Fly Repellent Water Bags… Say What?

Myth Busters, where are you when needed! There’s several on-line versions of this fly repellent wives-tale. It’s said by putting pennies in a clear bag of water and hanging it by a window or door helps keep flys away.

In my research I found that the water can contain a drop of bleach to deter algae and should contain either one or four pennies. The theory is that it confuses the flys thinking that it might be a spider web, larger predator or something they’re not sure of and chooses to fly elsewhere.

Now I’m here to tell you that some swear by it and others denounce it as a pile of rubbish. While at this particular restaurant ‘Hogfish Bar & Grill’ there were still flys seen buzzing around the dining area… now who’s to say that there wouldn’t have been more if the bags weren’t present?

You can find these fly deterrent bags of water by going to Mile Marker 5 and turn left off of US-1 South at the Burger King. Then go down 1-block turning left onto McDonald Ave that turns into Maloney Ave, turn right onto 4th Ave, left on Front Street and there you will see it on the right a half mile or so at the Hogfish Bar & Grill.

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