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Conch Tour Train Round House

The Conch Train is a¬†true rolling icon down every highway & byway in Key West… OK, that’s pushing it, ūüôā down every narrow street & alleyway! Anyone and everyone that has ever been to¬†Key West has seen these sightseeing tour staples crisscrossing town with passengers in seat and cameras in hand. But do you have any idea¬†where these tourist-carrying trains are serviced? I bet not, that all changes today.

Welcome to the Conch Tour Train¬†Round House, a maintenance building¬†for the¬†insanely popular tourist trams.¬†The first thing you’ll notice is the building type as row-after-row of doorways give way to train-after-train of visual eye-candy for kids and enthusiasts alike. The trains are sent there with passenger cars intact giving the building its standard depth. The facility works on, changes and maintains everything from flat tires, loose bolts, engine pings &¬†sheet metal¬†dings, to complete engine overhauls. On the outside of the building you can see several painted railroad crossing signs with the acronym CTTHTA¬†upon them standing¬†for Conch Tour Train Historic Tours of America.

You can find this out-of-the-way, off the beaten path unique attraction that most others will never ever see at 1802 Staples Avenue here in the tourist wonderland of Key West.


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Color or Colour… We’ve Got It!

Lime Tree Food Mart

The envelope please… This years winner of the most colorful building in Key West goes to the Lime Tree Food Mart! Believe me, there is no runner-up to this stand out… and WOW does it stand out!

You can find this multi-colored delight of a site just one block west of Key West High School on Flagler Avenue. I’d tell you on what side of the road but that would be pointless… YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MISS IT! Oh yeah,¬†when you take your souvenir photo¬†I have one piece of advice for you… RUN as fast as you can! ūüôā Upon taking mine, I was approached by the owner asking why I was taking a photo of the store. He’s VERY nice and approved of the photo after sharing it with him. Have fun seeing it and enjoy its beautiful rainbow paint job. So ‘COLOR’ or ‘COLOUR’ no matter how you spell it, we’ve got it for you here in the eye-catching Florida Keys!

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Highlights’ Magazines Hidden Picture Puzzle?

Remember¬†those Doctors Office magazines named Highlights’ with the famous ‘Hidden Picture Puzzle’ page in them that you use to pick up and try to find all of the items somewhere in the picture. Today’s my version¬†of the same here in Key West.

Is this simply a mural painted on a brick wall¬†of a gazebos, palm tree and pelicans… or is¬†there more? Look close, real close… no, even closer than that! There! You see it? OK, I’ll spell it our for you, can you find this buildings office door in the photo? Believe it or not, it’s an exterior¬†door to this office building which if I recall is a Real Estate Office. To find where the doorknob would be look no further than where the pelicans butts meet and pray¬†that it’s¬†not covered with pelican poop. In all honesty, the hidden door is well disguised and is pretty cool to tell you the truth!

Though I’m not sure of the business occupying this facility, I’m 100% sure of its location for your intriguing viewing pleasure. You can find this ‘Hidden Doorway Mural’ at the corner of¬†Bertha Street¬†&¬†Flagler Avenue¬†here in the sunshine capital of the Keys.

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