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It’s Key West’s FAMOUS Bike Path Man!

OK maybe not so famous but hey, he’s got a bike path named after him… do you? Not every town has one, does your town have a FAMOUS Bike Path Man, Key West does!

The sign in the upper left of the photo reads: Jim Malcolm Way for years of dedication to the bicycle & pedestrian program “Share The Road”. Wow, I guess there’s still hope for me on getting a road named after me… I can see it now, “365 Things To Do In The Florida Keys Avenue” for years of dedicated tourist blogs… awe, my mom would be so proud! :-) In all seriousness, I’m sure he was a great guy and super advocate!

You can find Key West’s salute to safety & persistence in a tribute sign to lifetime achievement on the corner of Palm Ave. & Eaton Street here in the Bike Path Safety Capital of the WORLD Key West, Florida. :-)

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A Boat Hotel Anyone? (Boatel)

The Boatel “Stress Relief”

This is on my to-do list for sure! Though I’ve not done this, I have stopped by and walked into one of them docked here.


You can rent your floating boatel for the night, weekend or week here at Mile Marker 103.3 on the left southbound in Key Largo. You will see the sign for this and others like this on billboards at the entrance of highway US-1. This one is aptly named “Stress Relief” and would be a great change of pace from your standard run-of-the-mill hotel or motel. So do yourself a favor and spice up an evening of leisure upon one of these floating home away from homes beginning at $75 a night… go ahead, surprise your loved one with a unique night out waking to the salt air, ocean view hide-a-way for two! I’m sure you’ll be justly rewarded for your generosity! :-)

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Key West’s Legion Of Helping Hands

8342835666_1e2b34332c_bWe here at 365 Things To Do In The Florida Keys aren’t bound to covering only Key’s attractions or the World Famous Duval Street. We too like diversity with past blogs answering questions about: “Where can I find free parking & public restrooms?”

Today we tackle Key West’s hardworking legion of troops who in someway help us get back on our way when ‘Murphy’s Law’ tries to slow down your vacation. We start with bike repairs, as you may or may not know, bike rentals in Key West number in the hundred on a daily basis. Believe me, flats and accidents do occur, even with me! I’ve had two flat tires, I guess it was bound to happen after 5 year of peddling our way down small secluded alleyways, hedge brush shortcuts, down dirt and gravel roads, friendly neighborhood streets, across un-mapped back roads, and of course pedestrian laden Duval Street of my hometown Key West, Florida! Seen here is a bike tech that took great care of me who on average takes ONLY 5-6 minutes to change a tire at a cost of $11.83 a few years ago.

Though Jessie pictured here may no longer be there, you can find other willing employees hard at work inside of ‘The Bike Shop’ at the corner of Truman Avenue & Varela Street in bike-friendly Key West!


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Capt. Tony Tarracino’s Headstone

IMG_1750I’ve always said “Expect ANYTHING in Key West!”. Knowing that, I’m rarely surprised by what I see… but this one got me!

This uniquely written headstone gracing the wall of one of Key West’s most famous bars even caught me off-guard. Some things in life need little explanation or clarification, this my friends is one of them. I’ll give you a moment to read it… (this is me waiting)… there, see what I mean! Interpret it as you may, it didn’t say that he was married at the time of his death.

You can find this most unusual cemetery headstone inside of Capt. Tony’s Saloon at 428 Greene Street in the heart of Key West’s famous ‘Old Town’.


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Big Pine Key Park… and MORE!

IMG_9562Believe me, this is so much more than your typical park of swing sets and picnic tables! What a GREAT place to pull in for a pit stop on your way down the Keys!

Welcome to Big Pine Key Park where you can spend an entire day filled with a wide range of outdoor activities that include tennis, baseball, basketball, and an awesome humongous skateboard park. Along with your choice of sport, there’s your conventional picnic tables & swing sets with an unconventional activity center & concession stand. There’s plenty of parking and clean new restrooms for all. This immaculate park is FREE except the concession stand! Duh! :-)

You can find Big Pine Key Park filled with ocean views and things to do at Mile Marker 31.0 on US-1 bayside. Turn onto Sands Road and drive down .6 miles.

IMG_9561     IMG_9560

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Hammerhead Shark ‘Killer Of The Deep’

IMG_1742Here’s your chance to get face-to-face with a real-life killer of the deep… ok, the fiberglass replica version that is! :-)

This odd-looking shark grows from 3 to 20 ft. in length and weigh from 7 to 1,279 lbs. They’re usually light gray in color with a greenish tint. Their bellies are white which allows them to blend into the ocean when viewed from the bottom and sneak up on their prey. Their heads have lateral projections which give them a hammer-like shape.

You can find this child-friendly version of a Hammerhead Shark on display at Mallory Square in front of the Key West Sea Aquarium.


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Historic Truman Annex

Named for President Harry S. Truman, the Truman Annex was formerly the Key West Naval Station for over 150 years. The naval station played a vital role in America’s defense system. In 1823 Commodore David Porter headquartered the West Indian Piracy Squadron here. The naval station was active through two World Wars and the Cuban Missile Crisis. From 1946-1952, President Harry S. Truman chose the Annex as his Winter White House. In 1986, the US Government sold the Annex to developer Pritam Singh. His Truman Annex Company spent the next decade redeveloping and preserving the Truman Annex as a National Register Historic District.

This section of town is by far the most beautiful so-called sub-division in the entire city! Each of these are million dollar homes meticulously kept up and follows the strictest guidelines of any association I’ve heard of. The Truman Annex is a major tourist attraction and sees thousands of visitors a day to its other tourist sites: Little White House, Eco-Discovery Center, Fort Zachary Taylor, Navy Pier, Key West Port Operation, & U.S. Coast Guard floating history museum.

Don’t miss your chance to see this remarkable part of town that many miss by staying on and around Duval Street, Old Town & Harbor Walk… there are other major sites in Key West with this being right at the top!


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