Biking The 7-Mile Bridge

Have you ever wanted to ride a bike across the 7-Mile Bridge? For me it’s a future ambition, the man seen here doesn’t have to wonder what it’s like because I saw him do it!

I passed this man riding his bike on the bridge and pulled over a few miles ahead waiting for him to ride by wanting to speak with him. In our conversation that ensued, the man simply known as ‘Burger’ reveled that the flag on the back of his bike was in showing his American pride for the country that he loves and served during his military service. Thank you ‘Burger’ for your service to our country and showing us that it’s NEVER too late for achieving your dreams! As for me, I’ll keep biking the 7-Mile bridge on my bucket list pushing it closer to the top thanks to the inspiration of Mr. ‘Burger’.

You can find the Florida Keys #1 ALL-TIME attraction the 7-Mile Bridge between Mile Markers 39.9 to 46.8 on Hwy. US-1… and ‘YES’, it ONLY measures 6.9 miles long! 🙂

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  1. Famous writer Russell Banks did ride the Seven Mile Bridge with a friend some years ago. He tells the story in his last book “Voyager. Travel Writings” (2016).

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