Florida Scenic Highway All-American Road

Pictured is the ONLY sign of its kind in the entire Florida Keys driving in either direction. There’s a number of Florida Scenic Highway signs throughout the Keys but ONLY one that has the additional All-American Road Florida Keys attached to it as seen here to the left.

Taking a photo of it is harder than you’d think. This sign appears on the apex of a two-lane bridge with signs before it stating “Do Not Stop On Bridge”… so don’t, that would be really dangerous. Here’s your options for obtaining a photo similar to mine. You can always have your passenger roll down their window and snap your souvenir photo as you slow down a tad making sure not to hold up traffic. I on the other hand chose to take the access road exit prior to it and drive below the bridge, once parked, walk to the best position and zoom in for the shot you see here. I’ve also seen tourist walking, jogging & cycling across the bridge for exercise… but still be real careful.

You can find this Florida Scenic Highway All-American Road Florida Keys sign on the southbound lane ONLY at the top center right hand side of the 18 mile stretch bridge. I’m trying to remember what Mile Marker… hmm, got it, it’s Mile Marker 108… and yes I cheated looking at the photo. 🙂


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2 responses to “Florida Scenic Highway All-American Road

  1. tony perez

    how do i purchase this sign – florida scenic highway sign similar to the one on mile marker 108 ?

    • Thanks for commenting, I’ll be more than happy to pool my resources and try to find out for you and will inform you if I do. But I think the best chance for you is to contact the DOT (department of transportation) and they should be able to get you in contact with a source IF they allow such signs to be purchased.
      Mr. 365 Days

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