Street Corner Art

8341819063_0a95bf475d_bYou may not take notice on the first one you pass or even the second, only after you’ve seen 6, 7 or 8 of them out of the corner of your eye would anyone say “Hey, have you noticed that the street corner electrical boxes are painted!”

On the lighter side of tourism you’ll eventually see dozens of these hand painted turn signal & electrical boxes on street corners. I wouldn’t expect many (OK, ANY) of you to park your car and pose together around one for a family vacation photo like I would! 🙂 I do on the other hand want you to know that they are indeed painted on purpose by local children & art students in a concerted effort to beautify and bring together the community in the long Key West heritage of being an Artist’s Haven.

Question: Where can you find them? Answer: Anywhere all over town.

It’s probably easier to say where WON’T you find them! That answer would be once you’ve left the island of Key West! 🙂

IMG_1574     IMG_1575     8341131681_727a25a417_b

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