Islamorada Fish Company

This is our #1 place in the ENTIRE KEYS to eat at and brings friends and relatives when visiting. This place has anything and everything to make for a memorable dinning experience and much MORE!

Without exaggerating, you could easily spend 3 hours here including dinner without batting an eye or being bored. On this property alone there’s the oceanfront dining area, market store, tarpon pool to feed live ocean fish, live band, sunset watching area lit with tiki torches, & fiberglass oceanic fish of all kinds hanging from the tiki hut rafters. As an extra bonus, this property connects to the World Wide Sportsman complex mega store and marina where there’s an endless list of tourist attractions. Simply put, 3 hours here may not be enough! It’s an AMAZING place and therefore our #1 place in the entire Keys for bringing any new visitors! Hmm, come visit for yourself and I bet it becomes your #1 all to do in one place also! Oh yeah, I almost forgot… the food is incredible!

You can find the Islamorada Fish Company’s Relaxing dining area and breathtaking ocean views by traveling on US-1 to Mile Marker 81.4 bayside. While here, be sure to go next door to see the Key’s LARGEST FISH TANK on display also for the amazing price of FREE.

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2 responses to “Islamorada Fish Company

  1. Caitlyn

    WWS also is our top choice of clean restroom stops on that long drive from the mainland. Don’t laugh, this rating was developed by my mom many moons ago.

  2. Ken J

    I think IFC is great as well. Many stops here over the last 10 yrs. But, I must comment on one of yr pics: life is much too short to drink LIGHT BEER!

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