Key West’s LAST Brick Street!

IMG_0842Is this Key West’s LAST brick street? Step back in time when all roads were brick, block, dirt or gravel. Over time all have been transformed by progress into concrete or asphalt. Can you name a brick road near you?

In Key West there’s only four truly prominent brick roads left. Three are one-way streets in the pedestrian laden Mallory Square… two of those are mere 50′ alleyways. Then there’s this one where cars & bicycles drive up and down in both directions never even noticing they’re on a brick road. It’s definitely Key West’s busiest brick street providing a unique rumble beneath your wheels!

Get off the beaten path and seek out this last bastion of roads from the past enjoying its offerings. I waited semi-patiently for 15 minutes to get a single photo with NO cars traveling down the middle of the road in either direction. I’ll never do that again on a Saturday at noon! 🙂

You can find one of Key West’s last brick roads on Fitzpatrick Street sandwiched between Front Street & Greene Street directly in front of Mallory Square.


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