Sushi Or Live Bait?

IMG_0934I wonder how many people instantly notice such ironies as me? Notice the ‘Live Bait’ sign over the inside portion of this restaurant’s seating area. I can see the waitress now asking her patrons: “What will you have, Sushi or Live Bait?” 🙂

I heard a joke at church this past weekend… yes, at church… “What’s the difference between Miami sushi and Key West sushi? In Key West they call it bait!” 🙂 A little pulpit humor to hammer home the weekend sermon. If you think a little humor at church is cool, mine also serves coffee and doughnuts. I kid you not, Yummy 🙂 Now that I’ve gotten myself hungry, back to the blog!

You can find the ‘Live Bait’ sign over a dining room seating area inside of Key Largo’s Pilot House Restaurant. Go to Mile Marker 99.6 oceanside turning onto Ocean Bay Drive, go down .6 miles turning left on Seagate Boulevard about .1 mile on the right.

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