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Early Morning Oceanfront Jog

img_4914“There’s nothing better than an early morning oceanfront jog around Key West’s shores!” says this runner! In personally speaking with her, she ran 5-miles after waking up that morning and headed to the ocean taking in the fresh air and ocean breeze on this incredible beautiful dawning day.

Hey, if you don’t run then get out there and ride a bike as seen in the photo’s background. Believe me, you won’t be alone! What a GREAT way to see this AWESOME town I might add! Key West mornings are worth getting up early for even if you had a long night! 🙂

You can find this jogger… sorry, you can find 100’s of joggers at any time running for their health and sheer pleasure around this island paradise enjoying what Key West has to offer!


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Surfboard Tables & Cushioned Swivel Boat Seat Stools… Yeah Baby!

IMG_1655Does your local coffee shop have surfboard tables and cushioned swivel boat seat stools? This place does! Too cool.

A quaint island style stand alone tiny building plus location, location, location! Believe it or not, location isn’t even their BEST asset… (it’s not coffee either) 🙂 it’s their unique bar stools, tables & view! That’s right my friends, I said bar stools at a coffee shop. The stools are located outside behind the coffee shop on a canal leading to the Atlantic Ocean. The stools themselves are cushioned swivel boat seats mounted in front of a surfboard shaped table overlooking the water. (pictured below) Wow, these people got it right… and so typical Florida Keys too!

You can find this relaxed state-of-mind table, bar stools & view on the premises of Curly’s Coffee Company at Mile Marker 53.0 oceanside. On US-1 turn onto 116th Street and it’s there on your left!

IMG_1654     IMG_1656

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Rooster Crowing… Wake Up Key West!

img_4921Several weeks ago in Key West I awoke to the sounds of roosters crowing in the early morning even prior to my much needed cup of coffee. I customarily go out riding around town while most still sleep from the prior nights partying. In that process I stumbled across this lone rooster crowing while I was taking photos for a future blog.

For those of you that don’t know, Chickens, Roosters & Hens by the 100’s legally run free in Key West down back roads, main streets, alleys, and pedestrian laden walkways like Duval Street in Old Town.

You can find these chickens, roosters & hens anywhere all over town at all times of the day. If you want to hear then crowing, get up early as I did and head out in any direction following your ears. 🙂



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Anchor In Tree

Here’s an oddity that can be found in Key West’s Mallory Square. This portion of Key West is best associated with its hordes of people who gather every evening at dusk to watch the sunset. Mallory Square has so much more to offer in every direction you look from souvenir shops, restaurants, street performers to the oddity you’re about to see.

Behind a closed fence in front of an empty historic building is this anchor nearly encased in cement that is now becoming part of the tree as roots and limbs begin to take hold and is a strange-looking unique site indeed.

This is just one of the strange findings you’ll see in Mallory Square… though the sport of ‘People Watching’ at times can be just as STRANGE! 🙂


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The AWESOME Tarpon Creek Bar & Grill

IMG_1526A true hidden oceanfront pleasure palace this is! Whether you’re here for a candle lit dinner, tossing down some brewskis, people watching or just taking in the pristine view… I guarantee this place is for you! Yes, it’s that impressive!!!

This place is massive, tiki hut construction, very well maintained, clean and plenty of things to do in such a small area like jet ski, glass bottom boat, sunset cruise and others. One of the others is seen below, it’s a beanbag toss game called ‘Corn Hole’… not a nice name but really a fun game and best of all it’s FREE.

Extra bonus: This is the home of the ‘Prehistoric Blowfish’ and wow what an unforgettable sight that is hanging from the tiki bar roof.

You can find this AWESOME hide-a-way paradise at Mile Marker 53.8 oceanside. It’s quite simple, pull into the Holiday Inn parking lot and drive around the back of the hotel.

IMG_1527     IMG_1503     IMG_1504

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Giant Stone Sea Turtle

A giant sea turtle spotted on land! Yes it’s true, seen here is an artist’s rendition of a turtle proudly stretching his neck high into the air as if saying “Yes, I’m all that!” 🙂 By the way, I’ve found out the artist is locally known as ‘Lighthouse Larry’.

In the past these seafaring creatures have been farmed in Key West for food and approximately 20 of their cousins were brought to Lignumvitae Key as pets! (TRUE, but that’s another blog) 🙂

You can find this giant artistically chiseled in stone sea turtle on US-1 at Mile Marker 81.6 oceanside sitting in front of the Green Turtle Inn (seen below).

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This Bar Advertises ‘Inside Toilets’

4462918178_1a90d98931_o2Welcome to the ‘Last Chance Saloon’ which in fact is your ‘First Chance Saloon’ to visit in the Florida Keys southbound.

I’ve passed this bar 1,000’s of times never stopping once till taking these photos… now I know why! :-) This bar actually advertises that it has ‘Inside Toilets’… I’m so glad, those outhouses were hell! :-) You’ve also got to admire a saloon whose motto is ‘Get A Life’ written upon a rather large size plaque hanging on their main wall for all to see. Don’t miss their pirate themed sign when entering the building on the left side of the entrance that says ‘Park At Own Risk’… I’d call that a fair warning! :-) Oh yeah, they also advertise ‘Friendly People Only’!

You can find this uniquely advertised ‘Last Chance Saloon’ at the southern end of Florida City at Mile Marker 126.7 which is the unmarked unofficial official beginning to the Florida Keys. If you’re headed towards Key West, this is the beginning of what is commonly called “The 18 Mile Stretch” of Hwy US-1.

IMG_9658     IMG_9661     11115917775_d1c885cded_o

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