the bayside of US-1 heading south at the Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar parking lot. While there, check out the Lorelei Giant Mermaid I reported on last year in the same parking lot… that’s two blogs for the FREE price of one… man I’m feeling generous today! 🙂

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