Key West’s REAL Pirates!

Key West has long been a haven for Caribbean Pirates ever since sailing the high seas has been around. To date you can still find several of them perusing the streets in full regalia as seen to the left with a man who we’ll call “Captain Pegleg” for obvious reasons! 🙂 No this isn’t Halloween or any type of costume party, as most pirates, this is an opertunist awaiting an easy payday. This is one of many so-called street performers who will pose for your souvenir photo for a fee… ok, donation of a $1 or $2. As you can see in the photo above, he awaits his prey in the oncoming orange & black tour bus seen here. His prey, cash paying tourists, will soon depart their guided tour and begin cruising Duval Street… yes, that’s exactly the way he planned it!

If you’re not so lucky as to find your own one-legged “Captain Pegleg” then I can help find you a more permanent one. Head on over to the corner of Caroline Street & Thomas Street where you’ll find one with a hangover. Ok, he’s just hanging over the balcony! 🙂 Once at the corner look up to the second floor balcony and you’ll see what looks like Captain Morgan’s brother or cousin. So stop on by and see either or both of Key West’s pirates for your trophy case framed souvenir photo!

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