Key’s BEST City Park… By FAR!

IMG_1617It’s an absolute pleasure after all of these years of writing blogs to finally bring you the Florida Key’s BEST city park! This is hands down the most beautiful, diverse activity equipped, visually stunning well-groomed and maintained park I’ve ever seen!

This gem of a park includes an amphitheatre (featured photo), soccer fields, baseball field, tennis courts, basketball courts, outside hockey arena, bocce ball courts, state-of-the-art skateboard park, covered picnic areas, workout training area, children’s playground, & something that looks like hop scotch courts even though I know there not! 🙂 (most are pictured below)

You can find the Florida Key’s BEST city park (Marathon Community Park) at Mile Marker 49.1 oceanside on Highway US-1. Plan to take advantage of this exquisite FREE facility on one of your next trips down the Keys, it’s so worth it.

IMG_1620     IMG_1621     IMG_1622

IMG_1623     IMG_1625     IMG_1626

IMG_1614     IMG_1618

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