Bring Your Own Port-O-Potty Park (true)

Everyone knows BYOB “Bring Your Own Booze”, but do you know what BYOP means “Bring Your Own Port-O-Potty”! Yes, I’ve found a Key’s park that the latter statement rings 100% true.

This park is so far out in the boonies on a dead-end road that even I could hardly find it. I promise, the 3 photos are showing the best the park has to offer! Sad but true, there is absolutely NOTHING HERE, NO paved roads, NO picnic tables, NO garbage cans, NO restrooms… NOT even a real sign! If you’re asked to a birthday party here… tell them you’re busy! 🙂 If you feel guilty and say ‘YES’… remember to bring your own Port-A-Potty! 🙂

To find this muddy off-road waterlogged park, go to Mile Marker 26.8 on US-1 bayside. Turn onto Mako Avenue then Middle Torch Road going down 7.5 miles to Ram Rod Park. YOU KNOW WHAT… SKIP IT! 🙂 Second thought, it might be worth a good laugh… I guaranty you’ve never seen anything like it before!



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2 responses to “Bring Your Own Port-O-Potty Park (true)

  1. Caitlyn

    It’s a big hang out party spot for teenagers. I think they were talking about making it a dog park but the neighborhood said no way!

    • I can see how that would be a GREAT hang out since NO respectable police would ever admit that they’ve been there! Besides, what if the policeman had to use the restroom????? 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Mr. 365 Days

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