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Building Wrapped Mural

Literally the first completely painted building mural you’ll see heading south in the entire Florida Keys! Welcome to an A-frame building simply described as an oceanic sight for sore eyes! The newly painted brilliant colors pop out at you making you take notice of even the tiniest detail.

P.S. – You’ll be surprised by the ONE mural I didn’t post from this building’s other side that had its own post years ago. It’s truly AMAZING!

You can find this beautifully painted eye-candy at Mile Marker 106.7 oceanside on US-1 at one of Key Largo’s several Information Centers.

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The BIG Yellow Chair

Question: What’s the #1 photo-op gimmick in the Florida Keys that businesses use in trying to get you to stop at their shop?

Answer: That would be the infamous and very numerous styles, sizes, colors, and other variations of OVERSIZED CHAIRS! (followed closely in 2nd place by hanging fiberglass sharks) 🙂

In this case, I’ve passed this particular oversized chair for the LONGEST TIME putting it off having way to many similar posts. Well, today’s the day for the BIG Yellow Chair to shine, and SHINE it does, being a bright brilliant yellow trimmed in red that can easily been seen from the road. OK, with matching building to boot, you can’t and WON’T miss it!

You too can find this 100% FREE big yellow chair to sit in for your vacation photo-op on US-1 at Mile Marker 102.9 bayside at Sundiver Station in Key Largo.

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Most Expensive RV Overnight Campsite

This very well may be one of the MOST EXPENSIVE one night stay RV campsites in the entire Florida Keys! It’s worth it having bragging rights saying “I Stayed Here!” is a vacation memory that will last a lifetime. As if the view wasn’t worth the price alone, the amenities of a massive oceanside swimming pool complex, waterfront park benches to watch the sunset, private sunbathing jetty, air-conditioned recreation room & other perks pushes it right over the edge to the rating of… AWESOME!

Now mind you, I found this site only weeks ago in the dead of summer in sweltering heat and still it demanded a hefty $159 rate per night and the place was PACKED. Oh yeah, management said that the winter rental rate with its cooler weather is even more expensive! Yikes! 😦 Campsite #11 pictured to the left to me has the BEST view, I photographed it just moments after its prior nights occupants were pulling out. If I owned an RV… THIS IS WHERE I’D STAY!

You can find this amazing RV overnight site at Mile Marker 104.3 bayside within the Keys Palms Luxury Motorhome Resort.


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Rowell’s Waterfront Park

Say hello to one of the Florida Keys newest city parks! I’ve passed this for the last two years while being posted as a future park to its renovation period waiting for it to open. Now many months after its opening, I’m finally able to stop by and check it out for you.

Here’s the first hand low-down: an awesome view of the neighbor’s pier-end gazebos, appears to be a swimming area, very rocky fossil-laden uneven dangerous jetty that I chose NOT to risk walking on, bring your own picnic supplies of chairs and folding table, and last but not least three port-o-potties! Though I wish I could say more and that it was packed with beachgoers… I was in fact the ONLY one there on a Saturday. I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess that they might not be 100% done with renovating this newest city asset.

You can find Rowell’s Waterfront Park on US-1 at Mile Marker 104.6 bayside. It appears to be FREE to the public seeing no fee schedule… besides, would you pay for a park that had ONLY port-o-potties! 🙂




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Keys LARGEST Tattoo Gun

Have you ever seen a six foot tall tattoo gun? Well I hadn’t either till a few weekends ago!

I’ve previously posted blogs on the Southernmost Tattoo shop in the Continental United States, an academy award winning movie the Rose Tattoo but never on a tattoo gun. Even though I’ve past this dozens of times in my life, it took till this time driving through the parking lot to photograph it.

You can find the Florida Keys LARGEST tattoo gun on the outside wall’s entrance of Fire Ink Tattoo at Mile Marker 103.1 bayside on US-1.

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Keys Newest & Brightest Artwork

Welcome to the Florida Keys NEWEST & BRIGHTEST awesome display of multiple works of art!

Normally artwork in the Keys means underwater fish scenes… these on the other hand are a well appreciated step out of the norm. The paintings include: lions face, rooster head, wave swell, mermaid, and the most impressive of the bunch is what resembles an iconic Phoenix half in red flames and half in blue water. Oh yeah, the lion head is located around the backside of the building so DON’T be shy in walking around to view it.

This future two-building complex will soon be a health club and back building a brewery. I know that because while I was taking these photos 9 days ago a pickup truck drove up sparking a conversation. Entrepreneurs Jay & Andrea will soon be open to the public for their grand opening so keep on the lookout. I too will stop by in the future to test out the brewery portion of their business first hand and maybe… just maybe they’ll remember me! 🙂

You can find this brilliant new collection of artwork on FREE display for all to see on US-1 at Mile Marker 80.95 oceanside.



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Blue Macaw Restaurant

Do you like Island Food? If so, then I’ve found one of the newest eateries in Key West just for you! Island food would be considered Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba or any other of the islands in the Caribbean.

Though I’ve not eaten there yet, it’s definitely on my list for a future visit… YUM YUM Jerk Chicken! Hey, you don’t have to be hungry to stop on by either because the sign says eats & BAR! 🙂 If you look close at their sign you’ll be greeted by an extra bonus for those souvenir photo-ops, there’s actually a waterfall behind the sign and within the jungle-type foliage.

You can find the Blue Macaw Island Eats & Bar smack dab on the corner of the Bahama Village Market on Petronia Street a few blocks southwest of Duval Street in Key West.

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