Sugarloaf’s TINY Airport

IMG_1432This just might be the Florida Key’s smallest manned public airport! Yes, the tiny wooden A-frame shed is the airports office… I told you it was small! 🙂 If you’re lucky and time your visit just right you might be able to see a plane takeoff or land. On this day we were super lucky and saw a skydiver touch down! (That’s another blog!) 🙂

This is worth the 5-minute side trip it would take to find it. I’ve driven down this road many times never turning that last corner… I’ll call that “A lesson learned”. I found this from yet another tip from one of our many loyal readers James W., thanks James, keep em’ coming!

While here, check out one of ONLY three Bat Towers left in the WORLD on the same road to the right… you can’t miss it! It’s now laying on its side blown over by the last hurricane to pass through but it’s still AWESOME to see this rare structure!

You can find this tiny public airstrip located about 3/4 of a mile off US-1 at Mile Marker 16.9 bayside at the large Airplane Rides sign shown below.

IMG_1433     4488976259_e10820d33c_b

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