Have Yourself A Jellyfish Picnic!

IMG_2222You never know what you might see swimming by during a relaxing oceanside picnic! In the past we’ve seen a shark, stingray, barracuda, multitudes of different types of fish and now a jellyfish! (as seen below)

Most jellyfish live in salt water where they eat small sea animals like plankton and little fish. They have soft bodies and long, stinging, venomous tentacles used to catch their prey. A jellyfish believe it or not is 97% water! They move by contracting their bodies, but have little control over where they go usually drifting with the current.

Many animals eat jellyfish, including sea turtles and some fish. Humans eat jellyfish too; especially in Asia jellyfish are considered a delicacy often eaten in a kind of salad, with soy sauce or vinegar. Now I’m getting hungry… hey, thinking back on my bag lunch that day I’m pretty sure I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich… or was it a peanut butter & jellyfish sandwich! 🙂

You can find your jellyfish picnic anywhere along the oceans edge, we found ours just past the Stock Island Marina Village. Go to Mile Marker 5.0 oceanside turning at Burger King onto 5th Street, down 5 blocks taking a left on 5th Avenue, down 1 block to Shrimp Road and turn right. Once on Shrimp Road drive down a half mile down on your left just past the Stock Island Marina Village and keep driving till the map turns blue.


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