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Good Luck Fishing For ONLY 25¢

Good Luck Fishing at Capt. Tony’s

Piggy-backing on yesterday’s blog and Victoria’s well appreciated comment I give you this previous posting! 🙂

Legend says that a quarter tossed into the fish’s mouth will bring you good luck… but it DOES stipulate one thing, and that is you have to do it standing backwards! This is totally FREE (that is if you miss) :-) or in my case cost me ONLY 25¢, yep only a shinny twenty-five cent piece since I did in fact make it on the first try! Oh yeah, “Hello everybody!” that’s actually me! Warning: Don’t even try using a penny, nickel or dime… it’s said to spit them back out at night bringing you bad luck… so don’t be a cheapskate!

This fish story is located in front of Capt. Tony’s Saloon at 428 Greene Street in Key West. Future blogs will give more to do at Capt. Tony’s so stayed tuned! Wow, fishing for good luck and only costing a quarter! Try it, it’s a ton of fun and others will gather around laughing at you & clapping for you and then asking “What the heck are you doing?” and then you too can pass along this TRUE fisherman’s tale!

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Flying High In Key West!

Key West Kite Company

Want to have fun flying a kite, windsock, banner, flag or windspinner! Well then, the Key West Kite Company has every type of kite you can imagine for all ages, from their diamond-shaped kites and easy fliers, to stunt kites, and elaborate box kites and mega deltas.

Their kites come with one or two string configurations all the way to four string parafoils for your advanced kite flyers. When you purchase a kite from their store, it is ready to go—Everything is included, so you can fly the kite immediately. Additionally, they feature accessories for the kites along with advice on any question you may have. 

You can find the Key West Kite Company can be found at 408 Greene Street just down the street from Captain Tony’s Saloon.

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Key West City Hall’s Beautiful Gates

Absolutely one of the most beautiful wrought iron gate entrances in Key West.

While here, look up… all the way up as you gaze upon the clock tower featured in a previous blog. Yep, this is two for the price of one. Enjoy the views!

You can find this ornate iron adornment with its cement staircase at the old city hall building located behind the World Famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar on Greene Street here in sunny Key West just 1/2 block up from Duval Street. A portion of the building is currently being used for a Visitor Center & Chamber Of Commerce.

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Key West’s Antique ‘Antique Shop’

Not exactly what you’d envision as an antique dealer in Key West… or is it? Welcome to Key West’s antique ‘Antique Shop’. In this unassuming building (sits beside a residential home) you’ll find an eclectic collection of unusual conversation pieces varied from the standard run-of-the-mill dime-a-dozen $5 T-shirts shops that line Key West’s souvenir central better known as Duval Street.

Yes, it looks like an abandoned building but it’s not. Yes, they’re closed more than they’re open. Yes, they open late and close earlier than almost any other business in ‘Old Town’… but I guess that’s the way they like it, as long as they pay rent. Hmmm, maybe they don’t have rent and that’s why they can do whatever they want to about their open hours! 🙂

This is one beautiful antique building to me! Look at the right hand addition portion with the trellis as a tree crawls all the way up and upon its roof, its oceanic divers porthole window as seen above in the featured photo. Photographic splendor at its finest!

You can find this quant uniquely shaped antique ‘Antique Shop’ near the corner of Greene Street & Elizabeth Street in the US’s southernmost city of Key West. The only problem is that you may not find them open! 🙂


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Key Lime Pie Factory Outlet

Every single day of the year I write a tourist blog suggesting a different thing to see or do in the Florida Keys and Key West that might interest a vacationing sightseer. That all ends today, here’s one thing in Key West that I personally HAD TO DO myself… and I mean HAD TO!

Being a big Miami Heat fan during the NBA Finals, I proposed a friendly wager with my high school buddy Ralph P. and his wife Linda M. the most beautiful girl & cheerleader at our school by FAR! With them living in Texas and being big Maverick fans they couldn’t resist the temptation of taking me up on my offer. As we all know the Heats flame burned out leaving me owing a freshly made Key Lime Pie from Key West, Florida. I made good on my bet by driving to Key West then biking to ‘Old Town’ purchasing my humble pie and having it sent Fed Ex overnight packed in dry ice to insure its freshness. Yes, that’s your ‘Real Key Lime Pie’ I’m holding, so eat up now Mi Amigos and savor the flavor of victory… for now, because revenge is sweet! 🙂

So it’s only now I suggest that you too come visit this Key Lime Paradise… that is, under different circumstances of course! Every Key Lime product under the sun can be found here including: pies, candies, fudge, sodas, taffy, cookies…etc. You can find the Key Lime Pie Factory Outlet at 412 Greene Street.



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