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Founders Park? or Sculpture Garden?

Founders Park in Key West is a great place to visit, it’s neither a park to picnic nor a place to spend the entire day. It measures a mere 30′ x 60′ in the middle of the busiest section of town called Mallory Square just 3 blocks southwest of Duval Streets northern end.

Also called Key West Historic Memorial Sculpture Garden, it opened in September 1997 and is located on the original shoreline in front of the Waterfront Playhouse. As you enter through the wrought iron gates, a magnificent 18′ long and 25′ high sculpture entitled “The Wreckers” captures your attention and takes you back to the days when brave men would yell “Wreck Ashore” and risked their lives saving vessels and passengers in distress.

The pioneering spirit of Key West and its island people will dominate your experience as you wander along the shaded brick pathways. The Garden features 36 bronze busts depicting men and women who made Key West such a vibrant and important outpost of American culture and folklore. The entire $700,000 price tag to fund this park was raised by selling individual names engraved on bricks called the Walkway thru History.

I’ve personally looked at all 36 busts trying to find any link to either side of my family tree… no such luck. Though my father was Monroe County’s & Key West’s first Eagle Scout and one time honorary Mayor of Key West (for a day, true)… it wasn’t enough to get a bronze bust. Oh well, our family did however own prosperous businesses that helped spawn the island growth and well-being including restaurants and a number of gas stations. Founders Park or Sculpture Garden is worth a FREE 30-minute visit to check out Key West’s beginnings and prominent people throughout history.

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Tiny Inland Lighthouse

Is this a TINY inland lighthouse or what? This tiny lighthouse is the centerpiece of Founders Park in Islamorada. Its correct name is the Pacific Lighthouse, leading me to believe that at one time it saw active duty but is now resting its laurels. Though it might have served a grander purpose in a previous life, its mission here is strictly decorative. Maybe at one time this was the top portion to a taller guardian of the sea. Made of thick steel and containing what looks to be a once proud beacon, this sailors ship-shore friend now poses for photo-ops rather than waves pounding upon its base.

Either way, its former tour of duty has been called home to retire in relative seclusion rendering its shade for more enjoyable things like picnics and BBQ’s while soaking up smiles from land lubbers & salty dogs alike while being part of this park’s ambiance and charm.

You can find Founders Park at Mile Marker 87.0 on US-1 bayside. There is a nominal park fee to enter, but you cheepsters can view it from the gate!

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