Food-Stealing Seagulls

6975613209_ddcf66a39b_b“Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” No I’m not talking about Sidney Poitier’s 1967 classic Hollywood movie either! 🙂

Talk about a talent, these guys have it down pat! This spectacular show is 100% FREE available to all throughout the entire Florida Keys! These seagulls did it so much that I was able to catch one in flight the second he swooped down to grab a french fry out of the service tray.

The first time seeing this I thought it was a rare occurrence, the second time was at a different location further down the Keys realizing that this is happening everywhere. We were sitting at a table drinking cocktails when a brazen seagull seemingly came out of nowhere snatching up the neighboring tables main course recently delivered meal! Oh so TRUE, so keep your cameras out!

To find this not so uncommon activity, go to Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill Tiki Bar at Mile Marker 104.0 bayside or any other waterfront restaurant along the Keys! It’s a hoot to see in person! 🙂

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