Panther Crossing

Panther Crossing

If you’re lucky and I do mean extremely LUCKY you may see the illusive endangered Florida Panther in its natural habitat. I’ve spoken to a number of people including Park Rangers who’ve worked for 20 years and have NEVER seen one and others who’ve seen only one in their entire lifetime! Rangers estimate fewer than 40 of these beautiful animals remain in this portion of the state.

The “Panther Crossing” sign on your way to the Keys can ONLY be found on Card Sound Road 7.4 miles down heading east. On US-1 at mile marker 126.7 is where you’ll turn onto Card Sound Road. Again, this portion of Card Sound Road doesn’t’ have many mile markers so keep an eye on your odometer. A photo of the sign alone makes for a good picture and conversation piece to tell your out-of-town friends who’ve NEVER seen or heard of a “Panther Crossing” sign! (Though I’ve been told it looks like a big rat!) 🙂 So good luck!


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2 responses to “Panther Crossing

  1. I’ve heard that FWC has brought panthers from Florida in order to increase breeding and, subsequently, population.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Where have you been for the last year? Missed your comments/input!

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