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Alcohol Induced Reflection!

Alcohol Induced Reflection

Take a historic ride back in time thru a truly distorted point of view… no not mine (though admittedly warped), the window pane! 🙂 Unlike todays assembly line panes of glass that are uniformed in thickness then sanded & polished to flat shiny perfection, this pane is unique and has that old-timey wavy Gone With The Wind down-home southern plantation look to it.

I call this picture ‘Alcohol Induced Reflection’… I must say, is one of my best photos I’ve ever taken by accident! 🙂 This incredible pane of glass and reflective dormers atop the 2-story home across from it can be found at a business called Grand Vin on Duval Street here in Key West. This display window is on the top part of their stairs on the front porch and is impossible to be missed. It’s FREE to take a photo and browse their wide selection of adult beverages available to quench the taste buds of even the pickiest pallets. The bottle of wine itself may differ upon your visit but the template for a creative inspiring photo remains in your hands.

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