Fences With Full-Sized Doorways

IMG_7046Does your fence have a full-sized double entrance door, transom and gable roof? In Key West they do!

Here’s one of those things that you don’t notice right off the bat till having seen several of them saying “Hey, aren’t those front doors on people’s fences?”. Yes they are, I’m glad you finally noticed! 🙂

Though I don’t know their official name, there’s literally hundreds around town in many interesting sizes and configurations. To find the best concentration of them head southeast towards Higgs Beach and the Casa Marina Resort. Simply take a side road and admire front doors being utilized as gates here in this ever wacky wonderful island paradise of Key West.

IMG_7045     IMG_6959

6748738701_7b09375f61_b     6749185523_136d69d292_b

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One response to “Fences With Full-Sized Doorways

  1. Ken J

    Good post, Art! Those doors ARE very interesting. Only place I’ve ever seen them is in Cayo Hueso, too. Weird yet fun…just like much of KW!!!

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