Which Way Is Harbor Walk?

<— Harbor Walk —>

Hmmmm, I ask you… so which way is Harbor Walk? Do I turn right or left? Key West can be confusing for first time visitors (as any vacation haven), but signs like these don’t exactly help the situation do they! I love this picture, I tend to look at things just a tad different than others and try to notice the funny in something that really wasn’t meant to be. Take a look at this photo (above) that I noticed one night after dinner and just had to share it with you. A close up photo of both signs (seen below) with the red-painted arrows pointing towards each other.

You can find this “Which Way Is Harbor Walk” sign at the Turtle Kraals Museum just across the water from its Turtle Kraals Restaurant. Harbor Walk is on the west side of town about 3 blocks north of Duval Street here in weird & wacky Key West.


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  1. I like it, a nice short walk.

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