Brewing Controversy: Southernmost Buoy

There’s a brewing controversy over Key West’s #1 tourist attraction, the Southernmost Buoy! It claims to be the southernmost point in the continental United States only 90 miles from Cuba… but is it 100% true?

1) CONTINENTAL: The dictionary when referring to continental as land states: continuous mainland as opposed to islands. The Florida Keys are a chain of islands connected by bridges… I guess that satisfies Key West lawyers. 🙂

2) SOUTHERNMOST POINT: Wikipedia says the United States official southernmost point (excluding sand bars) is Ballast Key a privately owned island southwest of Key West. Heck, the buoy isn’t even the southernmost point of Key West, that title goes to the Truman Annex & Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, both government properties lie southwest of the buoy.

3) 90 MILES FROM CUBA: That my friends is a rounded off number, Cuba at its closest point is 94 miles due south.

There you have the facts! To be honest, 99% of tourists don’t care about the controversy at all! They still flock to this iconic symbol of Key West regardless if it’s 100% accurate or not. For me, it doesn’t bother me at all. Who knows, you may go to the buoy next time seeing subtle changes in the wording.

To find this simply go to the corner of South and Whitehead Streets where you too can see the World-Famous controversial Southernmost Buoy. 🙂


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2 responses to “Brewing Controversy: Southernmost Buoy

  1. Reblogged this on bailoutisland and commented:
    Been here a few times, and knew it wasn’t the actual southernmost buoy and didn’t care. This story proves that an icon can be just as powerful as a real thing to the general public.

    • So true, 100% facts are not required… it’s the expericence of being there and that all important photo!!! Thanks for your comment and reblogging the story for me!!!!
      Mr. 365 Days

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