Classic Rolling Stone ’94 Tour Neon Sign

IMG_9559This believe it or not was pointed out to me be a patron with a bottle of Budweiser in his hand. After seeing me walk in with a camera and snapping a few pictures of other items of interest I was approach by this gentlemen saying “Hey, you want to see a rare and valuable collectors item?” “Sure” I said… OK, it was really “H#@% yes!” as he lead me to a near corner and pointed up on the wall. “Oh My Gosh!” I exclaimed.

Partially hidden by a wall mounted speaker sits this vintage Budweiser ’94 Rolling Stones Tour neon guitar sign complete with years of dust. Wow, I can’t believe this 22-year-old collectors item is still intact mounted on this bar’s wall! I’m sure that Ebay would have this listed and sold in no time!

You can find this “I wish it was mine” ’94 Rolling Stone Tour neon sign at Mile Marker 30.4 bayside inside Coconuts Lounge on the corner of US-1 & Key Deer Blvd on Big Pine Key… Mick Jagger & Keith Richards not included! 🙂


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5 responses to “Classic Rolling Stone ’94 Tour Neon Sign

  1. mark

    I have the same one however it was from the 1989 tour. And it’s for sale.

  2. Chase Kaesman

    I have this neon. Never been out of the box. I have brought an extension cord to the box and plugged it in and it lights up still but never been out of the box.

  3. Danny croker

    Do you still have this sign, Thanks

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