Only 361 More Days Till New Years! :-) Your Choices Are…

IMG_3099Wow, seems like only a few days ago we celebrated New Years! 🙂 Can you believe it, ONLY 361 days till New Years 2020!

Did you know that there’s more than just one famous local bar in Key West to ring in the New Year? Well there is! In fact, I’ll be telling you of the three most popular bars that promote their own unique and very different versions of New Years.

The first and most popular & famous by far is Sloppy Joe’s Bar on the northern end of Duval Street. In front of Sloppy Joe’s gathers the biggest crowd of party-goers with beers in-hand that you’ll ever want to see in Key West. It’s nothing less than shoulder-to-shoulder unable to move in any direction for the last hour. (seen below)

Next local draw is the alternative life-style offering of the Bourbon St. Pub’s highly coveted red slipper complete with drag queen perched within as hordes of revelers cheer on the high heel pumps downward trek to zero yelling ‘Happy New Year’! This would be closer to the southern end at 724 Duval Street. (seen above and below)

Last but not least of the three spectacles would be Schooner Wharf Bar’s ‘Dropping Of The Wench’ at Harbor Walk. This pirate-themed extravaganza is more dramatic that the others featuring a cast of period-dressed actors and actresses with one chosen wench being lowered down the mast of a wooden pirate ship to the deck as the crowd counts down ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1’. (seen below)

There you go my fellow readers! There’s NO EXCUSE for not planning ahead (361 days) and choosing the one New Years Eve party that tickles your fancy. So go ahead and pencil in your next New Years now! 🙂

IMG_3098     IMG_3103     16808828

IMG_3100     IMG_3101

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