Bikes RULE Key West!

IMG_0832Key West is already one of the most lenient cities when it comes to bike riders and their rules. They ride on the road, they ride on the sidewalks, they ride on the piers, and even ride down one way streets the wrong way with no one even batting an eye. 🙂

As seen in the featured photo, ‘Bikes Rule Key West!’ Two of the newest signs take note of the growing bicycling community that’s slowly taking over ‘Old Town’ streets.

The most prominent reads: ‘Bikes May Use Full Lane’. OK, it’s a picture of a bike not the word, it means the same thing! 🙂 I’ve found two of these signs, both on Whitehead Street just down from the Southernmost Buoy.

The next deserves an honorable mention that states cars must leave a distance of 3 feet between you when passing. ‘¡Buena Suerte!’ (good luck in Spanish) I’ve ridden 100’s of miles in Key West, I’d say the average is 1 to 2 feet… so don’t swerve! 🙂 This tiny sign can be found on Reynolds Street across from Key West’s Stone Castle.

Traffic flows slower as a norm in Key West as tourist and local cars slow down voluntarily realizing the sheer overwhelming numbers of pedestrians and bike riders. I must give kudos to Key West City Hall for acknowledging its growing biking trend putting up these new signs. So get out there and become one of us enjoying Key West’s fresh air bike-style!


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