Sea Ya’ Soon!

Look what I found while turning around at a dead-end road!

Only as a blog writer for a tourist site can you stray so far in opposite directions with topics from historical to hysterical, awesome to odd, one-of-a-kind to kind of serious, food to fun, and weird to wonderful making my job an absolute smorgasbord of pleasure!

On the back side of a well hidden sign saying “Welcome To Tavernier Creek Marina” (photo below) you’ll find this humorous spelling with a dual meaning. Substituting ‘Sea’ for ‘See’ can only be pulled off by a place close to the water as in this marina. This makes for a great photo with a loved one waving hello and posting it on FaceBook for your friends to see while you’re on vacation in paradise and their sitting at work in some cubical. 🙂

You can find this “Sea Ya’ Soon” sign at the Tavernier Creek Marina on the right hand side of the road heading south on US-1 just over the bridge at Mile Marker 90.6 in Tavernier. Oh yeah, and while you’re there stop by the Children’s Memorial Tree Gardens that I blogged about earlier sits EXACTLY beside the Marina!


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