High School Has Key’s First Grid-Tied Wind Turbine

8341133885_1276299d3b_bWhere can you find the Florida Key’s first grid-tied wind turbine? Well, it’s not on or near any power company owned property as you might think… it’s at the local High School of all places!

Key West High School’s Alternative Energy Center had this turbine installed as part of a class project funded by the Florida Green Alliance. It became operational March 20, 2010 making it the first grid-tied wind turbine in the Keys. Grid-tied for you non-electical enthusiasts means connected to the local areas source of power.

In order to find the Florida Key’s first grid-tied wind turbine locating Key West High School is numero uno on your list. The school is located on the corner of Flagler Avenue & Bertha Street with your needed entrance on Bertha. Drive around the back of the school to the entrance beside the outdoor roller hockey arena and head to the baseball field called “The Back Yard”. Find the score board and simply look up and then further up! 🙂


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