Jewfish Creek Bridge Historical Marker

Welcome to the historic Jewfish Creek Bridge! This is an important yet overlooked and forgotten part of the Florida Keys history being the FIRST major bridge you’ll reach in making your way down to Key West.

Over all the years there’s been three very different yet unique types of bridges spanning this waterway. The first was called a Swingspan bridge in 1907 to 1944 which I crossed countless times as a child with my parents in our family station wagon like Chevy Chase in the movie Vacation. The second called a Bascule bridge (draw bridge) was in service from 1944-2008 which I got stopped at many times as a child and adult. The  current bridge was completed in 2008 and was built to last throughout mine and your lifetimes! Oh yeah, it’s more commonly known as the 18-Mile Stretch Bridge rather than Jewfish Creek Bridge.

You too can see this hard to find Jewfish Creek Bridge historical marker located under the bridge just in front of the Blackwater Siren restaurant. Go to Mile Marker 108.1 bayside and take the access road in the middle of the 18-mile stretch bridge and follow the road to its end.

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