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Giant Coffee Cup

This is WAY TOO COOL! Take a look at Key West’s Giant Coffee Cup! Notice the guy in the background beside the yellow van, he’s stunned saying to himself… “That’s way too much caffeine for me this morning!” I on the other hand would welcome such a cup of eye-opening¬†morning joe since going to bed late last night and waking up too darn early.

You can find this Goliath-sized coffee cup that can hold your mornings hot brew (or potted plant) ūüôā beside the Cuban Coffee Queen building in the famous always fun Harbor Walk district of Key West’s Old Town.

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General Motors Truck – Most Photographed

Welcome to General Motors most photographed truck in Key West by far! Though we must be quite brutally honest, it’s not¬†for its artistic beauty but for its ambience at one of Key West’s most popular tourist areas called Harbor Walk.

Wow, I finally got a chance to take a photo of this truck without any other tourists standing around it, posing with it, pointing at it, leaning on it, photographing it, or trying to drive off in it! ūüôā OK, that last one was a stretch to say the least! I’m sure it’s been years since this General Motors Truck has seen the likes of a key in¬†its ignition!

The sign in the driver’s side¬†window reads ‘Out of gas be back in 20 minutes’… that was probably left on there¬†30-years ago! I’ve come to the conclusion¬†that the only way this is going to get back on the road is sitting upon a flatbed tow truck… but then again, I didn’t need my years of drinking beer in college and skipping classes to know that! ūüôā

You can find this photographic GM Truck relic parked where it’s always¬†at in front of Mac’s Sea Garden in the ever popular Harbor Walk.



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Which Way Is Harbor Walk?

<— Harbor Walk —>

Hmmmm, I ask you… so which way is Harbor Walk? Do I turn right or left? Key West can be confusing for first time visitors (as any vacation haven), but signs like these don’t exactly¬†help the situation do they! I love this picture,¬†I tend to look at things just a tad different¬†than others and¬†try to notice¬†the funny in something that really wasn’t meant to be.¬†Take a look¬†at this¬†photo (above) that I noticed one night after dinner and just had to share it with you. A close up photo of both signs (seen below) with the red-painted arrows pointing towards each other.

You can find this “Which Way Is Harbor Walk” sign at the Turtle Kraals Museum just across the water from its Turtle Kraals Restaurant. Harbor Walk is on the west side of town about 3 blocks north of Duval Street here in weird & wacky Key West.


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Turtle Kraals Restaurant

Turtle Kraals Restaurant is one of my families all time favorite places to go and eat in Key West when wanting seafood and a view. Turtle Kraals, meaning Turtle Pens in Dutch which is a throw back to when Key West was the nations #1 turtle meat supplier having its own pens to keep the turtle right here at the restaurants exterior. Turtle Kraals offers inside dining, outside dining and my favorite upstairs outdoor dining with a view called the Tower Bar.

The signs here are well worth a stop for the souvenir photo even if you don’t stop and eat. The large photo above is located outside the front door to the left and gets most of the tourists attention. The next and almost better sign (pictured below) is a lot harder to find being inside at the top of the stairs to their outside dining area saying “It’s More Fun¬†On Top”! ūüôā Although the sunset seen from here is not the best it’s still memorable if in this area when the sun is setting.

You can find this dining pleasure in the area of town known as Historic Harbor Walk. Enjoy your seafood, a view & your souvenir photo here on your next trip to paradise.


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How Far Is Paris, France From Key West?

Mile Post Marker

Mile Post Markers have been around for eons and almost every¬†tourist destination has one and Key West is no exception. In fact, this area of town known as Harbor Walk has two of them! You know, those posts saying Paris 4,785 miles from where you’re standing and so on!

As I’ve mentioned before, Harbor Walk is a mecca for pedestrians as its only real rivals are Duval Street & Mallory Square. You can easily spend 2 – 3 hours¬†here having fun every minute¬†never looking at your watch while taking in boats, sunsets, bands, bars, cruises, dining, shops, and many other sites that I’ve still yet to cover in a blog.

The first of two mile¬†post markers is located in front of the Turtle Kraals Restaurant & Raw Bar’s parking lot. The 2nd is on the southernmost part of Harbor Walk attached¬†to the last souvenir shop at the end of the alleyway. So on your next trip to the Key’s I challenge¬†you to not find only one of them… but BOTH of these FREE photo ops!¬†Oh yeah, I’ll save the 3rd mile post marker located miles away for a later¬†blog. ūüôā

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Fresh Fish Delivered Daily

What a hoot this car is! How would you like to get your next meal delivered by this uniquely painted vehicle?

B.O.’s Fishwagon is one of Key West’s best kept secrets and hardest to find seafood restaurants in town and yet it’s always packed with patrons who’ve seeked out its location and flocked inside to enjoy its delicious meals.

The car was a surprise to say the least as we peddled our bikes around the lesser traveled southeastern part of the island along some back road. You on the other hand might have a better chance of seeing it a B.O.’s Fishwagon Restaurant located near Harbor Walk at the corner of William Street¬†& Caroline Street on Key West’s northwestern tourist side of the island. Either way, upon seeing the car it’s without a doubt one that you won’t soon forget.

If you notice in the photos below on the passenger front wheel is painted “Gone Fishing” and then on the trunk are the words “Land Yacht”. It’s a sight to be seen I assure you and of course is FREE to all to admire, gawk, laugh & ponder “Why would anyone paint their car like this?” ūüôā I sure hope it’s still up and running by time this blogs posted, if not… just sit back and enjoy the photos!


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Eat It Raw Boys!

The Half Shell Raw Bar is one of the best and most popular seafood restaurants in Key West whose slogan is “Eat It Raw”. Half Shell Raw Bar has a smorgasbord¬†selection of¬†some of the freshest catches of the day that can be ordered sauted, blackened, baked, broiled or fried.

Your dining pleasure is enhanced by the ocean side view of one of Key West’s most popular & beautiful harbors (photo below). It’s also home to one of the best photo-head boards in town that sits right outside the front door¬†and is always a tourist favorite with someones noggin sticking through it as seen here!¬†Another not miss is the brightly painted red wheelhouse from the boat “Salte Sea” that’s now part of the building sitting to the left of the front door. A wheelhouse for those that don’t know is the enclosed portion of a boat that the captain steers¬†from (photo below).

You can find Eat It Raw at one of my most favorite hangouts on Key West’s western side of town in the area called Harbor Walk. If you haven’t eaten here, put this high atop your seafood list, your taste buds & partner will thank you I’m sure!


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