Historical Marker Facing The WRONG WAY!

This is not a blog about the historical markers information… oh no, it’s about the marker itself FACING THE WRONG DIRECTION!

So true, this marker sits facing a resident’s home on a seldom traveled side road! I’d say it’s safe to say that 99.9% of all travelers NEVER know that it’s even there! So sad, the city needs to send a crane out and take 30-minutes simply spinning it around facing the street better known as US-1 South where 99.9% of the people will at least see it. Granted, only a hand full would stop on a daily basis to actually read it… to me, that’s not the point. This is history being wasted, passed by and overlooked not having a chance of being seen.

I found this historical marker only because of what I do… that’s searching out what others might not see. I’ve driven by this for the longest time wondering why this big stone was setting off the side of the road for. I finally took time to turn off the main road US-1 and simply look at the other side of it and wow was I surprised at what I found.

You too can find this WRONG WAY history marker at Mile Marker 87.0 on left side of US-1 South facing away from traffic. Go ahead, be one of the few to actually see this forgotten marker ON PURPOSE.


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