Welcome To Downtown Card Sound

IMG_0516Welcome to Downtown Card Sound, well, that’s what the sign says! I’d say that’s stretching it just a bit! Believe it or not, Card Sound consists of a Welcome Sign, Toll Booth, and a hangout called Alabama Jacks! That’s it, nothing else! So now that you know that, welcome to Downtown Card Sound! Don’t blink, you’ll miss it!

Oh yeah did anyone notice, downtown spells Cardsound as one word while the city limit sign using two words Card Sound. 🙂

You can get to Downtown Card by following these simple directions. On US-1 at the beginning of the Florida Keys MM 126.7 turn onto Card Sound Road and head East 12.5 miles where you’ll find it down on the right hand side of the road… just look for all of the cars and motorcycles. Stay alert and watch your odometer because most of this portion of Card Sound Road has no mile markers.

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