Japanese Garden In Key West!

IMG_1477Did you know that there’s a Japanese Garden in Key West? This is truly one of the most unlikely things I’ve ever found in Key West!

There’s a story behind this Japanese garden called “Peace Of Aspen” which is another irony to this intertwined tale of name and style. The Japanese Garden was the inspiration from artist Jay Gogin of his knowledge of a Shinto shrine and who in turn brought the featured centerpiece boulders all the way from Aspen, Colorado in the back of his pickup truck fusing the two together in this wonderful expression of art. Oh yeah, while here be sure to look 20′ offshore to the red unmistakable Torii Gate… wow, what a sight!

You can find this Japanese Peace Garden on the campus of the Florida Keys Community College just outside of Key West. Go to one of its two entrances at Mile Marker 5.0 & 4.3 onto the horseshoe-shaped College Road and drive down the road about 1/2 mile from either entrance and there it be behind by the Tennessee Williams Theater.

IMG_1484     untitled

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