KW’s Most Un-Photographed Bronze Statue!

IMG_1504I love finding famous historical bronze statues! This my friends isn’t one of them! 🙂

Key West has a history of recognizing locals for their contributions, as in: 1) a man who lobbied for safe bicycle rules, 2) an outstanding citizen award winner who got his own park, 3) a man who pioneered bringing in seafood. This proves there’s still hope for me one day being recognized for my Key West tourist blogs… OK, maybe not! 🙂

My first time seeing this I thought I’d hit the jackpot till reading the placard and then chosing not even to photograph it. Years have since past and I finally decided to feature its prominent placement in the tourist rich section of Key West’s Harbor Walk. People walk by this in droves acting excited and then reading, pausing, then leaving without even so much as a picture making this Key West’s Most Prominent Un-Photographed Bronze Statue!

The statue sits on a four-pointed compass with the days shadow pointing exactly due north! The bronze plaque at his feet reads: Henry C. “Booty” Singleton Sr. Seafood Pioneer & Visionary 1917 – 1983. In my tiny research on “Booty” said that he was known as the “Shrimp King” and that one his company’s processing plants was once located here.

You can find this bronze immortalized fishermen in-between the Half Shell Eat It Raw Bar  & Turtle Kraals Restaurants in Key West’s Historic Seaport District.

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One response to “KW’s Most Un-Photographed Bronze Statue!

  1. Daryl Singleton

    Just a FYI: For several decades “Booty” Singleton was the single largest employer in Key West long before tourism was the industry that it is today. Also, had the family not worked with Jimmy Weekly and the Trust for Public Land, the people of Key West would not likely be able to see the Bight thought the high rise condos. Thank you,

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