Caribbean Club’s Rooftop Dolphins

IMG_1899I want to apologize for breaking one of my own rules and missing this photo-op for over 5-years. I’ve visited here no less than 7 times over the years with friends and on fact-finding missions NEVER ONCE noticing the rooftop dolphins.

Here’s the rule I broke: Once at a location I always walk around the building hoping to find something of interest that others would normally miss. Pictured here is the back door of the club which I’ve stood many times looking out towards the ocean admiring the scenic view, picnic tables, pier & cannon. It was only when I photographed a docked vessel did I turn around seeing the rooftop dolphins while smiling from ear to ear. I will now walk around EVERY building and look on EVERY BACK ROOF for future blogs. I consider this a lesson learned! 🙂

These twin Flippers can be found on the rear rooftop of the Caribbean Club in Key Largo at Mile Marker 104.2 bayside. This is WELL WORTH a stop on your next trip down due to the MANY OTHER blogs that have been written about this one stop alone… just the scenery around it is worth it my friends!

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Fresh Fish Delivered Daily

What a hoot this car is! How would you like to get your next meal delivered by this uniquely painted vehicle?

B.O.’s Fishwagon is one of Key West’s best kept secrets and hardest to find seafood restaurants in town and yet it’s always packed with patrons who’ve seeked out its location and flocked inside to enjoy its delicious meals.

The car was a surprise to say the least as we peddled our bikes around the lesser traveled southeastern part of the island along some back road. You on the other hand might have a better chance of seeing it a B.O.’s Fishwagon Restaurant located near Harbor Walk at the corner of William Street & Caroline Street on Key West’s northwestern tourist side of the island. Either way, upon seeing the car it’s without a doubt one that you won’t soon forget.

If you notice in the photos below on the passenger front wheel is painted “Gone Fishing” and then on the trunk are the words “Land Yacht”. It’s a sight to be seen I assure you and of course is FREE to all to admire, gawk, laugh & ponder “Why would anyone paint their car like this?” 🙂 I sure hope it’s still up and running by time this blogs posted, if not… just sit back and enjoy the photos!


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Key West’s Surviving Outhouse!

8341618441_75a4a5944a_bWhat a find, a surviving Key West outhouse! I s#%t you not! 🙂

An outhouse is a small structure primarily used as a toilet. It’s also commonly known as a privy or earth closet, separate from a main building situated over a pit.

As you can see, this tourist had to go really bad and yet had to hold it longer till finding a working open to the public restroom! 🙂

You can find this restroom relic located behind Key West’s ‘Oldest House’ at 322 Duval Street.

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Quit Your Job And Move To Key West!

Is this a great ad campaign or is it a marketing ploy? It’s neither! Sometimes you see something unexpected and instantly smile or snicker… this one did both! “Quit Your Job And Move To Key West, The Complete Guide” although it’s a book that I’ve never read or intend to read it struck me as an awesome title for a blog whose time has come.

As a child I lived in Key West with my parents on White Street and other locations throughout Key West and have always wanted to retire here. Those dreams of retiring seem to fade each year as the price of real estate increases annually already reaching the absurd. Simultaneously as land prices soar, its wages per person has been going down due to higher paying jobs driven out of town to locations further up the Keys. Key West is rapidly becoming a tourist driven economy with low paying service oriented jobs like shop clerks, waiters, & hotel staff. This as you know is a place that I love so dearly and still hope that somehow, someway that dream will materialize into fruition. After all, they do say that dreams sometime come true!

You can find this one-of-kind poster on Fleming Street in a book store window just 1 block north of Duval Street in Key West. I’m sure the poster has changed but the mindset of ‘Quit Your Job And Move To Key West’ I promise never will change! 🙂

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Blue Star Memorial Highway

The Blue Star Memorial Highway system is located throughout the United States and is a ‘Living Memorial’ tribute to the men & women of the armed forces that have defended the United States of America. The idea dates to 1944 in the waning years of WWII when the New Jersey State Council of Garden Clubs beautified a 5½-mile stretch of US-22 with approximately 8,000 dogwood trees that were planted for the men and women serving from their state.

The Blue Star itself was taken from the blue star in the military service flag and was chosen to symbolize the memorial because it was used during World War II on flags and homes of families that had a son or daughter in the service. Since 1944 the Blue Star Highway has spread throughout the United States including the Florida Keys that are proud to have three of these Historical Markers at Mile Markers 99.4, 50.3 & 4.1 on US-1 heading south to Key West.

The State of Florida three Key’s sites uses a display of shrubs & flowers as their ‘Living Tributes’. So on your next trip to the Keys you can now educate your car load of companions with this bit of knowledge that so many others unfortunately haven’t a clue… but now you do!

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Ernest Hemingway’s Boat

Ernest Hemingway is one of America’s most beloved writers and became Key West’s most famous resident. He and Sloppy Joe’s Bar owner Joe Russell were avid fisherman spending many a day on his boat “Pilar” off of Florida’s southernmost city.

I was very skeptical upon reading about Hemingway’s boat being on permanent display in the Florida Key’s so on a trip down four years ago we finally found the location where his boat was supposed to reside. Parking our car in front of the World Wide Sportsman we then walked into a gigantic 2-story fisherman’s paradise with everything under the sun to supply a world-class sportsman. Though lures, rods and bait were not what I came here to see, it was quite impressive!

There it was, Hemingway’s boat complete with news articles, photos & personal property of the author himself on and around his boat. You can even walk aboard and sit in the wooden fishing seat (as seen below) that he and Joe Russell sat in during their expeditions. Your self-guided tour continues on the bridge (as seen below) over looking the bow fantasizing what it would’ve been like on a fishing trip with the famous author. Below deck you’ll see books, typewriter, photos (as you see below) along with his sleeping quarters as he would have seen it in his day.

This humongous vessel takes up 1/4 of the sales floor (as seen below) and I must say it was way too cool and exciting… that is until you read the fine print! It states that this “Pilar” (Hemingway’s Boat) is an exact replica of what his boat looked like inside and out. At that point it really didn’t matter that much because it was such great replica that only those like me who read fine print would ever know. It’s still worth a FREE visit to see this well put together & laid out exhibit.

You can find this exact duplicate of Hemingway’s Boat “Pilar” inside the World Wide Sportsman store at Mile Marker 81.4 on the right side of the road of US-1 south.



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Key West’s Nun Cemetery

That’s right, a cemetery only for nuns, those who serve others their entire lives have an honored burial-place of their own. The sign above the cemetery gate reads: ‘Our Lady Of Lourdes Pray For Us’.

Though I must admit it may feel a tad eerie upon walking up to the cemetery gates. You’ll first notice the black-hooded figure with a now pale white face upon a memorial. I’m sure the faded bust at one time looked more like a representation of its person than it does now looking almost ghostly.

You can find these otherwise peaceful surroundings in a garden atmosphere at the St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Church Gardens located left of their activity building at the corner of Truman Avenue & Windsor Lane.


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